Hi-Res Audio: On the Fast-Track or Stuck in the Mud?

As we mentioned in our CE Week overview, the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) held a panel discussion on the current status of the high-resolution audio market (Hi-Res Audio) much like they did last year. It was conducted in much the … Continue reading

Hot Time in the City, It’s CE Week Again

New York City in June sees temperatures rise in response to the onset of summer and also, hopefully, in response to the launch of the hottest new technologies being shown at CE Week at the Metropolitan Pavilion and Altman Building … Continue reading

Dazed and Confused About Hi-Res Audio? Here’s Help…

GUEST POST   Quick: What’s the most misused term in audio next to “subwoofer”? You, yeah, you in the back there – did you say “hi-res”? No more calls, folks, we have a winner!   … Continue reading