Gibson Brands Puts Assets Up For Sale

Just two weeks after we told you about Moody’s Investors Service downgrading Gibson Brands credit to junk status, the company has put two of their properties up for sale in an apparent effort to raise some much-needed cash. According to … Continue reading

TV Maker Funai Says 2015 is the Year of 4K…Cheap 4K, That Is

Osaka, Japan-based Funai Electric announced earlier this month that it will release a line of inexpensive 4K televisions in the North American market this fall, in time for the region’s major selling season. The company expects this year to be … Continue reading

Onkyo Sets New Global Strategy Focused On Portables & Headphones

Osaka, Japan-based Onkyo Corporation says it has set a new global growth strategy that will focus on launching portable music players and headphones, thanks largely to resources it received in its acquisition of Pioneer’s home AV division. In an interview … Continue reading

S. Korea Stakes Claim as World’s #1 TV Supplier

New market data confirms what you probably already suspected, South Korea is the #1 supplier of TV products to the world. Home to both Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, S. Korean media is calling itself the ‘Country of TV.’ See … Continue reading

Funai Files $400 Million Claim Against Philips; But Management Infighting Engulfs Funai in Flames

In an unusually breathless and overstimulated report out of Japan, we learn that Funai Electric Co., Ltd. – a large, global OEM manufacturing company of mostly AV gear – has filed a $400 million damage claim in their battle with … Continue reading

Oops! I Did It Again – Gibson Brands Buys Accessory-Maker WOOX from Philips

Oops, they did it again (to quote pop icon Brittney Spears) – Gibson Brands has acquired WOOX Innovations, a Singapore-based brand of accessory products, from owner Royal Philips, N.V., according to an announcement from Philips earlier this week. Another in … Continue reading

It’s Official – Philips Is Out of the TV Business…Globally

<February 22, 2012> The final step in a move that has been expected by some for a long time has been completed as China’s TPV Technology Ltd. shareholders approved the acquisition of the money-losing TV division from Philips Electronics. While Philips … Continue reading