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Control4 Launches Ingenious Networking Certification Program

Control4 Pakedge PCNA logo3rd Party Testing & Techs Can Earn Their Own Pakedge Gear

Control4 announced today a smart new training program that it hopes will create an army of Pakedge Certified Network Administrators (PCNA) throughout the custom integration industry. The company noted, correctly we think, that “Practical, hands-on training for networking has been lacking throughout the…custom install industry,” Control4 has designed an exceedingly clever learning program with a strong participation motivator – techs can earn Pakedge gear for their own systems.

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What We’ve Discovered About CEDIA’s Sale of the Show

Did Emerald ‘Overpay’ for the Iconic Tradeshow?

Emerald Expositions logoIt was only just a matter of months ago, in January 2017, that we learned that CEDIA had sold off their trademark show to Emerald Expositions, the biggest B-to-B tradeshow promoter in North America. This news came completely out of the blue, with no forewarning to members of the Association.

When the sale was announced by the Association, the very last line of their notice was: “The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.” This lack of disclosure makes it virtually impossible for any loyal supportive CEDIA member to evaluate this major decision – selling off the single largest revenue generator for the Association – by the group management.

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Strata-gee Interviews Emerald Expositions Executive

Photo of Brianna MorrisWhat the Future Holds for the CEDIA Show

“Do I need to ‘prepare’ for anything?” Emerald Expositions Marketing Manager Brianna Morris asked us in a firm tone as we met to set up a date for an interview. “Prepare?,” we asked. “Yes…we’re read your stuff,” she said in a deeper tone.

I could tell right then, it was going to be an interesting interview.

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Exhibitor: ‘May Be the Best CEDIA Ever’

CEDIA 2017 logoYes, that headline is a direct quote from one of the exhibitors that we polled during last week’s CEDIA 2017 (formerly Expo). We actually doubt that the show this year was truly the best ever overall, but we ran into a high percentage of happy exhibitors this year.

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Origin’s Big News is an Enthusiastic Embrace of Dot

Burkhardt presenting ValetAs has been the case for a couple of years now, press day – the day before the show opens, was opened by an Origin Acoustics press conference. Always a good show, Dave Donald kicked it off in his own inimitable fashion, kind of a cross between a carnival barker and a faith healer…but always with a great deal of enthusiasm.

This year, Origin had a lot to talk about.

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Getting Out the Vote for New CEDIA Directors

cedia logoCEDIA has opened voting to fill the three open seats on the board due to term expiration. The organization has selected seven potential candidates, all of whom are integrators with two international candidates. CEDIA says the Boards Governance committee, after an “in-depth process” has determined that these seven candidates “met the competencies required” to be placed on the ballot.

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Welcome to the Last CEDIA-Produced Show

Photo of Expo crowdAs we all gather in San Diego for our annual pilgrimage to CEDIA, it can seem like another year/another show. But this show is different – it is the last CEDIA show produced by CEDIA. A fact leading many to wonder…what does the future hold, for both the show and the organization? We’ve spoken to several members and exhibitors to learn of their mood heading into this seminal event.

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AudioControl Expands Maestro Series with New M5 Pre-Pro

AudioControl 40-year logoAudioControl, the scrappy specialty manufacturer for both home and mobile electronics, announced today that it is launching the M5 Preamp-Processor as part of its popular Maestro home theater processor line. The M5 appears to be a worthy contender for one of the best values in a high-end, if not audiophile, preamp-processor with all the right stuff at a reasonable price.

See more details on the impressive Maestro M5… Continue reading Launches New Hardware Solution – Josh Micro

Photo of Josh, the high-end voice control solution that created quite a buzz at last year’s CEDIA show, announced today that it is launching its first hardware product, Josh Micro. Josh Micro includes a home control processor, far-field microphone array, and a superior user interface in a small package that “fits in the palm of your hand.” It also disconnects from the need to talk into your smartphone…or to a nearby Amazon Echo.

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Savant Throws Some Shade on Competitors

Savant ShadesSavant Systems announced today that it is launching a line of shades and brackets, entering a new category for the home automation company. This new line is known simply as Savant Shades and the company says they are “innovative” and “design-forward” shades with a unique “fascia-free” design that eliminates the unsightly window box that exists to conceal wires, screws or fasteners on traditional and competitive shading systems.

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