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B&W: Flying in ‘Formation’


New Formation Duo

The day has finally arrived. A day long rumored…but never announced. A project shrouded in mystery…willfully maintained, with leaks locked as tight as a special counsel investigation. But now, at long last, all is revealed…for on this day Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) launches their all-new concept – the Formation line of products. And the mystery is finally unveiled. Best of all…Strata-gee recently got a sneak peek that we can reveal now.

See what B&W shared with me just days ago…

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The Ticket is $3,000 to See a Cinema at This Most Exclusive Theater

Red Carpet Home Cinema logo

Are you a one percenter who loves movies, but doesn’t love sharing a theater experience of dirty seats and sticky floors with the unwashed masses? Then Red Carpet Home Cinema is for you! You can see first-run, genuine (non-bootleg) blockbuster Hollywood movies in the comfort of your very own plush home theater for the positively pedestrian sum of a mere $3,000! And you can absolutely see them on the same date & time they are in commercial theaters! Hurrah!

See more on Red Carpet Home Cinema…

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Panasonic/Sony OLED Joint Venture JOLED Raises Money

There’s been a lot of action this week on the OLED beat – in this case, news that holds promise for a new robust competitor in the OLED market. The company, known as JOLED (for Japan OLED), is a joint venture between two TV powerhouse brands and a major display manufacturer that has successfully raised money to complete a new OLED factory.

See more on just what Panasonic and Sony are up to…

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Retail Store Closings in Q1/2019 Almost Equals Total for All of 2018

Coresight Research logo

According to the most recent data from retail industry market researcher Coresight Research, retail store closings just a little over one quarter into 2019 are nearing the total number of store closings for all of 2018. This data includes both those retail companies falling into bankruptcy…and those trimming locations out of their overall footprint while remaining in business.

See more on this stunning report…

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Sonos Intros New CFO and Stock Drops Again

Sonos logo

Last week Sonos (Nasdaq: SONO) announced a new CFO to replace current CFO Mike Giannetto, whose retirement was unexpectedly announced almost as an afterthought in a February report of Q1 fiscal results. Late in the text associated with those results, CEO Patrick Spence, in an almost casual fashion, thanked Ginnetto for his service and told investors the CFO was retiring…a total surprise to the market. Sonos stock dropped double digits…and dropped even though the company had reported a record first quarter. (Read my report to see troubling signs within the ‘record’ Sonos quarterly report…)

New CFO intro & Sonos stock drops again…

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CEDIA Celebrates, Hoping You Don’t Notice That Little Spark Catching in the Corner

Photo of CEDIA HQ
CEDIA’s new headquarters building in Fishers, Indiana

On March 28th CEDIA held a grand opening gala to celebrate their brand new $14 million glass and stone castle in Fishers, IN with about 250 of their closest friends. Depending on your viewpoint, this new facility is either a shining shrine to the strength of the custom integration tech association – or it is a monument to the monumental arrogance and ego of an association that is drifting further away from the very community it purports to serve.

But what many of these guests to the opening celebrations didn’t know was that, as they sipped champagne and oohed an ahhhd over the new gorgeous digs, there was yet another small member flare-up taking place in the background…with significant members expressing strong dissent on yet another Association initiative.

See more on this two worlds of CEDIA…

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Despite End of Gov’t Shutdown, Consumer Confidence Drops in March

Photo of shoppers

In the latest report on consumer confidence, The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index showed a significant drop in overall confidence in the month of March. The Conference Board characterized this drop as “unexpected.” Economists are taking note of this result as March is the first full month after the partial government shutdown in February, and many had expected a more favorable reading.

See more on the consumer confidence trend…

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Tech Hit Hard in Latest Reputation Index Survey

Privacy Backlash Hits Google, Amazon & Facebook; What About LG, Samsung, Sony?

2019 RepTrak Ranking

In a new survey by Reputation Institute on corporate reputation, known as the 2019 RepTrak 100, we see wild swings in tech brands’ reputation with consumer privacy concerns finally appearing to take a major toll. With an overall all-category average reputation rating increase of +0.8 points, technology as a segment saw its collective reputation drop by 1 full point on the scale.

But the news wasn’t all bad – movie king Netflix, Inc. jumped 23 spots to come in at #1 for the first time in their history.

Read on to see how your favorite tech brand fared…

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A Flying Car is Cool, A Flying Motorcycle is Cooler

graphic of flying car

You may recall in January we told you about a flying car being shown at CES in Las Vegas (follow this link and scroll down on the page to see the flying car). But while the US is working on developing a flying car, a Japanese company is developing what many would feel is a cooler concept – a flying motorcycle.

See the flying motorcycle from Japan…

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Tech IPOs: Lyft, Uber, Pinterest… ComoAudio? Well, Sort Of…

Photo of Wefunder Como Audio profile page

Como Audio, Tom DeVesto’s latest innovative venture and maker of fine streaming smart speaker systems, has launched a funding campaign on Wefunder, seeking to raise between $100,000 to $1,000,000 in equity investment. Investors on the Wefunder site can buy preferred shares of Como Audio stock priced at $2.50/share and own a piece of the company.

You too can become a Como Audio owner…

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