Thiel Audio Names New Independent Reps in California

<February 29, 2012> Thiel Audio Products Company announced this past Monday that itTHIEL Logo has appointed two new independent sales representative firms in the state of California – one for Northern California and another for Southern California. Both are well known with strong credentials for servicing the specialty and custom integration channels. Continue reading

Pro Group Pulled into Lawsuit

<February 29, 2012> New court documents filed late last week as part of the ongoing lawsuit Soul by Ludacris Headphonesbetween Soul by Ludacris and SOL Republic appear to more deeply entangle one of our industry’s most prominent national retail buying organizations, the Pro Group. Court filings from both sides have ignited a controversy in which certain Pro Group members appear to make a claim that is contradictory to one by the Pro Group Executive Director David Workman. Continue reading

CE Shipments in Japan Drop Almost 34%, The Sixth Straight Month of Decline

<February 22, 2012> Shipments of consumer electronics products in Japan destined for domestic consumption dropped an amazing 33.9% for the month of January according to data from the Japan Electronics  and Information Technology Industries Association. Continue reading

Can a Court Decide Who Has Soul…or Sol? We’re Going to Find Out

<February 22, 2012> Dealerscope reported on its website today that Signeo, the company that markets primarily headphone products under the brand Soul by Ludacris or “Soul,” has filed a trademark lawsuit against Sol Republic, Inc. who markets primarily headphone products under the brand “Sol.” At the root of the case is consumer confusion over the marketing of competing products that are similar in design and price containing one word brands…that are pronounced phonetically to sound identical. Continue reading

Hiring Managers Reveal Interview Mistakes, and Those That Were ‘Most Memorable’

careerbuilder_logo<February 22, 2012> You’d think in this tough economy with high unemployment, job seekers lucky enough to score that much-needed interview would be on their best behavior…wouldn’t you? Well, then the results of the latest CareerBuilder survey of hiring managers will probably make you, like it did me, shake your head in disbelief. Continue reading

It’s Official – Philips Is Out of the TV Business…Globally

LCD TV PHILIPS<February 22, 2012> The final step in a move that has been expected by some for a long time has been completed as China’s TPV Technology Ltd. shareholders approved the acquisition of the money-losing TV division from Philips Electronics. While Philips exited the TV business here in the United States several years ago, the company enjoyed greater sales success – if not profitably – elsewhere in the world. In fact, at one time, Philips was one of the biggest television brands in the world – but no longer. Continue reading

S&P Cuts Panasonic’s Long-Term Debt Rating…Again

Panasonic Logo<February 22, 2012> Standard & Poors, the credit rating agency, today cut Panasonic Corp.’s long-term debt rating for the second time in only four months suggesting it continues to expect a rough road ahead for some of Japan’s most prestigious brands, according to a report in the Nikkei. Continue reading

Home Building Pro’s Reveal Changing Design Trends, With Disturbing Tech News

<February 15, 2012> CBS MarketWatch reported today on the changing trends in home design based on


research by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Based on a survey of industry professionals, the NAHB shared with CBS how the taste and desire of the typical home buyer has changed radically over the last few years…including, and perhaps especially, relative to the inclusion of technologies in the home.

NPD Says Consumer Electronics Sales in 2011 at $144 Billion Are Down

npd_corporate_72dpi_rgb<February 15, 2012> The NPD Group, a Port Washington, New York-based market research company said on Monday that total consumer electronics sales including both hardware and consumables, fell .5% to come in at a total of almost $144 billion. NPD’s data represents retail sales that the organization collects from retailers and totals. Continue reading

TV War Won, Samsung Considers Spinning Off its Money-Losing LCD TV Business

An electronics shop salesperson sells flat screen TVs of Samsung Electronics displayed at a shop in Seoul<February 15, 2012> Samsung Electronics Co. surprised many in the industry today when it revealed that it is considering spinning-off its LCD flat-panel television business which is losing money amid a worldwide slowdown in consumer demand according to a report by Reuters. The company says letting the LCD business go will allow it to focus on what it believes will be the next wave in television technology – OLED which it hopes will stimulate consumer demand …and company profits. Continue reading