Top Strata-gee & SYNCH Stories from Q3

Strata-gee graphicFor reasons not entirely clear, the third quarter of this year was exceedingly vigorous for activity on the website and the SYNCH newsletter. All except one were actually written during the quarter and four of these stories had astronomical numbers that just a year or so ago would have been decent numbers over a year’s time frame!

Did you see all of these top 10 stories of Q3?…

We have ranked our top stories from Q3 by total page views. This way, we capture not just the SYNCH readers, but also other web readers who regularly come to as well. In our humble opinion, this is the best way to see which stories are the most popular – they are literally voted on by your eyeballs!

If you’re a dedicated reader, you probably saw most…or even all…of these stories – as most were the top stories of the time. But some of them might not seem immediately obvious as big stories. So you might have skipped one or more of them. But now you know which stories Strata-gee readers like you picked as the most significant.

NAD story ties into interest in Hi-Res audio…

For example, #5 – NAD Launches New Masters Series Models Targeted Squarely at ‘Audiophile 2.0’ was actually written during the second quarter of this year…yet the story continues to draw strong readership. This may be due to the fact that there has been a pretty substantial increase in intra-industry discussion about Hi-Res audio…a market that NAD addresses. (You can clearly see this trend in our coverage as #3 is Dazed and Confused About Hi-Res Audio? Here’s Help…)

And we find readers continue to be intrigued (concerned?) by what’s going on at Thiel – an audiophile speaker manufacturer that was bought out by a private equity group recently. We’re sure that there are more twists and turns to come out of Nashville…Thiel’s new home.

So without further ado, here are the Top Ten Stories from Q3:

Rank Title (& Link) Our Comment (if any)
#1 Put a Little Bounce in Your Sales with Spring Deck Keep an eye on this up-and-comer
#2 Bain Capital Fails in Its Bid to Restructure D&M Holdings Buyout Financing
#3 Dazed and Confused About Hi-Res Audio? Here’s Help This guest post by Len Schneider generated a huge number of comments.
#4 Nortek’s Struggling AV Division Forces Company to Book a $46.2 Million Loss Nortek breaks out the numbers for their AV Group and it’s not pretty.
#5 NAD Launches New Masters Series Models Targeted Squarely at ‘Audiophile 2.0’
#6 Thiel’s New CEO Says Company ‘Struck a Chord’ Compelling Him to Join Many Strata-gee readers are watching our coverage of Thiel very closely.
#7 Bodley Exits PPC to Start a Company Selling What? Why PPC, of Course
#8 Bain Capital Seeks to Restructure D&M Holdings Buyout Financing
#9 Wait Till You See What’s Coming, Core Brands VP Tells Us Core Brands VP answers questions in wake of release by Nortek of AV Group numbers.
#10 Atmos Attacks at CE Week 2014 Atmos has their official launch at CE Week…sort of.

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