McIntosh Program to Supply Celebrities Cut Dealers Out

Company Says No Such Program Exists Today We’ve recently learned about a program at McIntosh Laboratory, Inc., in which the company approached select prominent individuals, such as famous musicians or other celebrities, and provided them with McIntosh products directly, without the involvement … Continue reading

Yet Another High-End Brand Turns to Internet Sales, But This Time’s Different

This Time Brand Takes Local Dealers With Them Raleigh, NC-based Cary Audio announced this week that they will allow their high-end specialty electronics line to be sold online. At first blush, this looks like yet another specialty brand disrupting their … Continue reading

In Eye of Storm, McIntosh Hit with Management Shake-Up

BREAKING NEWS We have learned through multiple sources that McIntosh Labs, the high-end American brand that was thrust into the limelight recently when it came to light that the company was authorizing internet sales of its specialty brand, has experienced … Continue reading

In Wake of Strata-gee Article, McIntosh Sends Letter to Dealers

Last week, we broke the news on that McIntosh Laboratories, historically a strong supporter of specialty A/V dealers, had decided to open up sales through the Internet. This decision hit the existing, largely offline, McIntosh specialty dealers hard…many reaching … Continue reading

Former Specialist Darling McIntosh Opens Up Internet Sales

BREAKING NEWS Multiple sources have told us that McIntosh Laboratory, Inc., a brand once deeply committed to the specialty electronics retail channel, has notified dealers by phone that for the first time in its history the company will allow Internet … Continue reading

Reps: Are They On the Right Track? Or Have They Run Off the Rails?

On Tuesday last week, much like any other day, after arriving at my office I powered up my computer and began wading through the usual 100-150 emails that greet me every morning. Some of these are client-related emails, some are … Continue reading

D&M Sells McIntosh Labs to Italian High-End Marketer Backed by Private Equity

News emerged today that Italian holding company Fine Sounds SpA has acquired 100% of McIntosh Laboratory, the Binghamton, NY-based high-end brand most recently owned by D&M Holdings. The announcement – which came from Fine Sounds, contained only a short statement … Continue reading

Vintage Cars Collide with High Performance Entertainment at McIntosh Listening Experience

<March 14, 2012> McIntosh Audio Labs audio products received great acclaim as they competed with vintage motor cars at the McIntosh Listening Experience the company set up at the Concours d’Elegance. This was the second time McIntosh showed their products … Continue reading

Stratecon’s Top 10 BEACON & ALERT Stories of 2011

<January 4, 2012> With the close of 2011, it’s time to look back on those stories that readers found most meaningful. Stratecon’s newsletters had another record year and our website activity continues to reach ever increasing heights as more and … Continue reading