And You Thought Samsung Bought Harman for Car Audio

Will Use Harman Audio Tech as Smartphone Differentiator In November 2016, we learned that Samsung had acquired Harman International Industries in a deal valued at $8 billion. At that time, everyone pretty much assumed the deal was all about automotive … Continue reading

HiFiMan: Staking Out the Extreme High End of the Headphone Market

Launches $50,000 Headphone System HiFiMan, the specialty maker of high-end headphones and portable music players, announced this week the launch of a “premium” electrostatic headphone system that they call Shangri-La. Calling it a “cost-no-object experience,” the Shangri-La system is priced … Continue reading

Skullcandy Stock Skyrockets on Hint of Buyout

Skullcandy, the lifestyle headphone company in which design is as important as performance (some would say more important), saw its stock skyrocket some 16% on Wednesday as word leaked out that the company’s founder was exploring the possibility of taking … Continue reading

Quirky HiFiMan Launches HE1000 High-End Headphones

HiFiMan, an independent manufacturer of high-end headphones, portable music players, and associated accessories, announced on Wednesday a new top-of-the-line, full-sized headphone – the HE1000. Featuring the company’s preferred planar magnetic technology and a breakthrough diaphragm design, these headphones are for … Continue reading

Onkyo Sets New Global Strategy Focused On Portables & Headphones

Osaka, Japan-based Onkyo Corporation says it has set a new global growth strategy that will focus on launching portable music players and headphones, thanks largely to resources it received in its acquisition of Pioneer’s home AV division. In an interview … Continue reading

Is Beta Better? Yamaha Launches First Earphones with Beta-Titanium Tubes

Yamaha Corp. announced today that it has launched a new line of earphones that includes a model with what it claims is the “world’s first” to use a beta-titanium sound tube. Yamaha’s EPH-M200 also features a “large-caliber” or diameter driver … Continue reading

Monster’s ‘Head Monster’ Talks Beats & Women at CE Week 2014

When the history of Monster Products is written some day in the future, there will be many legitimate highlights for their historian to ponder. First and foremost among these will be the fact that CEO Noel Lee (known as the … Continue reading

Velodyne President Calls Strata-gee to Set the Record Straight

Regular readers of Strata-gee know that we have recently covered news of layoffs and distribution changes by Velodyne – a long-time specialty industry player. Although we had made many attempts to get the company to comment prior to our posting … Continue reading

Onkyo Expands Headphone Line with Two New iOS Compatible Models

Onkyo USA announced today two new high-performance headphone models that feature full iOS compatibility for user convenience. Both the on-ear ES-CT1300 and in-ear IE-CT1300 include incline controls and microphones to help Apple product users both adjust their sound levels and … Continue reading

Klipsch Hopes to Add a Little Luck to Their Team

Klipsch announced this week that it has signed an endorsement agreement with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck to serve as its official brand ambassador. The company says that Luck will bring a “fresh perspective” and “creative inspiration” to the brand. … Continue reading