S. Korea Stakes Claim as World’s #1 TV Supplier

New market data confirms what you probably already suspected, South Korea is the #1 supplier of TV products to the world. Home to both Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, S. Korean media is calling itself the ‘Country of TV.’ See … Continue reading

Samsung Launches New SUHD TVs

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the undisputed global leader in TVs and other key products, launched its CES 2015 press conference in a pattern familiar to those of us who have attended them over the years. But there was one moment … Continue reading

CES 2015 Opens with Great Fanfare, But No Real Surprises

Like a carefully scripted political debate, Day 0 of CES (Day 1 for most of the press) opened with great fanfare…but offered no real surprises. Day 0 – officially known as Press Day – is an endless series of press … Continue reading

You Knew It Was Dying, But LG Makes It Official – Plasma is Dead

Yesterday in South Korea, LG Electronics made formal what we all knew was coming – they are ending production of all plasma display panel products. Even though we knew it was coming, somehow…it still hurts. We’ve had many an engineer … Continue reading

Sony Puts OLED on the Back Burner; Ramps Up Deeper 4K Commitment

Just days after a similar announcement from South Korean rival Samsung Electronics, Sony Corp. has said it will put OLED technology on the back burner – scaling back development efforts for the forseeable future. Instead, the company says it sees … Continue reading

NY Times Launches Blistering Critique of LG; Says New U.S. HQ is a ‘Public Shame’ & a Reminder to ‘Shop Samsung’

We told you a few days ago about a rising chorus of opposition to the construction of LG’s new 143-foot tall U.S. headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ – a borough which borders on a lush, green, wooded area of the … Continue reading

Talk About Income Inequality! Just Four Companies Generated 90% of All Net Profits in South Korea

In a report that is sure to surprise many and even stun some, the Korea Fair Trade Commission, South Korea’s fair trade watchdog, announced that just four large companies – or conglomerates – generate 90% of all of the total … Continue reading

At CES: Samsung Shifts Emphasis from Smart TVs to Smart Home

Samsung’s press day conference was the most unusual we’ve seen with everything from a product that caused an audible gasp of amazement from the crowd…to one of their celebrity presenters running from the stage in mid-presentation. But we believe we … Continue reading

CES Opens to Press and Already…A Couple of Surprises

Press Day at CES is – to put it mildly – a bit of a grind. A seemingly never-ending series of scheduled press presentations that are scheduled one hour apart so the press can run from one supposedly 45-minute (of … Continue reading

Readers’ Choice – The Top Strata-gee.com Stories of 2013 as Picked by Readers

2013 ends today and it is fun to look back on the top stories of the last year. Many times, this yields surprises as stories from early in the year are easy to forget. In this post, we are revealing … Continue reading