In a Surprise Reveal, Netflix Shows Investors Its Huge Advantage Over New Streaming Competitors

You knew they were big, but you didn’t know just how big streaming innovator (and leader) Netflix really was…until now. In a bid to prove to investors they have what it takes to stave off a whole new class of … Continue reading

New Research: Netflix is the #1 Choice for TV Viewing

Baby Boomers Finally Hop on the Streaming Bandwagon In a new survey released today by E-Poll Market Research, Netflix is the first choice for watching a TV show among those respondents who have been exposed to streaming programming. And for … Continue reading

Strange Bedfellows? Dish Adds Netflix to Its Hopper Box

Dish Network Corp. announced today that it is the first major pay-TV provider in the U.S. to integrate the Netflix app into its set-top box. With this system, available on their second generation Hopper, users can access their favorite Netflix … Continue reading

Redbox, Once a Blockbuster Buzzsaw, Finds It Must Now Cut Itself

Outerwall, Inc. (f/k/a Coinstar), owner of Redbox – the national video rental kiosk powerhouse – made several surprising announcements on Tuesday that suggest the company is dealing with some serious business issues. First, the company announced that Redbox division president, … Continue reading

Saying Demand is for Digital Distribution, Dish Drops Blockbuster Stores

Dish Network Corporation said today it will close all remaining Blockbuster video store locations and also dismantle the DVD-by-mail service by early-January 2014. According to the company, consumer demand is clearly for digital distribution of media and physical DVDs just … Continue reading

Netflix Looks to Partner with Major Cable Company

<March 7, 2012> Reuters is reporting today that Netflix, once feared as a predator to many in the Cable TV industry, may be more kitten than lion as it seeks to partner with one or more major cable TV providers … Continue reading