TV War Won, Samsung Considers Spinning Off its Money-Losing LCD TV Business

An electronics shop salesperson sells flat screen TVs of Samsung Electronics displayed at a shop in Seoul<February 15, 2012> Samsung Electronics Co. surprised many in the industry today when it revealed that it is considering spinning-off its LCD flat-panel television business which is losing money amid a worldwide slowdown in consumer demand according to a report by Reuters. The company says letting the LCD business go will allow it to focus on what it believes will be the next wave in television technology – OLED which it hopes will stimulate consumer demand …and company profits. Continue reading

The Apple Report – Ripe or Rotten?

apple-logo<February 15, 2012> While Wall Street has been oooing and aaahhhhhing over Apple, Inc.’s stock breaching a significant price of $500 per share earlier this week…only to drop below it again in trading today (closing at $497.67)…there has been a slew of significant Apple-related stories in today’s news on several major fronts. We offer below a summary of these significant stories from today’s press: Continue reading

New Wave of Apple iTV Rumors Circulate as Industry Remains on Edge Waiting for Launch

apple itv<February 8, 2012> Several reports of new iTV “sightings” have emerged around the Internet with many coming out of Canada as Apple is said to have submitted samples of its latest innovation – a revolutionary new television design – to various testing agencies for approval. Continue reading

Samsung & LG Outline Aggressive TV Biz Growth Plans

<February 8, 2012> Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics, Inc. plan to launch aggressive expansion of their flat panel television divisions in 2012, according to a new report in the Nikkei. And these aggressive plans contrast sharply with those of Japanese television manufacturers, who are looking for ways to cut their overhead in a search for profitability. Continue reading

S&P Cuts Sony’s Credit Rating to Just Above Junk, Issues Negative Outlook

SonyAtCES2-8-12<February 8, 2012> Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s today cut the long-term debt rating on Sony Corporation to BBB+, just two notches above “junk” status, and further issued a negative outlook which suggests a potential further drop in the future. In a statement, S&P said that “the likelihood of a strong recovery in Sony’s earnings is low.” Continue reading

Super Bowl Ads – Most Were Not So Super

SuperBowlLogo<February 8, 2012> The Super Bowl for us this year was a doubly exciting event. Why? Well first, the New York Football Giants, our favorite NFL team, was one of the participants. And if you didn’t hear – the Giants WON!!! Secondly, as marketers, we look forward to the advertisements, as this event has come to have “super” meaning to the advertising industry as well. Continue reading

Only Months Later, Pioneer Launches the Next Generation of Its Popular AppRadio

Pioneer_2012CES_1>> See a slideshow of the Pioneer 2012 CES Press Conference here… <<

2012cesreport<February 1, 2012> Pioneer Electronics USA, Inc. surprised everyone only months ago in the summer of last year with their launch of a radical new product called the AppRadio [ see our story on the original AppRadio here ]. Now, only a matter of months later, the company has hustled to get out a muscled next generation version called AppRadio 2. Continue reading

Samsung’s Big Story from Big CES Press Conference is OLED

Samsung_2012CES_1>> See an extensive slideshow of Samsung’s CES press conference here <<

2012cesreport<February 1, 2012> Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd., the world’s largest provider of televisions, wow’d the crowd at CES last month with a stunning display of 55-inch OLED flat panel televisions. Kicking off the show on press day with far-and-away the largest standing-room-only press conference of the day, Samsung showed again why they lead the field with a major commitment to a new technology – OLED. Continue reading

Sony Says Only They Can Deliver ‘The New User Experience’

Sony1>> See our full slideshow of photos from the Sony Press Conference at CES <<


<February 1, 2012> In typical fashion, Sony Corporation at CES delivered a long and at times rambling press conference covering their large range of products. And while presenters tried to sound enthusiastic about their many innovations, much of this year’s presentation mimicked last year’s…and even those of its competitors. Continue reading