HiFiMan: Staking Out the Extreme High End of the Headphone Market

Launches $50,000 Headphone System HiFiMan, the specialty maker of high-end headphones and portable music players, announced this week the launch of a “premium” electrostatic headphone system that they call Shangri-La. Calling it a “cost-no-object experience,” the Shangri-La system is priced … Continue reading

Quirky HiFiMan Launches HE1000 High-End Headphones

HiFiMan, an independent manufacturer of high-end headphones, portable music players, and associated accessories, announced on Wednesday a new top-of-the-line, full-sized headphone – the HE1000. Featuring the company’s preferred planar magnetic technology and a breakthrough diaphragm design, these headphones are for … Continue reading

HiFiMan Lauches Two New Digital Music Players at CES

HiFiMan is an independent manufacturer of a variety of largely high-performance audio products. We first met the company two years ago at CES, and were amused and impressed with company founder Dr. Fang Bian. Bian is an enthusiastic lover of … Continue reading

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…HiFiMAN

See UPDATE below article… >See a slideshow with images from the HiFiMAN press conference here<< <January 25, 2012> One of the more pleasant surprises of the show was an opportunity to meet a company – new to me but apparently … Continue reading