Film Flops Force Sony to Take $1Billion Writedown

Sony's Movie Business is in TroubleSony Corps’ struggling film division, which hasn’t seen a major hit movie in a long while, has finally forced the company to take a writedown against third quarter earnings of a substantial $1 billion. The difficult decision was necessary to adjust or right-size the value of their operations and will mostly be booked against goodwill – to reset the value of the various film-related divisions.

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Control4 Beefs Up Routers with Built-In Cloud Monitoring Solution

Pakedge RK-1 RouterControl4 Corporation announced today that it has launched a line of routers that are upgraded with their BakPak cloud-based remote monitoring and performance assessment capability built-in. The company says this is a “first for the industry.”

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CEDIA Sells Off Their Show to Emerald Expositions


CEDIA sells off showThe Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) announced today that it has sold off their annual show – previously called the Expo, now known simply as CEDIA2017 – to Emerald Expositions, a company that they say is the largest trade show operator in the United States. The news, likely to be a surprise to many in the industry, is effective immediately, although CEDIA will continue to have a prominent role in the 2017 edition, with Emerald taking full control in 2018.

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Why Consumers Don’t Like to Shop at Retail Anymore

eMarketer logoNew research into what frustrates consumers when shopping in a retail store may give us a clue as to why brick-and-mortar retail is struggling – while online retailers are growing. Market research firm Capgemini asked consumers what they thought was a simple question that would elicit a simple answer. Little did they know that shoppers were only too happy to list the multiple reasons why they are frustrated with the retail shopping experience today.

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Savant Holds Integration Summit in Denver, Outlines New Path Forward

Savant logoIn the wake of recent major executive changes, Savant seemed to fall into silent mode, deflecting media inquiries and in general buying itself time to get organized. All that is changing now as the company wrapped up a summit of its integrators in Denver – its largest ever – where it made several major announcements. At the integration summit, Savant revealed new products, new services, and a new commitment to the custom integration community.

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Sprint Throws a Life Preserver to Drowning Tidal

Cash Infusion Buys Time for Struggling Service

Tidal logoTidal, the musician-owned music streaming service put together by rapper Jay Z, announced this week that it has sold a third of the company to telecom giant Sprint. Although the original announcement did not disclose the price, Billboard, the music industry trade journal, said that Sprint invested $200 million for a 33% stake in the company.

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New UPS from SnapAV’s WattBox Line with OvrC-Capability

SnapAV logoSnapAV announced today that it has launched a new line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) under its WattBox brand that offers OvrC-capability. Combining the UPS with a WattBox IP power conditioner, you gain cloud based remote management capability with both the OvrC and WattBox interfaces.

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What Kind of Advertising Do Consumers Trust? You Won’t Believe It!

Did the 2016 Presidential Election Impact Consumer Trust?

Ask any marketing professional, the last ten years have brought a dizzying array of all-new Photo of shoppersadvertising options thanks to the continued development of digital and online marketing tools. Strata-gee has reported on several occasions the rapid ramp-up of big- and small-business investment in email marketing, social media marketing, digital media marketing and more. More companies have been investing more dollars in more different types of largely digital marketing methods.

So a new consumer survey really caught our attention when it showed which advertising method consumers most trust. It really kind of blew our mind.

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AVAD Makes Market & Personnel Moves

AVAD logo 2016AVAD LLC, a distributor that focuses on the custom integration channel, announced this week it is opening three new locations, as well as making key personnel moves. Part of an overall plan to change the business model of the organization, the company has, in essence, redrawn the map of its service area.

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Prosecutors Make Their Case to Jail Head of Samsung



Judge Questions Jay Y. Lee in Arrest Warrant Hearing

In a case that has been percolating for weeks but has now come to a boil, special prosecutors in South Korea have gone before a judge to obtain a warrant for the arrest of Samsung Group leader, Jay Y, Lee. Summoned by the court to testify, Lee answered questions in a closed-door session at the court, held today. Lee denied he or his company participated in any wrongdoing.

The judge’s decision is expected very soon.

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