What Kind of Advertising Do Consumers Trust? You Won’t Believe It!

Did the 2016 Presidential Election Impact Consumer Trust? Ask any marketing professional, the last ten years have brought a dizzying array of all-new advertising options thanks to the continued development of digital and online marketing tools. Strata-gee has reported on … Continue reading

Huge Growth in Q4 Branded Video Views for Electronics; Are You Using This Tool?

In a new report from research firm Visible Measures and reported on by eMarketer, views of branded videos in the fourth quarter last year jumped an impressive 50% in the year-over-year (YoY) period and an even more impressive 60% as … Continue reading

Super Bowl Ads – Most Were Not So Super

<February 8, 2012> The Super Bowl for us this year was a doubly exciting event. Why? Well first, the New York Football Giants, our favorite NFL team, was one of the participants. And if you didn’t hear – the Giants … Continue reading