Hi-Res Audio: On the Fast-Track or Stuck in the Mud?

As we mentioned in our CE Week overview, the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) held a panel discussion on the current status of the high-resolution audio market (Hi-Res Audio) much like they did last year. It was conducted in much the … Continue reading

Dazed and Confused About Hi-Res Audio? Here’s Help…

GUEST POST   Quick: What’s the most misused term in audio next to “subwoofer”? You, yeah, you in the back there – did you say “hi-res”? No more calls, folks, we have a winner!   … Continue reading

CE Week: An Odd, Undefined Show Actually Surprises This Year

Heading to the train station at 6:15am Wednesday morning, I exited my air-conditioned home and was immediately slapped across the face with so much humidity my glasses instantly fogged up – momentarily blinding me. And although it was still somewhat … Continue reading

Sterns Moves Quickly to Rework Sony’s CI Business

When we first reported on the appointment of Frank Sterns as Sony’s VP  of A/V Specialty/Custom Integration on the eve of the September 2013 CEDIA Expo, like many of you…we were skeptical. After all, we’ve heard encouraging announcements from Sony … Continue reading