Samsung’s Graphene Ball Battery Breakthrough

Fully Recharge Batteries in Just 12 Minutes

Samsung logoKorean media is touting a major breakthrough in battery technology from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) called graphene ball. Said to dramatically improve both charging capacity and charging speed, the breakthrough could have a real impact on consumers who have come to rely on their battery driven mobile devices. And there are implications as well for electric automobiles and other applications.

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Gibson Stuns the Music World, Shuts Down Cakewalk

Acquired in 2013, Cakewalk was Killed for Philips, Gibson Says

Cakewalk logoIn what many in the industry are suggesting is yet another indicator of struggles at Gibson Brands, the company announced a little over a week ago that it would wind down operations at Cakewalk Inc., a popular music creation software company it owns. Music industry-centric websites around the internet exploded with largely critical coverage of the move, and comments on Cakewalk’s website are decidedly negative – both sad and angry – as customers seek to process the shocking news.

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Toshiba: Beginning to Slip From View

Company Pulls Monster LED Display from Times Square

Top of Toshiba's Times Square displayStruggling Toshiba Corp. has made what is undoubtedly a difficult decision and a big blow to their corporate ego  – they will abandon their giant LED display overseeing Times Square. The huge lighted billboard was a prominent showing of the Toshiba logo all year-round, but especially during the dropping of the ball on New Years Eve, when it served as the countdown shown on network TVs as cameras broadcast the ball drop around the world. The Toshiba logo has literally lit up Times Square for ten years, having been first erected there in December 2007.

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Deck the Halls…With Tech

Photo of Sound Pop on back of phone

A Bluetooth speaker

A new survey conducted by the CTA just this past September shows what tech products consumers are planning to buy to give as gifts for under the Christmas tree this year. And yes, we find the order of priority of some of these items very interesting.

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Klipsch Gets It On…On-Wall, That Is

Klipsch logoKlipsch announced today it has launched an entirely new line of on-wall speakers, designed to augment on-wall flat panel TV installations with richer, more dynamic audio. This new series of products, called the Reference Premiere Designer On-Wall speakers take up minimal space, while delivering maximum sound.

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New Social Media Study is a Wake Up Call for Brand Marketers

iPhone showing social mediaLet me see if I can get your attention right now: 76% of all U.S. consumers purchased a product they first discovered in a social media post.

Let that sink in for a minute…digest it a little. Now WAKE UP! Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans bought a brand’s product that they first discovered in a social media post. If ever there was a time to tune-up your social media marketing strategy…it’s now. What’s that you say? You DON’T HAVE a social media marketing strategy?? No worries…you’re only missing out on about 8 out of 10 consumers in the market. I’m sure you’ll be fine…NOT!

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Quirky Shinola Launches New Headphone Line, Made in Detroit

Can of ShinolaQuirky Shinola, the scrappy Detroit, MI-based manufacturer of an eclectic collection of disconnected product lines, including watches, bicycles, leather goods, jewelry and, now, audio, has introduced a line of headphones, including over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear models. The company, which is owned by Bedrock Manufacturing Company, LLC, is as much an experiment in bringing manufacturing back to bankrupt Detroit, as it is a power brand.

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Gibson Brands: Putting Its Assets On the Line

Sells Warehouse & Property for $6 Million


Gibson Brands, Inc. has reached an agreement to sell its property on a half-acre in the North Gulch area of Nashville, TN to a private equity group for $6.38 million, according to a report by the Tennessean. The property includes an unused Gibson warehouse. The purchase was by Somera Road Inc., who worked in partnership with Tricera Capital, a Miami, FL private equity company.

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