Despite Scary Sales Slide, JVC Kenwood Posts Big Profit Gains

JVC Kenwood Corp. released their financial results for the first 9-months of the current fiscal year (ending March 31st) and the company points to a tremendous swing in profits as proof of the positive impact of their painful, multi-year business … Continue reading

JVC Kenwood Takes Bold New Steps to Reconstruct Its Core DNA – Shaking Up Structure & Management

In a regulatory filing this month, JVC Kenwood Corp. said it will take dramatic and bold steps to literally change its very core – the operating structure of the company – such that it fundamentally changes the way the company … Continue reading

JVC Kenwood Launches 1st Initiative in New, More Commercial Business Strategy

Just one day after we reported that JVC Kenwood was turning away from the Consumer Electronics business and choosing to instead pursue more commercial enterprises – the company announces its first major partnership in this new operating model. The company … Continue reading

JVC Kenwood Financial Results Miss the Mark…Again

At the end of last week, JVC Kenwood Corporation released a summary of results for their fiscal year ending March 31, 2013. On the eve of this announcement, the company recast their forecasts for the year to reflect their actual … Continue reading

Grace Motif’s John Caldwell to Handle U.S. Sales for Indy Audio Labs’ Acurus & Aragon Brands

In an association that is somewhat unique in our industry, Indy Audio Labs, LLC, (IAL) the company that manufacturers the Acurus & Aragon high-end brands, has hired John Caldwell, founder and CEO of Grace Motif to handle sales for the … Continue reading