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New, Larger SnapAV: The One-Stop Shop of Smart Home

Strata-gee Interviews SnapAV’s John Heyman & Charlie Kindel

The industry is still adjusting to the new normal of SnapAV combining with Control4…even as it continues to gobble up more local distributors and talk about their e-commerce prowess. It can get a little confusing. Is SnapAV a manufacturer? An e-commerce play? A local distributor? Or are they attempting to be all of the above?

I spoke with SnapAV’s John Heyman and Charlie Kindel to try and help our readers sort this all out. It’s certainly a new world out there…but just what planet are we on?

See what I learned from these top SnapAV execs…

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High Note Sales Expands Team

High Note Sales, a custom integration-focused manufacturer sales representative firm based in Boca Raton, FL, announced this week that it has expanded its team – adding Sammy Garber as Vice President of Sales. Garber is well-known throughout the state of Florida having worked in various roles in the industry there for many years.

Learn more about this new addition to High Note Sales….

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EXCLUSIVE: Strata-gee Tours James Loudspeaker’s New Nevada Factory

Newer, Bigger, More Efficient, Higher Output

James Loudspeakers new Minden, NV factory and headquarters
Main Entrance: James Loudspeaker’s new Minden, NV factory & headquarters

It was like my Uber car was actually a time machine. After landing in Reno, Nevada, my Uber driver – an eccentric older fellow who is both an ride-share driver and a real estate agent – demonstrated an uncommon grasp of the local geography and history. Heading south on I-580 out of Reno there was a dramatic ridge of mountains to my right and a nonstop running monologue from my old-West style stagecoach driver: “Those are the Sierra-Nevada Mountains,” he helpfully offered. And on the left…the high desert.

This was going to be an adventure…

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Inside Crestron’s Amazing Research Center

It’s Like Disneyland for Geeks

Crestron's remarkable Research Center
[Click to enlarge]

Sometimes, I’m amazed at what I’m able to pull off. A year or so ago, John Clancy, Crestron Vice President of Residential, invited me to tour Crestron, a place I’ve heard much about but have never seen. OK…it was at a tradeshow cocktail party and John may have been drinking…but I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Just a few weeks ago, that visit finally happened and Crestron – much to their credit – granted me unlimited access to whatever I wanted to see…and photograph.

Go inside the amazing Crestron Research Center with Strata-gee…

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Josh.ai & Sonance Partner with Amp Integrations & TRUFIG Mount

TRUFIG mount for Josh Micro
New TRUFIG mount for Josh Micro

Josh.ai announced today that they have a new multilevel partnership with Sonance that includes new integrations with Sonance amplifiers and a new TRUFIG flush mount for the Josh Micro device. The company says this new partnership allows their technology “to seamlessly fit into any architectural aesthetic.”

See more on the Josh.ai & Sonance alliance…

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Sonos/IKEA Partnership Delivers SYMFONISK Lamp Speaker & Shelf Speaker

Symfonisk table lamp/speaker combo unit from IKEA and Sonos
IKEA and Sonos want homeowners to both see and hear the light [Click to enlarge]

Formally announced back in April, Sonos has collaborated with IKEA on a line of products for which it has great expectations. The first products of this collaboration – a table lamp with speaker built-in, and a thin bookshelf speaker that sits on a shelf and LOOKS LIKE a book…are finally now available. Will IKEA fans turn out in droves to buy these new models?

See the Sonos lamp & shelf speaker at IKEA…

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Sex and the CES Attendee

CES logo

Only six months to go and word has emerged that the Consumer Technology Association – the trade group behind the annual Consumer Electronics show – has proactively taken steps to avoid repeating the mistakes that caused them to endure a plethora of embarrassing headlines last year. The controversy, a self-inflicted wound, surrounded the Association’s awarding – then rescinding – of a CES 2019 Innovation Award…and retroactive cancellation of booth space for that company. The news dominated the early headlines during the January 2019 event…mostly because the matter involved sex.

See how CTA got in trouble & hopes to avoid it this year…

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More Mixed Signals from Housing – Starts Down, Sales Up

Housing - Photo of newly constructed home

In the choppy waters of today’s current economy, we continue to get mixed signals – this time from the housing market. Last week, we learned that residential construction starts declined in June by 0.9% below the rate in May. This week, we find that sales of newly built homes in June increased by 7% as compared to sales in May.

What should we make of developments in housing?…

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LG Adds Apple AirPlay 2 & HomeKit to Select TVs

Says It’s the First Global TV Maker to Support HomeKit

LG adds Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to Thinq AI TVs

LG Electronics announced today that starting tomorrow Apple AirPlay and HomeKit will be available on its 2019 Thinq AI TV line. The company says this makes them the first global television manufacturer to support HomeKit.

See more on LG offering Apple HomeKit on its TVs…

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