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CEDIA Layoffs & New Headquarters

cedia logoMy assistant spotted it immediately. “There’s a strange letter in today’s mail,” she said with a slight hesitation in her voice one day last week as she handed me a small stack of mail that she had just picked up from our company post office box. That hesitation in her voice wasn’t so much concern as it was uncertainty as to whether she should bother to bring it to my attention. After all, it could simply be just another example of cleverly disguised junk mail.

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Sonos Wins Dismissal of Multiple D&M Holdings Counterclaims

Sonos logoJust one month after Delaware District Court judge Richard G. Andrews ruled against D&M Holdings’ attempt to have four key Sonos patents invalidated, we learn that Sonos was successful in winning a dismissal of three of D&M Holdings’ counterclaims of patent infringement against them. However, four additional counterclaims filed by D&M survived the challenge and the counter-lawsuit will continue.

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Johnnie & Co. Launches Website Program for CEDIA Members

Johnnie and Co. logoA new marketing group in the tech space called Johnnie & Co. has partnered with CEDIA to launch a new website development program for the organization’s members. For those dealers who do not have a website, or those who have an older site in need of a serious refresh, this new program offers CEDIA members an affordable path to a hand-built-for-them website.

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More Consumers Prefer to Watch TV Shows on Computers, Than on TVs

The TV Set is Losing Its Position as Top Entertainment Device

Accenture logoIn an amazingly swift, one-year shift in consumer preferences, a new survey says that most consumers would rather watch TV programming on a computer than on a TV. Just one year ago, the same survey produced the exact opposite result. Although the number of consumers watching TV content on computers has been increasing over  the years, this is the first time that computers were picked by a substantial majority.

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Toshiba Machine Buys Its Independence from Toshiba

Toshiba Machine logo

You know things aren’t going well when divisions of your own company want to break the chains of their association with you. That is essentially what happened when Toshiba Machine “bought” its independence by buying out the shares of its stock held by parent company Toshiba Corp.

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Control4 Bolsters Your First Line of Defense – Power

Control4 logo, newControl4 announced on Tuesday a new line of power monitoring and control solutions in its Pakedge PowerPak line. Saying, “Power monitoring and control is the first-line of defense in bringing a system or device back online,” these new units bring enhanced levels of intelligent control of power, the lifeblood of any system.

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New Data on Smart Home Market is Wildly Bullish

Z-Wave Alliance logoNew research results released this week on the smart home market were wildly bullish on the recent impressive growth of the segment, as well as the continuing prospects for growth in the future. The survey, sponsored by PlumChoice, Inc (a technical services provider for IoT and cloud brands) and the Z-Wave Alliance (a consortium of companies promoting Z-Wave wireless technologies), offers a deeper view of the market’s momentum with some surprisingly positive results.

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Lawsuit: Bose is Spying on You and Selling Your Personal Info

Bose logoA lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court in Northern Illinois against Bose Corp. alleging that the popular brand is spying on consumers, collecting personal usage data, and selling or otherwise using this data for profit. All of this, the suit claims, is done in violation of various Federal and State privacy laws and with no warning or notification to the consumer.

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In International Expansion, James Loudspeaker Appoints UK Dist.

James Loudspeaker logoJames Loudspeaker announced today that it has appointed Pulse Cinemas as its distributor for both the U.K. and Ireland. A custom installation and home cinema specialist, Pulse’s team of twelve professionals spread out to service the region’s A/V dealers and custom integrators.

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THX Joins Streaming Video Alliance

Photo of TV showing THX 4K display certification

THX announced this week that it has joined the Streaming Video Alliance, an organzation that addresses ongoing video streaming issues through the development of best practices. THX says it is “uniquely qualified to make significant contributions to the Alliance.”

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