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Artificial Intelligence – Will America Win the AI Race?

AI graphicMost tech experts point to artificial intelligence (AI) as the NBT – the next big thing – in technology. Not only does this promise to create a huge market – but it is likely to be disruptive of many industries and looks to truly Change-the-World. With a prize this big, many are chasing that AI rabbit with the goal of dominating the future. Will the U.S. win the AI race?

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Gibson Says, Sorry Memphis, We’re Outta Here

Logo for Gibson BrandsJust a matter of months ago, Gibson Brands management assured the town elders of Memphis, TN that the company remained committed to the vibrant music community in Memphis and that they were looking for new digs somewhere within that community. But that was then and this is now – the company was basically taken over by KKR and now the company has decided to vacate Memphis, moving their group there to Nashville.

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James Loudspeaker: Go Big AND Go Home

Creating & Stocking New Soundbars for Larger 75-Inch TVs

James Loudspeaker SPL3 soundbar

James Loudspeaker, the innovative specialty manufacturer of custom-created loudspeakers targeted at the residential and commercial custom integration channel, announced that they will create, build, and stock a new soundbar product designed to be perfectly sized for increasingly popular larger TVs up to 75-inches. By keeping this new product in stock, integrators will have quick access to a more affordable pre-built solution…a win-win for the integrator and for their client.

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CEDIA Admits Membership Declined in 2018

‘We Do Anticipate Membership Will Be Down in 2018’

cedia logoLast week, I posted an extensive report on CEDIA’s annual State-of-the-Association presentation which took place last month via a webinar for members. Certain staff and board members offered a long and detailed presentation on the many aspects of the Association’s activities in 2018. As I said then, it at times felt more like a sales pitch, than a report to members, but nonetheless they did have much to talk about.

However, my antenna went up when a chart of the number of members was shown, seeming to indicate a signficant decline. I followed up with CEDIA after the presentation for clarification – and now we know – CEDIA membership has most likely declined in 2018.

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Monster Sales Declines & Losses Continue

Sales Drop 30% But Losses Narrow in Recent Fiscal Quarter Report

Monster logoMonster Products Inc. (formerly Monster Cable) filed their latest quarterly results with the SEC showing that sales for their fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2018 declined to $9.1 million or 30.3% below the $13.1 million booked in the same quarter a year earlier. However, thanks to aggressive cost cutting, the company’s net loss narrowed to ($6.9 million) in the quarter as compared to a net loss of ($7.3 million) in the same period last year.

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Troubling Sign: New Home Sales Resume Their Decline

Economic Storm Clouds Continue to Build

Photo of home under constructionIn what many feel is yet another sign of a brewing economic storm, sales of new single-family homes in October showed a significant drop of 8.9% below the rate of home sales in September, according to new data from the United States Census Bureau. With this result, the inventory of new homes available for sale jumped to 7.4-months, a 14% jump in unsold newly constructed homes.

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CEDIA Tells Members Everything’s Fine; But Is It?

CEDIA State of the Association

The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), held their annual member’s webinar where association staff and board representatives review the “State of the Association” for those members tuning in to the webcast. The polished, prepared presentation offered an upbeat assessment on the organization’s accomplishments in 2018. But, as you might suspect, I uncovered a couple of interesting issues in which I’m seeking some follow-up clarification.

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Japanese Startup to Disrupt U.S. Residential Construction Market

Photo of Takeshi HommaAs you head home from work today, take a look around you at the other commuters on the road. All around you are Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans, Suburus and the like. These are all signs of the incredible success Japan has has penetrating the U.S. automobile market – taking significant market share away from the once dominant Big Three American auto makers, GM, Ford, and Dodge/Chrysler many years ago.

Can Japan do it again? Are builders D.R. Horton, Lennar, PulteGroup, K.B. Homes at risk of the same loss of market share? If Takeshi Homma (pictured here) is successful, he hopes to help Japanese companies take a big bite of the American homebuilding market.

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