Strata-gee Survey Shows Coronavirus Response Places Supply Chain in Jeopardy

No Need to Panic Now, But Maybe Soon I received a tip from a tech supplier here in the U.S. that the Coronavirus epidemic impacting China is a big problem getting bigger every day…and that our industry needs to think … Continue reading

Emotiva Launches New Amps for ‘Ultimate’ Atmos Experience

Emotiva Audio Corp. announced today two new amplifiers that they call “variations on its configurable XPA Gen 3 modular amplifier.” The XPA-9 and XPA-11 Gen 3, one a 9-channel amplifier and the other a 11-channel amplifier, both employ the advanced … Continue reading

Emotiva in Major Launch of New Models

Emotiva Audio Corporation is one of those ideas whose core elements initially seemed incongruous – high-end products…sold on the Internet? When we learned of their launch 12-years ago, we predicted doom and damnation. After all, high-end audio, we posited, was … Continue reading