Gibson Brands Goes Looking for an Advertising Agency on AMC’s ‘The Pitch’

  Gibson Brands (formerly Gibson Guitar) announced today that CEO Henry Juszkiewicz will be featured on an episode in season two of AMC’s reality show “The Pitch.” The show chronicles the steps that rival advertising agencies go through to win … Continue reading

Core Brands Hires New Marketing VP to Replace Starkey

In an announcement considered a surprise by most in the industry – Core Brands announced that it has named Joe Roberts as VP of products and marketing. Roberts will replace Paul Starkey, the former President of Core Brands’ Elan division … Continue reading

Apple Launches New iPhones, Stock Gets Squashed Like a Bug

Is Apple the Victim of Unreasonable Expectations? Or Is the Reaction to Incrementalism Justified? Apple, Inc. announced on Tuesday the long-awaited update of its key iPhone 5 smartphone, only to see its stock pummeled – losing more than 2% of … Continue reading

What Do You Get When You Cross a Salamander with a Leon? A Powerful Furniture ‘Accessory’…

One of the hottest trends in the automobile industry over the last few years is the emergence of a whole new category of vehicle called the “crossover.” A crossover combines the capacious body design of a modified SUV (sport utility … Continue reading

Savant Launches Wi-Fi Universal Remote Control That Configures Itself

Savant Systems, LLC said today that it has launched a new Wi-Fi-based universal remote control designed with today’s media room in mind. The sleek designed remote is said to fit well in your hand and is designed to be intuitive … Continue reading

ICE Cable Has Innovation in the Box

We often think innovation has to be some major technological breakthrough – some amazing new mobile device…or smartwatch…or IP-enabled network controller configurator extender…or such. That’s cool…but we’re firm believers in all forms of innovation – including mini-innovations. And there are … Continue reading

URC Wants You to Add a Little ESP To Your Installations

URC, the former remote control king that has morphed into a home automation company, announced on Tuesday the MRX-4SEN Sensor Extender and six new sensors that tie into their well-regarded Total Control System. A clever system add-on, the sensors allow … Continue reading

Klipsch Hopes to Add a Little Luck to Their Team

Klipsch announced this week that it has signed an endorsement agreement with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck to serve as its official brand ambassador. The company says that Luck will bring a “fresh perspective” and “creative inspiration” to the brand. … Continue reading

Soundcast Casts Deeper into International Waters

*BREAKING  NEWS* We told you last week about Soundcast Systems, Inc. who has engaged in a bold play to reinvigorate its business with the owners upping their capital investment, bringing in new management, and ramping-up both marketing and personnel. When … Continue reading