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Huge Jump in End-of-2019 Housing Starts Startles Economists

Photo of a home being built

Like at the end of the Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street, it appears that Santa brought new homes for all the good little girls and boys at the end of last year. New government data on residential housing construction starts for December 2019 startled economists, jumping an unexpected 16.9% for the highest rate of construction in 13-years.

See more on this unexpected jump in housing starts…

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MSE Audio to Launch SoundTube’s STNet Soundbar at ISE 2020

MSE Audio logo

MSE Audio will launch the SoundTube STNet Soundbar at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam next month, running from February 11-14. This innovative soundbar solution is enabled for IP-based PoE for really convenient hookup.

Learn more about the MSE Audio, Dante-enabled soundbar…

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Savant Sister Company Racepoint Energy Acquires NOON Home

Savant logo

Racepoint Energy, sister company of Savant Systems LLC, announced this week that it has acquired innovative residential lighting control provider NOON Home. Based in Campbell, CA, NOON offers an impressive array of intuitive lighting and intelligent control solutions.

Learn more about NOON & Savant…

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Once Again, Melrose Considers Disposing of Nortek; This Time It’s Serious

Melrose logo

Melrose Industries plc, the British turnaround specialist who acquires underperforming companies to improve their operations and management for resale, is now actively considering selling off the bulk of Nortek in a deal that could be worth $3 billion, according to reports from Bloomberg News and the Financial Times. If they actually execute this sale, it will be a relatively early exit from their ownership of Nortek which they purchased in 2016 for $2.8 billion.

See why Melrose is ready to exit Nortek…

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In Sonos’ Claim That It’s a Victim, Some Skeptics See a Rich Irony

Sonos logo

This Friday, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence will testify before a Congressional committee (the House antitrust subcommittee) that is investigating the issue of competition in digital markets. Or, I should say, they are investigating whether the tech giants – Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc. – are engaging in anti-competitive activities in violation of the law. The Sonos CEO is likely to complain that Google is in fact anti-competitive. Spence’s appearance takes place literally just days after it has filed a major patent infringement lawsuit against Google – alleging that the tech giant stole its proprietary technology…making them a victim.

But some see this claim of Google victimizing Sonos as a bit of rich irony…

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Bose to Shutter 119 Bose Stores in N. America, Europe, Japan & Australia

Bose mall store
A Bose mall location [Photo: Julia Banks, Boston Business Journal]

Bose Corp. announced earlier today that it will close a total of 119 Bose retail stores as a response to changing retail purchasing trends. The locations to be closed represents their entire retail footprint in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

See more on this dramatic announcement from Bose…

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Forbes Notes Enthusiastic CES 2020 Crowd Amazed by a ‘Smart’ Potato

Is This the Next Big Thing?

neuraspud 'smart' potato
NeuraSpud, Booth #53367 Eureka Park, CES 2020 [Photo: Forbes, Pete Pachal]

Who says the mainstream media has abandoned CES? No less than the venerable Forbes.com ran a feature story that noted an enthusiastic crowd gathered around a booth offering a dynamic presentation on an amazing new technology…a ‘smart’ potato. No, this is NOT a spoof by The Onion – it is real. Yes, the booth and young man promoting the smart potato was a stunt…but the article from Forbes about it is real.

Why Forbes featured a ‘smart potato’…

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Select Stories From CES 2020

CES 2020 Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars
Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, Brought to you by AudioControl

CES 2020, the big show, is about over (ending the day this was posted) and as usual there are a slew of announcements. It can be a little overwhelming with so much happening in Las Vegas, but there are some stories that flat out are just more important or interesting than others.

See my list of more interesting stories from CES…

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CES 2020 – Just What Exactly is CES Anymore?

photo from the WWE website; WWE is a new CES 2020 exhibitor
Buyer/seller negotiations on the CES floor are getting pretty tough! Image is from the WWE, a new exhibitor at CES this year

For many, many years the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – an exposition hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) – was a huge part of the technology industry. In many ways, it was virtually the embodiment of tech – you HAD to go there to discover the latest products that were being shown to buyers so they could get their orders placed in time for the prime selling season starting in the fall of that year.

CES 2020 – what has become of CES, our beloved technology show?…

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