CEDIA Expo18: Vanco in Major Audio Expansion

Vanco logoVanco has always seemed to be that reliable supplier in the background providing a steady stream of solutions like cables, connectors, and other accessories – not particularly glitzy or exciting, but steady and there. Well all that is about to change I learned when I spoke with Mark Corbin, Vanco’s recently appointed President at CEDIA Expo18 earlier this month. The company has begun a big initiative to become a major player in a category near and dear to my heart…audio.

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AudioControl’s Expo18 Product Launches Personify Flexibility

Photo of Alex Camara of AudioControl

Alex Camara, AudioControl CEO

AudioControl, the Seattle, WA-based specialty electronics maker of innovative solutions, announced three new gems at CEDIA Expo 2018 – a new Rialto 400 zone amplifier, the Avalon G3 four-channel amplifier, and a new CM Series 70-volt line of commercial amplifiers. These new products are not only clever solutions to integrators needs, they absolutely personify the concept of flexibility.

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CEDIA Market Stats Reveal Opportunities for Members

Photo of Grant FarnsworthLike past years at Expo, CEDIA presented a summary of their findings from the recently completed Size and Scope survey at Expo 2018. This year, however, the presentation was made by Grant Farnsworth of The Farnsworth Group, an Indianapolis-based market statistics consultant who did an excellent job in conveying a lot of detailed and important data to show attendees.

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Krell’s Comeback Commences, See How Here

Krell logoAt CEDIA Expo 2018, I had the opportunity to meet with Krell Industries executives Walter Schofield and Gordon Shackelford to learn more about the steps the company is taking to address market concerns in the wake of a lot of nasty rumors about Krell’s viability. Step one of the new direction for Krell involved the hiring of Walter Scofield as its new Chief Operating Officer as Strata-gee recently reported just a few weeks ago. In this meeting, I was to learn of more steps coming.

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CEDIA Expo18: LG is All About Custom Installation

LG and designer Kate RumsonFirst stop on the press express at CEDIA Expo 2018 was LG – a company that offers what I have often said is my favorite core video technology, OLED. As in past years, LG did not disappoint. But their message at Expo this year was prominent and hard hitting – LG is all about custom installation.

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CEDIA Expo 2018: That’s a Wrap!

CEDIA Expo 2018 crowdCool Things I Saw at CEDIA Expo 2018

San Diego, we hardly knew ye’! CEDIA Expo 2018 wrapped up this past Saturday and after three days of running between meetings and walking the show floor, I emerge relatively unscathed.  The bottom line – this first Emerald Exposition-produced show was a bit of a mixed bag with some positive elements and some dropped balls. But overall, most came away satisfied that it was a good show.

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Origin Acoustics: New Products, New CEO

Origin CEO Nick BerryAs usual, our first official CEDIA Expo press conference was Origin Acoustics. And as usual, Origin begins the show by putting on the Dave Donald show. Donald, who is Origin’s “Worldwide Ambassador,” is a showman at heart with a dynamic speaking style and sprinkles of exciting hyperbole. I have to say, while Donald seemed slightly lower key that at past shows, you certainly won’t drift off to sleep when he’s verbally throwing new models at you.

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Welcome to the First For-Profit & Last San Diego CEDIA Expo

CEDIA Expo logoWelcome to San Diego for the first for-profit CEDIA Expo, the first Expo to take place under the full control of professional show producer Emerald Expositions. It is also the last CEDIA to be held in San Diego, at least for the forseeable future. Next Year, the show moves back to Denver, one of the locations that is considered most popular with CEDIA members.

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Sonos Gets Serious about Integration with Amp

Partners with Sonance; Expands Developers; Opens Up API

Sonos Amp on white bgSonos announced a new product today called Amp. Amp is essentially everything Sonos offers for wireless powered speakers…for a normal wired passive speaker system. This opens the door to allow the integration of a wide range of third-party speakers into the Sonos ecosphere. But Sonos views Amp as much more than that – as the heart and start of integrating Sonos into a sophisticated smart home installation.

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Tighten Your Seatbelts – LG Shows 8K OLED TV

Are you ready for this? LG shows the “world’s first” 8K OLED TV at the IFA 2018 show taking place in Berlin right now. Noting that their are a leader in advance TV technologies with OLED, LG pushes the technological envelope again with 88-inch 8K OLED TV being shown to consumers for the very first time.

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