Shares in Japan Display Jump 24% on OLED News

JDI's logoJapan Display Inc., a unique public/private partnership that was once Japan’s largest supplier of LCD panels but has been struggling of late, saw the price of shares of its stock jump as much as 24% Wednesday on news that it had developed a new lower cost manufacturing process for OLED panels. The company, which had been struggling with slackening global demand for LCD panels, will seek outside investment to pursue the opportunity provided by this new OLED manufacturing process.

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Sonos Finally Gets Smart with Sonos One

Photo of Sonos OneAfter many months of rumors and promises, Sonos announced today the new Sonos One, their first wireless speaker with voice-control capabilities built-in – in other words, its first smart speaker. And we have to say, Sonos was pretty smart about how they approached the smart speaker market.

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Savant’s Savvy was Showing at CEDIA 2017

Photo of Savant's Bob MadonnaAt CEDIA 2017, Savant displayed and demonstrated a whole roster of innovative new products – the very fact of which was an in-your-face proclamation that this new company era under founder Bob Madonna intends to use innovation to drive growth. And while we had only a limited time available at Savant, we were fortunate enough to grab a few moments of Mr. Madonna’s time to get a real cook’s tour of a couple of his latest offerings.

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In Epic Legal Battle with Sonos, D&M Dinged Again

Will a Change of Judge Bring a Change of Outcome?

Sonos logoThe battle for patent supremacy between Sonos and D&M Holdings is picking up significant steam. In one 30-day period of this year alone (June), we counted no less than 110 docket items. That’s more than four filings a day if you take out weekends. The vast majority of these items were heavy legal motions and other multi-dozen page document filings.

The lawsuit, originally brought by Sonos against D&M Holdings and their HEOS line, and ultimately reciprocated with a D&M counter-suit, has been raging on since October 2014. Yet as the matter is plunging headlong towards a trial by the end of this year, D&M is handed another loss, as Judge Richard G. Andrews denies two key D&M Motions for Summary Judgment in his last ruling before turning the matter over to a new judge.

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Case Closed: Classé Closing October 6th

Classe logoMultiple sources are telling us that on Friday, October 6th, the Montreal headquarters of Classé will close their doors for the last time and all remaining employees will be let go. This includes the dismissal of Classé President Dave Nauber, who has been with the company since 2002. Classé is part of the B&W Group, which itself is going through a major restructuring in the wake of the dismissal of President Doug Henderson as we reported to you back in July.

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Is Strata-gee Tolerating a Violation of Its Comment Policy?

Top of Comments sectionRecently, we were publicly called out on Twitter with a somewhat snarky tweet about the Strata-gee “Comment Policy.” Or rather, to be more precise, a tweet appeared that slyly inferred that our policy was toothless. This tweet was in response to a social media post we had made promoting our article titled What We’ve Discovered about CEDIA’s Sale of the Show.

It wasn’t the article that upset the Twitter poster, but rather, it was apparently a comment placed on that article that he appeared to feel violated our Comment Policy. So, let’s talk about that…

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At CEDIA 2017, Dana Innovations Emphasized Innovations

Dana Innovations at CEDIA 2017As a member of the press corps for many CEDIA shows now, we have duly trudged through many a manufacturer’s booth review – Dana Innovations included – which can often be a mind-numbing bit of drudgery, as often all we see are a long list of existing products…nary an innovation to be found. However, this year, Dana Innovations – parent of Sonance, Trufig, and iPort – surprised us with a focused review of…well…innovations.

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CEDIA/Home Advisor Smart Home Survey

CEDIA 2017 logoAt CEDIA 2017 CEDIA and Home Advisors partnered to present the results of a recent member survey on the Smart Home market that the two parties collaborated on recently. The results were interesting although not particularly surprising or earth shattering.

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Emerald Announces Big Jump in CEDIA 2017 Attendance

Photo from CEDIA 2017

Show floor, CEDIA 2017

Find Out Who’s on Emerald’s CEDIA Show Advisory Board

Emerald Expositions, the new owner of the CEDIA tradeshow, announced this week that the CEDIA 2017 show had a significant jump in attendance. According to the exposition company, attendance jumped almost 7% from 18,750 last year to “more than 20,000 home tech professionals” this year. This announcement, normally released on the last day of the show, was held for 11-days by Emerald, Strata-gee was told, so they could perform deep data analysis.

Unfortunately, they chose to share very, very little of that data in this announcement. But more is promised.

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Control4 Launches Ingenious Networking Certification Program

Control4 Pakedge PCNA logo3rd Party Testing & Techs Can Earn Their Own Pakedge Gear

Control4 announced today a smart new training program that it hopes will create an army of Pakedge Certified Network Administrators (PCNA) throughout the custom integration industry. The company noted, correctly we think, that “Practical, hands-on training for networking has been lacking throughout the…custom install industry,” Control4 has designed an exceedingly clever learning program with a strong participation motivator – techs can earn Pakedge gear for their own systems.

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