Crestron Launches Handy System Configurator for Crestron Home Systems

Screen shot of Crestron Home Configurator

Crestron Electronics has launched a handy new Configurator for their Creston Home system that gives integrators the ability to pre-configure systems in-house prior to deployment. This new configurator helps integrators efficiently setup and test their Crestron Home systems configuration and cuts deployment time dramatically.

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Crestron’s latest enhancement to their simple, but powerful (and perhaps powerful because it’s simple) Crestron Home system, this new cloud-based Configurator is accessed by technicians in the myCrestron dealer portal. I suspect integrators will embrace the Configurator as it turbocharges the workflow process by allowing techs to configure a system well in advance of deployment and then simply download the configuration onsite for instant results.

In the past, while there was some limited ability to pre-configure certain aspects of the job, most of configuration took place on the job site. Those days are likely gone, as now most integrators will embrace a new workflow that better optimizes tech and installer times.

Another screen shot from the Crestron Home Configurator showing Room setup
Configuring Room’s in the Crestron Home Configurator [Click to Enlarge]

A Powerful Cloud-Based Solution

The Configurator itself is a powerful cloud-based solution that is fast, flexible, and accurate. It is designed for both superior logic and simplicity, with easy to understand screens and processes. Yet at the same time, it is incredibly powerful in its expanded capabilities.

Integrators can configure lighting systems, set up rooms & load schedules, lay out modules and enclosures, configure and engrave keypad buttons, and generate reports. And again, every element of the entire systems can all be simply and fully configured and tested before deployment teams head to the job site.

Quickly and easily configure Interfaces, including engraving keypad buttons in Configurator [Click to Enlarge]

Rapidly Evolving to Add More Functionality

Photo of John Clancy

“If you think about Crestron Home as an evolving platform, this remote access or cloud-based configuration utility that marries itself to Crestron Home also continues to evolve at a very rapid pace. So stay tuned for more on that. But mainly, the idea is that you’re configuring this thing off-site and online…and then when you get to the site you basically pull down – with a a deploy code – the configuration from the cloud. Then you can make further modifications or customizations in real-time there onsite if you’d like. But it’s really about speeding deployment and easing the burden on the dealer.”

John Clancy, Vice President, Residential on a telephone interview

Interested in learning more about this new Crestron Home Configurator? Crestron has created a 45-minute training webinar here (note: you will need to register with your name and email address to view): Crestron Home Configurator

Learn all about Crestron and its products at:

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Crestron Launches Handy System Configurator for Crestron Home Systems — 4 Comments

  1. The same crestron that denied my access to level 3 training after having an unencrypted ftp login in simpl discovered inside the client software… and reported it only to get bitched at later

  2. The one unpatched vuln was crestron recklessly leaving liveupdate as a sniffable unencrypted ftp session

    With a login of liveupdate and a similar mixed case password… this was reckless and stupid! It was full system access

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