Readers’ Choice – The Top Stories of 2013 as Picked by Readers

2013 ends today and it is fun to look back on the top stories of the last year. Many times, this yields surprises as stories from early in the year are easy to forget. In this post, we are revealing … Continue reading

Does the Sound Pop’s Sound Really Pop? Or Is That Sound Just Their Bubble Bursting?

When I first learned about AudioSource’s new Sound Pop – a small, relatively inexpensive (around $40 street price) Bluetooth speaker – I assumed it was just like all of those thousands of other Bluetooth speakers introduced over the last couple … Continue reading

AudioSource Thinks Your Sound Needs a Little pOp

AudioSource, Inc., a maker of an eclectic mix of unique solutions-oriented products, announced today a new item that is a combination Bluetooth speaker/hands-free speakerphone it calls Sound pOp. Spelled with a curious capital “O”, the sound pOp ties in with … Continue reading