Kommotion at Kaleidescape

BREAKING NEWS Starting first thing this morning, our office was inundated with multiple sources contacting us by phone and email to tell us that something big was happening over at Sunnyvale, CA-based, media-server company Kaleidescape. While there were minor variations … Continue reading

Bain Capital Seeks to Restructure D&M Holdings Buyout Financing – It Could be Tough

Reuters reported this week that Bain Capital, the private equity company that virtually became a household name when CEO Mitt Romney ran for president against Barack Obama, is seeking to refinance the buyout financing it used to acquire D&M Holdings, … Continue reading

Sony Cuts Get Deeper – A Third of U.S. Staff to be Cut; 20 Sony Stores Will Close

Although not a surprise, Sony Electronics in San Diego began releasing details of a substantial cutback in U.S. facilities and personnel. The company says it will cut 33% of its U.S. staff – about 1,000 employees. Also, the company announced a … Continue reading

Environmental Group Raises Stakes to Stop LG’s New US Headquarters

A group of concerned citizens and several environmental groups have banded together to form an organization known as the Protect the Palisades group in an effort to stop LG Electronics USA from building a new headquarters tower in an area … Continue reading

Huge Growth in Q4 Branded Video Views for Electronics; Are You Using This Tool?

In a new report from research firm Visible Measures and reported on by eMarketer, views of branded videos in the fourth quarter last year jumped an impressive 50% in the year-over-year (YoY) period and an even more impressive 60% as … Continue reading

Toshiba Leaps Into the Aging-in-Place Market via Partnership with GrandCare Systems

Toshiba Digital Products Division announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with GrandCare Systems – a well-known company specializing in digital aging-in-place products, sensors, and solutions. According to Toshiba, GrandCare’s telehealth and communications capabilities will now be delivered … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Azione – Retail Buying Group Reaches Key Milestone

Azione Unlimited, a buying group consisting largely of custom integrators and retailers announced this week that it had reached the ripe old age of 2-years-old. The now toddling group was launched by Richard Glikes shortly after he left his stint … Continue reading

New Marketing VP for Core Brands Zeros in on a Key Problem

Core Brands continues to rejigger its team as we mentioned in our Breaking News SYNCH earlier this week. And one major step in this process took place in September 2013 when Core Brands surprised many by announcing the appointment of … Continue reading

Witten & Weisenberg Out of Core Brands as Company Reorganizes Its Product Management Team

BREAKING NEWS Today we learned that Core Brands has taken steps to reorganize their product marketing teams with moves both to bring in new executives – and to move two prominent executives out. Mitch Witten, former Core Brands Director of … Continue reading