Sony Hires Army of 400 Experts to Send to U.S. Retailers to Sell Sony TVs

Trapped by their own newly strengthened mandated pricing programs, and a commitment to grow sales profitably, Sony Corp. has resorted to deploying a wave of 400 company employees into the field to sell Sony televisions at U.S. retailers. The move … Continue reading

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: Toyota’s Innovative New Use for Recycled Prius Batteries

Every year, 6,000 large, expensive, and depleted batteries, recycled by auto dealers all over the country, pour into Toyota Motor Corp. in Japan. The batteries have been pulled out of Prius automobiles as they are replaced by car dealers who … Continue reading

While Others Go Small, Panasonic Goes Big with 20-inch Tablet

For those of you who were at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month: Did you see the new tablet introduced by Panasonic? Featured during the Panasonic press conference as an example of Panasonic’s innovation, the company showed a … Continue reading

Belden Launches Line of ‘Traceable’ Category Patch Cables

Belden, Inc. announced today it was launching a line of unique traceable Bonded-Pair patch cables to help users and installers to quickly and easily identify network connections. The cables could be a real time-saver for sophisticated system installations involving multiple … Continue reading

Is It Time to Start a Deathwatch on the Industry’s Annual CES?

It is now late January and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is well into our rear-view mirror. Yes, as in other years, there has been a flood of publicity and tons of articles on gadgets introduced at the show. The … Continue reading

Residential Construction Rebound Getting More Convincing Based on December Data

The U.S. Census Bureau released residential construction data for the month of December and the results provide further – and perhaps more convincing – proof that the housing market is showing consistent signs of improvement. Some analysts even call this … Continue reading

In a Surprise Move – Sharp is Negotiating to Merge It’s Foundering TV Operations with China’s Lenovo

 BREAKING NEWS The Nikkei is reporting today that Sharp Corp., the struggling Japanese flat-panel TV manufacturer, is in the final stages of negotiations to merge its television division with China’s largest personal computer manufacturer – Lenovo Group, Ltd. If successful, … Continue reading

Two Key Appointments for Core Brands Announced

Core Brands, a division of Nortek, Inc., has announced a couple of key appointments this week as it continues its restructuring in the wake of its creation late last year putting 10 separate companies under the Core Brands umbrella. The … Continue reading

NuTech Group Sheds Light on a New Business Opportunity for Mid-Atlantic Dealers

Montgomeryville, PA-based NuTech Group, a leading independent sales representative company has partnered with Qmotion, a manufacturer of automated window shades, to offer their line to Mid-Atlantic region dealers. The partnership takes effect immediately. Learn more about this new partnership… … Continue reading