Why Consumers Don’t Like to Shop at Retail Anymore

New research into what frustrates consumers when shopping in a retail store may give us a clue as to why brick-and-mortar retail is struggling – while online retailers are growing. Market research firm Capgemini asked consumers what they thought was … Continue reading

7 Trends That Will Influence Marketing in 2015

From The Stratecon Group Marketing is changing in fundamental ways. That is not a theory…that is a fact. And if you’re still marketing your goods and services the way you always have – using traditional interruption marketing tools & agencies…you are losing … Continue reading

Do You REALLY Know What Kind of Behavior Your Customers Expect of You?

A new survey from Cohn & Wolfe – and discussed on MarketingCharts.com – suggests a possible sea change in the expectations of your customers as to the behavior of your company. We’ve seen some other similar surveys…and if you haven’t … Continue reading

CEDIA’s Seer was Right – Driverless Car Moves One Step Closer to Reality

At the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis earlier this month, the event’s keynote presentation was by the well-known physicist, author, and TV personality Michio Kaku who presented his rather dramatic view of the future – complete with a rash of technology … Continue reading