Crestron in Triumphant Return to CEDIA Expo

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Crestron Electronics announced today that it is returning to the CEDIA Expo show for the first time since Strata-gee broke the news of their surprising exit from the event four years ago in 2016. This announcement marks a triumphant return for a company that has seen its residential business soar over the last few years, particularly with the launch of their Crestron Home software solution.

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Crestron notes in an announcement to dealers that they have been “…proud CEDIA members for decades…” and that they have “…continued to lead by supporting the organization, the industry, and specifically our residential dealers.” The company goes on to add that premium smart home solutions offered by Crestron integrators are “in such high demand” that the CEDIA Expo is the perfect showcase for the new Crestron Home system.

This is a stunning turn of events, given the fact that the company exited the show back in 2016, with company CEO Randy Klein explaining that the two organizations were on diverging paths. While there was no added explanation for the departure, knowledgeable sources told Strata-gee that at that time the residential segment was not as significant to the company as their commercial segment – and the company chose to focus on its main business.

Crestron at Expo 2015
Crestron booth at CEDIA Expo in 2015

Crestron Has Changed Since Exiting Expo in 2016

But much has changed since that time. First, John Clancy joined Crestron as Vice President of Residential. Clancy had extensive experience at top New York integrator Audio Command Systems. Clancy’s role at Crestron was 100% dedicated to building its residential business, targeting products, programs and sales initiatives that were specifically optimized for this segment.

Perhaps his most significant achievement was the complete overhaul of the Crestron software for use in residential installations, ultimately coming to be known as Crestron Home. This new system took an all-new approach with simple, intuitive programming interface featuring drag-and-drop simplicity. The clean, approachable screens also facilitated usability for clients.

A Clear Expression of Commitment to Residential

This return to the CEDIA Expo caps their efforts in this initiative and demonstrates clearly to integrators that the company has a solid and enthusiastic commitment to the residential segment.

Of course, whether or not CEDIA Expo actually takes place this year is another question altogether. In March, Emerald Expositions canceled all of their events scheduled for the first six months of the year. As of this writing, they have not yet canceled the CEDIA Expo and say they are still actively planning to hold the event. But many in the industry are questioning whether it makes sense to hold this event with COVID-19 still spreading.

If There is a CEDIA Expo, Crestron Will be There

However, if Emerald does go forward with CEDIA Expo, Crestron will be there, building on the momentum they’ve established with Crestron Home.

To learn more about Crestron Home, follow this link…


Crestron in Triumphant Return to CEDIA Expo — 6 Comments

  1. I never understood their withdrawal from the CEDIA Show but this is a strange decision to re-enter at this time. Many people I’ve spoken with have said they have no desire to get on a plane and attend a trade show. They’re more concerned about reviving their businesses. Btw, isn’t the convention center currently being used to treat Covid-19 patients?

    • Peter, I can’t speak for the company, but I can say that this reapproach to the Expo has been in the works for a long time – well before the emergence of COVID-19. The announcement is coincidental to the evolving pandemic situation.

      I wouldn’t read any more into it other than it was a coincidence that it happened now.

      Crestron exited the event for a lot of complicated reasons. There’s no point in rehashing that now. I believe this reentry is meant as a forceful statement of their commitment to the residential custom integration community.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I can’t imagine there will be a CEDIA Expo this year. That would be irresponsible IMHO. If it is held, I expect very low attendance and vendor participation…not a good ROI for anyone.

    • Hi Doug

      Thanks for your comment. As I mentioned in a reply to a previous comment, the timing of this announcement from Crestron was coincidental. They tell me this idea of re-entering the Expo had been in the works for quite some time, even prior to the Coronavirus outbreak.

      So this announcement means no more than they are committing to again fully support the residential integration channel. Their announcement is not meant to suggest they feel there should be a show at this time or not.



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