Toshiba Announces ‘Substantial Doubt’ on Ability to Continue

An Industry Giant Stumbles, Then Falls; Can It Get Back Up? Toshiba, once the embodiement of Japanese industrial might offering everything from rice cookers to nuclear reactors, has released financial results for the first three quarters of the current fiscal year … Continue reading

Massive $6.3 Billion Writedown is Tanking Toshiba, Could It Collapse?

Toshiba Corp. announced yesterday that it will take a $6.3 billion writedown to account for the meltdown of its nuclear division. This amount of writedown is much higher than the markets had anticipated, forcing Toshiba into crisis mode having to … Continue reading

Not Again! Another Big, Bad Surprise from Toshiba

Loses Almost a Third of Its Total Market Value in 2 Days Toshiba Corps. stock price plunged 30% this week as the company announced it is facing the prospect of booking a potentially multi-billion dollar writedown related to an acquisition made … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Japans – Toshiba & Japan Display

Two stories out of Japan caught our attention and, to our thinking, combine to show that Japan’s tech industry is still not yet out of the woods. The first story, by the Japan Times, says that troubled Toshiba’s half-year fiscal … Continue reading

Only Days Away From Official Launch, Toshiba Scraps Wearvue Smart Glasses

Toshiba Corp. has pulled the plug on a highly-touted smart glasses project – a product similar in concept to the recently cancelled consumer version of Google Glass. What’s most interesting about this decision by Toshiba is that they made it … Continue reading

Toshiba Credit Rating Cut to ‘Junk’ Status by Moody’s

Last week, Moody’s Investors Service announced that it was cutting Toshiba Corp.’s long-term senior bond rating to Ba2, or “junk” status. Considering recent reports from Toshiba, a major industry player that is stumbling in the wake of a scandalous accounting … Continue reading

Japanese Media Speculates Sharp May Not Survive the Winter

Toshiba, who is on the verge of announcing a record loss and plans another round of layoffs, is far from the only Japanese giant who is stumbling. A new analysis by the Nikkei suggests it’s possible that Sharp Corp. may … Continue reading

Try as It Might, Toshiba Can’t Seem to Turn the Page

On Monday, Toshiba released their twice-delayed final financial data for the last fiscal year (ended March 2015) in what it undoubtedly hoped would be the first step to turning the page from a scandal-racked year. But forces out of their … Continue reading

Toshiba Stuns Markets Again, New Whistleblowers Claim More Wrongdoing

10 New Investigations into Allegations of Improprieties, Including at U.S. Subsidiary Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the aging Japanese industrial giant, Toshiba Corp. again stunned the financial community in Japan – forced to postpone their already … Continue reading