Quirky HiFiMan Launches HE1000 High-End Headphones

HiFiMan, an independent manufacturer of high-end headphones, portable music players, and associated accessories, announced on Wednesday a new top-of-the-line, full-sized headphone – the HE1000. Featuring the company’s preferred planar magnetic technology and a breakthrough diaphragm design, these headphones are for … Continue reading

Shareholders Slam Sharp’s Stock

Sharp Corp., as we have previously reported, is going through some seriously tough times. Earlier this month, company-connected sources had told the Japanese media that the company would announce drastic restructuring measures, including significant staff cutbacks – not just in … Continue reading

TV Maker Funai Says 2015 is the Year of 4K…Cheap 4K, That Is

Osaka, Japan-based Funai Electric announced earlier this month that it will release a line of inexpensive 4K televisions in the North American market this fall, in time for the region’s major selling season. The company expects this year to be … Continue reading

Soundcast Acquired by Private Equity Company

Soundcast, a marketer of primarily wireless outdoor speaker products, announced on Tuesday that it has been acquired by Hancock Park Associates, a private equity company out of Los Angeles, with offices in Houston and Denver. The announcement says that the … Continue reading

Hitachi Jumps into Wireless Speakers Biz

Hitachi America, Ltd. announced on Tuesday that it has entered the wireless speaker business with three self-contained wireless speaker systems using Qualcomm’s AllPlay technology. According to Hitachi, their new hardware/software “smart media” platform makes it simple for consumers to stream … Continue reading

Bad Omen? Beats Wins Round 1 of Monster vs. Beats

Judge Agrees with Beats, Transfers Case to Home Turf in LA We first told you about Monster, LLC and CEO “Head Monster” Noel Lee filing a lawsuit against Beats, LLC alleging fraudulent practices back in January, in a post that … Continue reading

Savant Offers App for Apple Watch

Savant, a leading home control & automation company, announced today that it is making an app available for the Apple smart watch – called, logically enough, the Savant App on Apple Watch. Since Savant is one of the only home … Continue reading

Sources Say Toshiba May Write-Down Profits in Past 3-Years of Financials

Last month, Toshiba Corp. warned the financial markets in Japan that they were launching an internal investigation into “possible problems” with its accounting. The stock exchange’s reaction to the announcement was swift, with the company’s stock price having its biggest … Continue reading

Dramatic Changes in Features New Home Buyers Want (Like Tech)

Outdoor Kitchens & Media Rooms are Out, Walk-in Closets & Programmable Thermostats are In The National Association of Home Builders has completed a comprehensive survey of home builders to learn what features home buyers are asking for in homes being … Continue reading

Report: Job Cuts at Sharp are Much Deeper & More Painful than Expected

BREAKING NEWS “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” This old saying will likely resonate with many Sharp Corp. employees who are about to learn that the company is planning major job cuts – far greater than originally rumored … Continue reading