Apple Weaponizes Privacy Policy for Edge on Rivals

Photo of Apple store and logoApple, sensing an opportunity to gain an edge on its tech industry rivals, is weaponizing its privacy policies by demonstrating unusual transparency with users. The move is brilliant, and one that is not likely to be followed by many of its more opaque tech industry rivals like Google and Amazon.

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Legrand and Lumileds Partner to Drive Adoption of Tunable White LED Lighting

Legrand logoLegrand and Lumileds announced today that they have signed a partnership agreement that is designed to combine forces and help drive industry adoption of tunable white LED lighting. The two will create and sell what they say is a "simple to integrate" and "easy-to-install plug and play solution" that delivers high quality tunable white LED light. This partnership is another example of the growing interest in this more human-friendly lighting solution.

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New Study Says Voice-Controlled Assistants Aren’t Used Daily

eMarketer logoAs more research continues to emerge on consumer utilization of voice-controlled devices, it becomes clear that there are still impediments to end-users utilizing their voice-control capabilities regularly, according to research by Social Lens. A separate study by Nielsen reaffirms what Strata-gee has previously reported, that people use smart speakers more for listening to music, than for any other task...including voice-control of their home automation solutions.

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House of Horrors: Sept. Housing Starts Drop 5.3%

Photo of a home being builtI've been sounding the alarm about a housing slowdown for a couple of months now, starting with this overall look at how a housing industry-led recession could be just around the corner. Now, new data on housing, the industry that was a major driver of the last recession, continues to offer a bearish outlook with housing construction starts dropping a significant 5.3% in the month of September.

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NY/NJ Tech Summit – 2nd Verse Same as the 1st

Photo of entrance to Renaissance Hotel The NY/NJ Tech Summit rolled in to the Big Apple last week, almost exactly one year after its first iteration, which took place last year in the MetLife Stadium...a really unique venue. This year, I looked forward to it with great anticipation, interested to see if the Summit would begin to gain traction and what changes would take place as a result of the show being acquired by CEDIA.

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WAVE Founder Talks to Strata-gee About Acquisition

'No One Lost Their Job Except Me!'

Photo of Gary WermuthGary Wermuth, founder of WAVE Electronics in Houston, TX, spoke with Strata-gee about his company's recent acquisition by Kingswood Capital, which also owns AVAD and plans to merge the two operations. The deal, announced last week and the cause of substantial buzz around the industry, has actually been in the works since April and he was clearly pleased to have the deal done and behind him.

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Does the WAVE/AVAD Deal Signal a New Era in Distribution?

Photo of WAVE's new Dania Beach locationAs we reported last week, the world learned that the private equity group that owns AVAD has made another deal, acquiring Houston, TX-based WAVE Electronics, another major custom integration distribution company. After an initial ripple of excitement over the deal, most of us went back to our daily lives - looking at this deal as nothing more than just another private equity acquisition. But there may be more here than meets the eye...

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Residential Systems: New Takes on Tech Training

Residential Systems logoWill you indulge me for a moment? I want to draw your attention to an article I wrote for Residential Systems titled New Takes on Tech Training. Regular Strata-gee readers are most likely aware of the fact that I also write for Residential Systems, and this article is one that I'm quite proud of.

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Melrose Talks of Disposing of Nortek

Are Elan, Speakercraft, Niles, Proficient, etc. In Play Again?

Nortek LogoMelrose PLC, owner of Nortek, including Nortek Security & Control, is openly talking to U.K. media about the likelihood of selling off Nortek - saying, in essence, their work is done, the turnaround is complete. This being the case, their thinking is that it is time to harvest their crop by selling off the company to reap their reward of profits.

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Emerald Expositions Reports Attendance Flat at CEDIA Expo 2018

CEDIA Expo 2018 crowdEmerald Expositions Events, Inc. (stock symbol: EEX) reported last week that attendance at CEDIA Expo 2018, the first Expo run totally by Emerald Expositions employees, had an attendance of "more than 20,000 home tech pros" or flat as compared to their announcement of "more than 20,000 home tech professionals" at the event last year.

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