Hot Time in the City, It’s CE Week Again

New York City in June sees temperatures rise in response to the onset of summer and also, hopefully, in response to the launch of the hottest new technologies being shown at CE Week at the Metropolitan Pavilion and Altman Building … Continue reading

LG Conveys Cool Confidence, in OLED and More

Starting off press day at CES 2015 with a bang, LG Electronics, Inc. seemed to us to convey a decidedly cool confidence. In the past, LG could be defensive…often struggling to emerge from the shadows of its larger rival – … Continue reading

In Semi-Annual Update, CEA Says Industry Sales Will Hit New High

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) maintains a semi-annually updated forecast for all major categories of consumer electronics and has announced the results of their latest update for July saying the industry will hit another new high watermark in industry-wide sales. … Continue reading

Dazed and Confused About Hi-Res Audio? Here’s Help…

GUEST POST   Quick: What’s the most misused term in audio next to “subwoofer”? You, yeah, you in the back there – did you say “hi-res”? No more calls, folks, we have a winner!   … Continue reading

CE Week: An Odd, Undefined Show Actually Surprises This Year

Heading to the train station at 6:15am Wednesday morning, I exited my air-conditioned home and was immediately slapped across the face with so much humidity my glasses instantly fogged up – momentarily blinding me. And although it was still somewhat … Continue reading

CEA Launches a Working Group to Set Standards for Home Automation Device Interoperability

‘Home Automation is Experiencing Dramatic Growth’ Group Says The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced today that it has launched a new “Working Group” to develop new technical standards for the industry in order to facilitate greater device interoperability in home … Continue reading

Sign of the Times: App Makers Snapchat, Shutterfly & Yelp Join CEA

In an announcement that reflects the changing nature of the tech industry, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced today that app makers Snapchat, Shutterfly, and Yelp have joined the trade organization. App makers had a prominent visibility at the most … Continue reading

CES Opens to Press and Already…A Couple of Surprises

Press Day at CES is – to put it mildly – a bit of a grind. A seemingly never-ending series of scheduled press presentations that are scheduled one hour apart so the press can run from one supposedly 45-minute (of … Continue reading

Uh-Oh, Consumer Adoption of Tablets Slows in Q2 CEA Says

In new data released today by the Consumer Electronics Association, consumer adoption of one of the hottest technologies in tech today – tablet computers – actually (and unusually) slowed in the second quarter of 2013. This unexpected downturn comes after … Continue reading