U.S. Market Hit With Largest Decline in Retail Sales in 11 Months

New data released by the Commerce Department showed an unexpectedly large drop in retail sales for the month of December. In fact, U.S. retail sales had their largest across-the-board drop in the past eleven months – plunging economists into vigorous … Continue reading

Startling Jump in November Housing Starts; Are Happy Days Here Again?

Newly released data from the Commerce Department shows that housing starts took what many are characterizing as a startling jump in November – rising 23% overall above the October rate and almost 30% above the November 2012 rate. Analysts are … Continue reading

After Years of Free-Fall, Housing Finds a Solid Bottom It Can Build From

The U.S. Commerce Department released the latest data on new residential construction today and the results caught most off-guard as it was significantly better than expected with September overall housing starts increasing to 872,000 units – an amazing 15% over … Continue reading