TCL Multimedia Obtains Global Rights to Onkyo Brand

TCL Multimedia logoIn an announcement out of Hong Kong and reported on by Bloomberg News and others, TCL Multimedia, the large Chinese manufacturer of mostly inexpensive televisions, has announced it has obtained the rights to the Onkyo brand name which it intends to use to create Smart AV products. The company says it has the rights to the Onkyo brand globally, in all markets except Japan.

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Should the U.S. Government Regulate Tech?

Axios logoWhen it comes to politics in today’s world, it is an understatement to suggest that we live in divided times. Although our founding fathers imagined passionate (but healthy) debate leading to the best possible compromise solutions – today, it seems as though our representatives are more likely to throw a hand-grenade than an idea to the other side of the aisle. But recently, a new study has come out to suggest that an issue has arisen that has brought Americans together – and it spells trouble for the tech industry.

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Exciting New Study: We are in an Audio Resurgence!

Nielsen logoWe live in a time rich in options for ways to connect with and consume content. If I asked you to pick which source was the number one method that adults aged 18 and older use to consume content today, which would you choose: Smartphone? Tablet? PC? TV connected device? TV? AM/FM radio?

If you picked that last option, AM/FM radio, you would be correct! Fully 93% of all adults use an AM/FM radio to consume content on a weekly basis. Surprised? Hold on to your hat…that’s just one of the many surprising results in new research study from The Nielsen Company that says we are now in an audio resurgence.

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Ex-B&W President Finds New Home at JL Audio

Doug Henderson

It was only a matter of months ago that Strata-gee broke the news that EVA Automation founder Gideon Yu, the new owner of Bowers and Wilkins (B&W), had dismissed Doug Henderson, President of the B&W Group North America. It was a move that was to send shock waves around the industry and presaged a round of additional staff departures (and additions) as Yu worked to restructure the company.

Now we can report that Henderson is the new Senior Vice President of Home Audio at JL Audio, the scrappy upstart that launched first in the 12-volt business, but has since expanded into the marine, powersports, and home audio segments as well.

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Millson WireFrame – The BMW of Structured Wiring

Richard Millson and WireFrameAt a recent dealer show, integrator and entrepreneur Richard Millson of Millson Custom Solutions  presented what he called “The BMW of structured wiring panels” to integrators attending the event. Millson’s premise was simple – if you’re going to install a structured wiring panel in your smart home installations, shouldn’t you install a smart panel? It was logic that many found hard to argue…

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Florida’s C&E Mktg Acquires AV Biz of AVR in S.E.

C&E Marketing, a manufacturer sales representative firm based in Sunrise, FL announced last week that it has acquired the home AV division of Audio Video Representatives (AVR) based in Marietta, GA. C&E specializes in a wide range of custom integration lines, while AVR represents and distributes both mobile electronics and home AV lines.

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Options Narrowing as Gibson & KKR Talks Fail

Photo of Gibson CES promoWe learned last week that talks between Gibson Brands and deal making king KKR Credit Advisors fell apart in a dispute over “the appropriate consideration for the various parties involved,” according to a statement from Gibson Brands. As yet another bail-out opportunity slips by them, Gibson Brands sees their options narrowing, with an August deadline on a required financial restructuring of more than $500 million of debt rapidly approaching.

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Technology & Business Summit Acquired by CEDIA

The Era of the Rep at CEDIA

Tech Summit SignThe Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) announced today that it has acquired the Technology and Business Summit, a regional sales rep-driven dealer show. The move raises some interesting questions, as these regional shows are believed to impact centralized national shows, such as the CEDIA Expo, which they sold to Emerald Exposition a little over a year ago.

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Lutron Partners with SnapAV for OvrC-Enabled RA2 Select


Lutron logo on black backgroundSnapAV announced today that it has partnered with lighting kingpin Lutron to offer a special version of their RA2 Select repeater, part of an entire RA2 Select system, that has been natively integrated into SnapAV’s OvrC remote management system. The agreement between the two of them is said to have been taken with the goal of “expanding the market for smart lighting control.”

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Polls: Facebook Faces a Major Trust Crisis

Stunning Reversal for Once-Loved FANG Brand

Facebook finds themselves square in the middle of a political and public relations fire storm, as news of the firms connection to Cambridge Analytica and the harvesting of the personal data on at least 50 million Facebook users, including perhaps you and I, have recently received a lot of news coverage. Now word comes via two new polls that the company’s brand has taken a serious hit in the eyes of their users and former fans.

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