What DOW Electronics Really Gets in Acquiring Shifting Sands Stereo Distributing

In yet further indication of industry consolidation, Tampa, FL-based Dow Electronics announced this week that it would acquire Shifting Sands Stereo Distributing, Inc. of Dania, FL. Shifting Sands (SSSD) is a well-known custom electronics-oriented distributor that was also one of … Continue reading

After Just Six Months, DDG Loses Latest Executive Director

 *BREAKING NEWS* Strata-gee.com has learned that the Digital Delivery Group once again finds itself without an executive director – only six months after naming Daniel Kippycash as Executive Director at the end of December 2012. The group remains embroiled in … Continue reading

DDG Scrambles to Rebuild in Wake of Member Defections

The world of national distributor groups often resembles the ever-shifting sands of the desert – members change, vendors change, and its relative market position often changes. So it is a radically changed world in which the Digital Delivery Group (DDG) … Continue reading