Is Beta Better? Yamaha Launches First Earphones with Beta-Titanium Tubes

Yamaha Corp. announced today that it has launched a new line of earphones that includes a model with what it claims is the “world’s first” to use a beta-titanium sound tube. Yamaha’s EPH-M200 also features a “large-caliber” or diameter driver … Continue reading

A Deeper Dive into the World of Dolby Atmos; Is This Audio’s 3D?

GUEST POST Is Dolby’s new Atmos format the next frontier in surround sound processing? Or will it merit a repeat of Paul Klipsch’s famous line: “Ho, hum, another breakthrough”? You’d certainly think the former after prowling the aisles at the … Continue reading

Yamaha Updates Popular RX-V Line of A/V Receivers Adding Wireless & Streaming Services

Yamaha Corporation of America announced this week that it has updated its well-regarded RX-V line of A/V receivers adding several new and popular features such as new wireless capability, a new surround capability, and new streaming services. Included in this … Continue reading

Yamaha Announces Financial Results Through Fiscal Third Quarter – It’s All Good

Yamaha Corp., likely heaving a sigh of relief, announced their financial results for the 9-month period through the fiscal third quarter (April 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013) with almost all good news. Showing significant sales and profit gains, the … Continue reading

Yamaha Updates the ‘Executive Micro-System’ Adding Streaming & Hi-Res Audio

Popular as task-specific sub-room systems especially useful in offices, dens,and home offices…the executive micro-system has been used and appreciated by millions for many years now. In fact, here at Stratecon, we listen to one in our office frequently. We used … Continue reading

Readers’ Choice – The Top Stories of 2013 as Picked by Readers

2013 ends today and it is fun to look back on the top stories of the last year. Many times, this yields surprises as stories from early in the year are easy to forget. In this post, we are revealing … Continue reading