Sonos v. HEOS – War is Over, Peace Has Come

hippie family w/peace signOn Friday last week, we learned that Sonos and D&M Holdings have settled their litigation, first begun in October 2014. Although the terms of the settlement are confidential, all actions taken by each party are now moot.

It is likely that the parties now enjoy some form of licensing arrangement that put all adversarial issues behind them.

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9 Years After Recession, Americans Still Feel Frugal

Gallup logoMy grandparents lived through the Great Depression (1929-1939) and it changed their lives forever. As kids, we used to think they were weird. They never threw anything away. Bent nail? “I can hammer it straight again!” Small amount of left-over paint? “You can add thinner and turn it into plenty of white wash.” Hole in a sock? They would darn it! Clearly, dealing with that time of great financial distress changed forever the way they felt about money, spending, and saving.

Since the last recession in 2009, Gallup has been conducting a poll on Americans’ attitude on spending. Read on to see the results – they just might surprise you…

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Sonos Cuts Nearly 100 Employees or 6% of Staff


Sonos logoSonos Inc. confirmed late yesterday that it has cut 6% of its staff, or 96 employees, just days before a highly anticipated public offering expected as early as next month. The cuts are said to have been across all department and at all levels.

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Painting the Gibson Bankruptcy by the Numbers

Gibson Memphis facility artworkWe have been closely following – first Gibson Guitar and then Gibson Brands – from their decision in 2012 to shoot for the stars by using OPM (other people’s money) to make highly leveraged…and highly questionable…acquisitions of various consumer electronics brands (a category in which the CEO and his team had no experience) to their recent 2018 bankruptcy. Gibson was trying to diversify their musical instrument business into something that now former CEO Henry Juszkiewicz called a music lifestyle brand. Instead, they wound up in bankruptcy.

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Who Launched New Experience Centers Yesterday?

Amazon/Lennar Experience CenterYesterday, a major manufacturer who is very influential in the industry announced it was launching a series of “Experience Centers” across the country to help promote its brand. Perhaps you think I’m referring to Control4, who did announce such a program yesterday in partnership with 140 integrators around the country. But no, I’m referring to, who has partnered with one of the largest home builders in this country – Lennar – to build Amazon Experience Centers all around the U.S.

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Tidal Accused of Manipulating Stream Counts

Changed Data Favors Payouts to Two Owners of the Service

Tidal logoA report by Rolling Stone magazine says that Tidal, the troubled streaming service owned by rapper Jay Z and a consortium of music industry personalities, has been accused of faking their data, manipulating stream counts to artificially boost figures for certain Beyoncé and Kanye West projects. Although Tidal denies the reports, some of the facts being reported are indeed troubling.

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3 Out of 4 Say the Customer Experience You Deliver is Essential

Researching on you phoneQuestion: Think about 100 of your best customers. If that group of 100 good, loyal customers had one bad experience with your company, how many of them do you think you would lose? A couple? Maybe 10%? You will find the answer to this question, based on a new research from PwC, at the end of this post.

Have you ever stopped and considered just exactly what is it like for your customers or clients to do business with your company? You might want to think about that very deeply, as new research from PwC shows that three out of four Americans say that the customer experience is a critical factor in their decision to do business with you (or to continue to do business with you)…and this is a global phenomenon, according to the survey’s findings.

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Best Buy Rebranding Reverses Historic Course

Old Best Buy logoBest Buy has launched a corporate rebranding that is both sweeping in style and represents a shocking reversal of course, undoing much of its original mission that was created when founder Dick Schulze, President Brad Anderson and crew launched an entirely new store concept known as “Concept II.” Concept II was a reinvention of their formerly more traditional superstore design to a new warehouse style discount store designed to deliver the “Best Buy” on all things tech. This new branding change is to such a significant degree that even Advertising Age Magazine (AdAge) devoted significant space to an analysis of it.

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Amazon Echo Market Share is Slipping

eMarketer logoIn a new analysis by eMarketer, we learn that Google has made significant inroads into the smart speaker market, causing Amazon’s Echo to begin to lose market share. So far, they remain the number one smart speaker, but projections show continued erosion, as consumers are embracing Google’s, as well as other’s, smart speaker options on the market.

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Leon Acquires Terra Speakers, Expanding Assortment

Noah Kaplan of Leon Speakers

Noah Kaplan

Leon Speakers announced this week that it has acquired Terra Speakers in a transaction that is said to offer Leon a greatly expanded portfolio of high performance products targeted for the outdoor and commercial segments. The company says this acquisition provides “new residential and commercial business opportunities” with a company renown for rugged, all-weather outdoor speakers.

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