New Mystery: Has Classé Closed?

Fact? or Fiction?

Classe logoLess than a week after we reported that B&W Group President Doug Henderson had been summarily dismissed from the company he has been a key executive at for more than a decade, the rumor mill has fired up again with word that Classé has been closed down. Classé, like B&W Loudspeakers, is owned and distributed by B&W Group Ltd., a company recently acquired by EVA Automation. Multiple sources are suggesting that EVA owner Gideon Yu has decided to cease operations at the high end manufacturer of audio electronics.

See what we found out from B&W Group about Classé…

We have heard from multiple sources over the last few days that Classé has dismissed all employees (except a skeletal shutdown crew) and operations have been ceased. The news is grinding through the rumor mill all across the country and causing great consternation among their high-end specialty dealer base, some of whom are expressing shock at the abruptness of the move.

However, there has been no official announcement out of B&W Group headquarters as to the status of Classé. We reached out to the company’s press contacts to find out just what the situation was with Classé – was it still in operation? Has there been any change in status?

Statement from B&W Group about Classé

We were told the following, which sounded very much as if it was being read from a piece of paper, word-for-word:

“Thank you for your inquiry. It is Bowers & Wilkins policy not to comment on rumors or speculation.”Classe CP-800

We have asked repeatedly for an interview with any executive associated with B&W Group, as the company is clearly going through significant changes. However, the company is refusing to grant interviews with any of the industry media.

Dealers Left Hanging

So Classé dealers are left hanging…wondering. We will continue to try and get some kind of confirmation or any statement out of B&W Group and update this report if successful.

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