Allnet Distributing Moves into Minnesota

Chicago, IL-based Allnet Distributing announced recently that it is opening an all-new location in Minneapolis, MN in September. It is the fourth warehouse location, as the custom integration-focused distributor continues to expand its reach throughout the Midwest geographic region. See … Continue reading

Strata-gee Talks to New AVAD President Fred Farrar

AVAD, one of the custom integration industry’s leading distributors, is in the process of going through a major transformation, out from under the – some would say – clueless shadows of its previous owner, monster I.T. distributor Ingram Micro…to a … Continue reading

Integra Moves Into Distribution, Eliminating a Key Selling Point

This week we learned that Onkyo and Integra products would now be sold through AVAD, a distributor of custom integration products in the U.S. that is in the middle of changing its business model. Interestingly, this announcement came from AVAD, … Continue reading

AVAD Sold to Private Equity Company

BREAKING NEWS Industry Veteran Tom Jacoby is AVAD’s New CEO News comes this 4th of July holiday week that Ingram Micro, itself just recently acquired by a Chinese shipping company, has sold off AVAD, LLC and AVAD Canada Ltd., to … Continue reading

Allnet Distributing Opens Outlet in Indianapolis

Allnet Distributing, the large Chicago-based custom integration-focused distribution company founded by former AVAD principal Wally Whinna, announced that it has opened an outlet in Carmel, IN, an area just outside of Indianapolis. The new location will take over responsibility for servicing … Continue reading

AVAD Kicks Off a New Year of Vendopaloozas

AVAD, LLC, the custom integration-centric distribution division of Ingram Micro, announced today that it is launching its 2015 Vendopalooza program, the seventh year it has offered the traveling mini-trade show for dealers. And first up in the event schedule is … Continue reading

AVAD Hit by Significant Layoffs Associated with Ingram Micro Restructuring

BREAKING NEWS In a story that has largely flown under the radar in our industry but is being widely discussed at street level, Ingram Micro has announced plans it calls its “global organizational effectiveness program” that, among other things, calls … Continue reading

Wally Whinna’s New Catalyst AV Distributor Group: AVAD Part Two?

The industry is abuzz about the recently announced launch of a new national distributor group known as Catalyst AV. While the emergence of a new distributor group has been rumored for months, the formal announcement came out just last week. … Continue reading