Sales Schism – Multiple B&W Regional Managers Resign


B&W logoMultiple sources have confirmed to us that several B&W regional managers have resigned from their positions with the company this week. In a move that one source indicated has been coming since the moment the company terminated President Doug Henderson, the regional managers all turned in their voluntary resignations in the same week.

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We first reported on dramatic changes taking place at Bowers & Wilkins one month ago, when the company suddenly terminated the employment of popular B&W North America President Doug Henderson. The move caught everyone off-guard, including B&W dealers, sales force, staff, and even, we are told, Henderson himself. Multiple sources described an almost bizarre termination scene with the longtime President asked to leave the building the same day he was notified of the termination.

Shortly after Henderson’s departure, Richard Campbell, B&W’s new Chief Revenue Officer, sent an email to B&W dealers informing them of Henderson’s termination.

 “As you all have had to evolve your businesses to meet the increasingly complex demands of the market, Bowers & Wilkins needs to do the same…,” said Campbell’s letter. “We are announcing that Doug Henderson, President of the business in North America, is leaving the organization to pursue other interests.”

Campbell went on to add, “Doug’s team will report to me as we manage through this transition to ensure continuity for our business.”

Now that continuity promised by Campbell appears to be seriously compromised. We know that multiple members of B&W’s regional sales management team have resigned. Reports vary as to the exact number that have left the company, but sources indicate that at least four members of the sales management team have resigned this week.

We reached out to the company for confirmation but didn’t receive a response by the time this story was posted. We will continue to update this story as new information becomes available.

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Sales Schism – Multiple B&W Regional Managers Resign — 7 Comments

  1. Been reading all the recent breaking news you send out Ted. WOW! This one is the biggest shake-up. I mentioned before that it might be consolidation in the industry but after this one? I don’t think so anymore. Something is definitely amiss in the AV industry as a whole. The question now; what is it?

  2. Well damn, wanted to buy B&W and Rotel might have to scrap that. Maybe an ATI amp? idk and was looking at the CM9’s now scared to buy them

    • Hi Bryan,

      Sensational journalism is fun to read- that’s what made The National Enquirer successful.

      Monday morning, hundreds of Bowers & Wilkins employees will begin a fresh week researching, engineering, designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing the kinds of products that have made us successful for 50 years. I think you’ll love being one of our customers.

      Best Regards,

      Patrick Butler
      B&W Group North America

      • Well…. if this is so… insignificant, then why is B&W group do not lay out their plans with B&W, Rotel and Classé instead and put an end to what you call “Sensational journalism”? There’s nothing worst than leaving your clientele in limbo like that.

        • Hi Luc,

          Thanks for reaching out. To have clientele in limbo, someone would actually have to be “in limbo.” Are you aware of any that are? If so and you have concerns, feel free to email me at In the meantime, back to planning for CEDIA and several new products launches.


          Patrick Butler
          B&W Group North America

          • TO: Readers and Mr. Butler

            STRATA-GEE READERS – This response from Mr. Butler is the first time anyone connected with B&W management has chosen to comment about any of our stories. This fact is true even though when reporting on each of these individual B&W and Classe stories, multiple attempts were made to obtain comments, perspective, and get the company’s side of the story. Unfortunately, we have been met with nothing but radio-silence.

            MR. BUTLER – Thank you for being a Strata-gee reader. We appreciate ALL of our readers regardless of their perspective. I assume you are a new reader, because anyone who has been following our newsletter/website over any period of time would never characterize it as “sensational journalism” or equate it with the “National Enquirer.” Your efforts to demean our reporting aside, I thank you also for offering to provide clarity to anyone seeking information about just what is going on at B&W. You are the first executive of B&W to make this offer.

            I will be reaching out to you via your email address today, to set up an interview with you as soon as possible. There are many unanswered questions at this time.

            STRATA-GEE READERS: I will report back to the facts I receive from Mr. Butler at the conclusion of his interview.


  3. Hello everybody
    I’m Classé lover and read a lot AVS forum and Stratagy but I never talk on them because my English not so good.
    Today I have to log in and tell everybody the truth.
    I visit Classe to drop off my both Omicron Mono which one is getting a little bit too warm and want to leave it until September because I am gonna go on vacation and want to give them time no stress to repair and make full checks.
    Mister Adams customer service agent tell me that they cannot keep for so long because everybody got fired and they are gonna close so maybe better if I wait and sent to BW USA when I get back.
    I ask to go to toilet and pass all the office and they all with no people and warehouse also no people so I don’t think Patrick Butler tell us the truth.I wait anxious for interviews results from Ted.
    Very very sad time for Audio people.

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