Expo18: Savant Launches Microgrid for Macro Impact

A Significant New Revenue & Profit Opportunity for Integrators As I mentioned in my CEDIA wrap-up post recently, Savant surprised me with an entirely new category they call microgrid. Created in partnership with sister company Racepoint Energy, a microgrid is … Continue reading

Rosewater Installs Energy Hub in Integrator Showroom

UPDATE – See correction below story Rosewater Energy Group announced this week that it completed the first installation of their residential energy hub in the showroom of South Florida integrator Boca Theater and Automation in Boca Raton, Florida. The installation … Continue reading

Tesla’s Musk Not Only Wants to Power Your Car, but Your Home Too

Residential & Commercial Energy Storage is a Fast Growing New Market Two separate announcements this week add significant momentum to a rapidly growing market we first told you about three years ago – the residential energy storage market. Now, two … Continue reading

Energy Squad Says Dealers Found ‘LED Diet’ Training Quite Fulfilling

Energy Squad, LLC, a distributor exclusively focused on offering energy-efficient or “green” technology products nationally, announced today that earlier this month it had completed its first round of dealer training on their “LED Diet” program – a solution first announced … Continue reading

One Year Later – Rosewater Rewarded with Test Program by Major Utility

We first met the Rosewater Energy Group at the 2012 CEDIA Expo – a coming out party for the new company that makes a residential energy storage hub with batteries to store your energy from either the power company or … Continue reading

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: Toyota’s Innovative New Use for Recycled Prius Batteries

Every year, 6,000 large, expensive, and depleted batteries, recycled by auto dealers all over the country, pour into Toyota Motor Corp. in Japan. The batteries have been pulled out of Prius automobiles as they are replaced by car dealers who … Continue reading

Japan Moves to Set Worldwide Standard for Residential Energy Storage

At last month’s CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, we learned about – and reported on – a new venture by industry stalwart Joe Piccirilli to sell a residential energy storage hub under the Rosewater Energy Group brand. Their hub uses rechargeable … Continue reading

Batteries Big Enough to Run Your Whole House from Rosewater Energy Group

At this month’s CEDIA Expo, no sooner had I finished an interview on the show floor when I saw what looked like two huge caskets standing on end and side-by-side. That’s a little dramatic, they didn’t really look like caskets, … Continue reading

Energy Squad Wants to Help Integrators to Catch the Green Wave

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. When I ask business owners and executives to tell me why they started their business, you’d be surprised at the mushy gobbledy-gook I’m often offered in response. So when strata-GEE.com readers at the … Continue reading