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First Time Ever: Asia Files Majority of Global Patents

Huawei Files the Most Individual Patents

Photo of a person trying a VR headset

Global competition continues to heat up and nowhere is that more obvious than a recent analysis from the World Intellectual Property Organization noting that in 2018 – for the first time in human history – the region of Asia filed the majority of all international patent applications. This new reality suggests that Asia is “rapidly increasing their presence in global innovation,” the report says.

And which company in particular was tops in the world for innovation? WIPO says it was Huawei Technologies, who filed the most patents from a single company in the world.

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Have You Heard – The Next Big Tech Hub is Canada, Eh?

Picture of Toronto, Ontario in Canada
Toronto, Ontario CANADA – The next great Tech hub

American companies are increasingly moving tech jobs to Canada, where easier immigration policies make it much easier to hire foreign tech workers than it is here in the U.S. where the Administration has taken steps to make it more difficult. That mean these companies are expanding their operations in Canada…especially in their tech divisions…turning certain Canadian cities into the next great tech hubs in North America.

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Apple’s Wireless AirPods Get a ‘Gen 2’ Upgrade

Photo of Apple's Generation 2 AirPods

Apple, Inc. announced today that it has upgraded its popular AirPods wireless headphones, with a new Generation 2 model featuring technology that offers more talk time, quicker connects, a hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ capability, and a new wireless charging case.

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Respected Industry Veteran Graham Hallett Dies

Held Top Positions at Harman Kardon, Xantech, McIntosh and in the Hearts of His Many Friends

Photo of Graham Hallett

I have sad news to report today as respected audio industry veteran Graham Hallett died last Friday, March 8th, after a battle with cancer. Hallett was 73 years old and passed away peacefully, surrounded by his beloved family.

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Studies Show Consumers Creeped Out by Facial Recognition Technology

eMarketer logo

There are a lot of people excited about facial recognition, but so far the most aggressive experimenters (aside from law enforcement) have been marketers. This is especially true of retailers who see a lot of opportunity to exploit the technology to enhance in-store experiences, conduct research, or to stop shoplifters. Yet new polls show that consumers are truly creeped out by facial recognition, and privacy groups, consumer advocates, and even some regulators are coming out against it the technology.

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The Volatile ‘Fits & Starts’ of Housing Starts

Census Bureau Logo

As regular Strata-gee readers know, I follow basic economic data for our readers. Not all economic data, just that data I feel are germane to the custom integration and consumer electronics industries. Normally, that is a fairly sane and sedate task – but lately, it has gotten a bit crazy, with wild up/down swings the likes of which I haven’t seen since the last great recession. Take housing starts, for example…

See the latest data on housing starts…

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Shocking Results for Tech in New Brand Reputation Poll

A newly created poll by Axios and The Harris Poll reveals what Americans think of the reputation of the top 100 most visible companies in the U.S. Tech, as you might imagine, was well represented here, and this poll bared a difficult truth for many tech companies…their reputation is crashing.

See the surprising pluses & minuses for Tech companies…

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Sonos One to be Replaced with Upgraded ‘Gen 2’ Version

Photo of Sonos One in white finish

Thanks to some heads-up reporting by The Verge, we learn that Sonos will announce an upgraded version of their Sonos One speaker system. According to the report, the upgrades are all internal and the new version will, somewhat confusingly, look exactly like the original one.

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New Home Sales Rise in December, But Remain Lower Than Last Year

Housing Prices Photo

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development shows that sales of new single-family homes in December were a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 621,000 or 3.7% above the revised rate in November of 599,000. However, it remained 2.4% below the year-ago rate of sales in December 2017 of 636,000.

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Japan Opens Antitrust Inquiry into Amazon

Amazon logo

At the urging the industry minister of Japan, the country’s Fair Trade Commission will look at a new program announced by Amazon Japan that some suggest may be anti-competitive in nature. Depending on the Commission’s findings, Amazon may be forced to abandon the idea, which is a form of a consumer rebate program.

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