Krell’s Comeback Commences, See How Here

At CEDIA Expo 2018, I had the opportunity to meet with Krell Industries executives Walter Schofield and Gordon Shackelford to learn more about the steps the company is taking to address market concerns in the wake of a lot of … Continue reading

With A Sharper Focus on Krell, a Blurry Picture Emerges

We reported last week that Krell Industries owner Rondi D’Agostino vehemently denied reports we had received from various sources that the company was in bankruptcy or considering bankruptcy. D’Agostino said that things may not be perfect, but it’s business as … Continue reading

Ex-Krell President McKiegan Moves to Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems

BREAKING NEWS Within hours of our BREAKING NEWS report on Bill McKiegan leaving Krell Industries this morning, we received a press release from Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems announcing his arrival there. McKiegan rejoins the D’Agostino’s – who are the … Continue reading

Krell Industries President is Out; No Word Yet on Replacement

BREAKING NEWS Krell dealers received an unexpected and, to many of them, shocking email from Krell Industries President Bill McKiegan, who announced that Wednesday was his last day at the high-end audio manufacturer. The email (reproduced below), was short on … Continue reading