Only Months Later, Pioneer Launches the Next Generation of Its Popular AppRadio

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2012cesreport<February 1, 2012> Pioneer Electronics USA, Inc. surprised everyone only months ago in the summer of last year with their launch of a radical new product called the AppRadio [ see our story on the original AppRadio here ]. Now, only a matter of months later, the company has hustled to get out a muscled next generation version called AppRadio 2. Continue reading

Samsung’s Big Story from Big CES Press Conference is OLED

Samsung_2012CES_1>> See an extensive slideshow of Samsung’s CES press conference here <<

2012cesreport<February 1, 2012> Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd., the world’s largest provider of televisions, wow’d the crowd at CES last month with a stunning display of 55-inch OLED flat panel televisions. Kicking off the show on press day with far-and-away the largest standing-room-only press conference of the day, Samsung showed again why they lead the field with a major commitment to a new technology – OLED. Continue reading

Sony Says Only They Can Deliver ‘The New User Experience’

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<February 1, 2012> In typical fashion, Sony Corporation at CES delivered a long and at times rambling press conference covering their large range of products. And while presenters tried to sound enthusiastic about their many innovations, much of this year’s presentation mimicked last year’s…and even those of its competitors. Continue reading

House of Marley Stages a Not-So-Quiet Revolution

HouseOfMarleyShowFloor>> See a slideshow of photos from the House of Marley Booth at CES here… <<

2012cesreport<January 31, 2012> Still early in its development, House of Marley, LLC has quickly, if not quietly, staged a rapid business ramp-up – building its product assortment, expanding its distribution network, and growing its fan base. If you haven’t been paying attention – you may have been blissfully fooled by their laid-back, reggae-inspired back-beat…but make no mistake, this is serious business. Continue reading

Soul by Ludacris Shows Party in a Box

Party in a Box<January 25, 2012> First revealed by the ALERT just after the 2010 CEDIA Expo, Soul by Ludacris at CES showed their remarkable product with a funny name, the Party In A Box. [ See original story here…]Sort of a boombox on steroids, PIAB was meant to re-invent boomboxes adding in today’s new technologies and taking the street beat to a whole new level. Continue reading

Though Ink Not Yet Dry on Gibson Deal, Onkyo Launches Another Partnership with Teac

Onkyo logo<January 22, 2012> Just days after news reports of the formation of a strategic partnership between Osaka, Japan-based Onkyo Corporation and Nashville, Tennessee-based Gibson Guitar Corporation – a new report by the Nikkei says that Onkyo has now formed yet another new strategic partnership with Teac Corporation. While details are sketchy, apparently the two reached an agreement this past Friday, January 20th. Continue reading

End of an Era, Onkyo Halts Production of Loudspeakers in Japan

Onkyo logo<January 22, 2012> On Thursday, the Nikkei said it had learned that Onkyo Corporation has decided to cease production of loudspeaker systems in Japan. This decision ends several decades of domestic production of a product category in which Onkyo not only had a great reputation for quality, but also leading market share. Continue reading

Onkyo Demos New Technologies at CES

DSC_00402012cesreport<January 25, 2012> Onkyo Corporation had a very busy CES, not just because of the recent news of their strategic partnership with Gibson Guitar (and subsequent to CES, a partnership with Teac), but because the company was showing and demonstrating new technologies recently announced that will enhance their soon-to-be-released receiver line up. Paul Wasek, Onkyo National Marketing and Product Planning Manager, took the ALERT around the Onkyo booth to show and demonstrate these technologies. Continue reading

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…HiFiMAN

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>See a slideshow with images from the HiFiMAN press conference here<<

2012cesreport<January 25, 2012> One of the more pleasant surprises of the show was an opportunity to meet a company – new to me but apparently known amongst many high end aficionados for awhile now – with a name that struck me as a little goofy – HiFiMAN. But, as I was soon to learn, the name fits…owner Dr. Fang Bian is a man truly dedicated to high fidelity sound reproduction…even in the face of our portable, overly-compressed, MP3 digital music world. Bian is truly a HiFiMAN. Continue reading

At CES – Monster Turns from Performance to Fashion Model Runway to Sell Headphones

Runway2>>See a full slideshow of the Monster Press Conference here<<

<January 25, 2012> In what had to be one of the more unusual press conferences we’ve attended, Monster Cable – who wants us all to drop the “Cable” from their name – launched a whole roster of partnerships including the clothing brand Diesel, and put on a fashion show for both their Diesel-related products and their new Inspiration headphone line. Yes, that’s right, we said a fashion show complete with models walking down a runway of sorts (a cleared center aisle) with music blaring and flashing colored lights, showing off various Monster headphones. Continue reading