James Loudspeakers Launches Giant Outdoor System

James Loudspeaker logoLooking like a giant modern sculpture of industrial art made out of marine-grade, black powder-coated aluminum, we first told you about James Loudspeaker’s Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater back in August when the company previewed it to a small group of journalists there for a factory tour. Designed to be a freestanding, all-inclusive, high-performance outdoor theater, the MIOT was a brute, conceptually, visually, and sonically. Now the company is officially launching the product to the custom integration channel.

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Engineers at James were challenged to come up with a true high-performance theater that could be installed outdoors with no loss in performance. This is quite a challenge, because outdoor acoustics tend to suck up any sound.

Typcial landscaping speakers could work, but wouldn’t be the level of performance James engineers were looking for. The solution? Build an outdoor wall (for the front mounted display, electronics, and front L/C/R speakers), and attach a large recatangular aluminum frame to it for everything else.

Accommodates Latest Surround Configurations

The aluminum frame houses the speaker components for the side, surround, and overhead speakers in the configuration of your favorite surround sound system: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro3D. Each of those technologies call for a different configuration of speakers, and the MIOT can be configured to properly present the specific positioining for each of those systems. More traditional 5.1 or 7.1 home theater configurations can be easily accommodated as well.

james loudspeaker modular freestanding theater

The Modular Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Theater by James Loudspeaker being shown to journalists on a factory tour August 2016

The system can be matched with a variety of subwoofers depending on the unique requirements of the specific installation. This includes buried or partial-buried designs for those seeking to maintain a clean visual look.

Something Else is Hiding Inside

James Loudspeaker Modular theater leg

James Loudspeaker CTO Mike Park shows one of the “legs” of the Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater to journalists. This shot gives you a sense of the scale of the theater

Not only does the MIOT’s aluminum frame house the speaker components, but all cabling is run internally, insulating it from the potentially corrosive weather elements that could be problematical. Shipped in pieces to standard or custom dimensions, the frame is then fully constructed on-site. James offers the frame in 15 standard colors but, typical to this unique company, custom colors are accommodated at no additional charge. Send them a swatch, or piece of wood, or even a brick – and James will perfectly match that color.

As initially presented to us in August, the MIOT was said to be initially conceived for outdoor usage. However, the company has come to recognize some situations where clients may choose it for interior presentation as well. Whether for temporary housing, unfriendly wall materials (i.e. cement), or historic homes in which the interior should not be modified – the MIOT can be the perfect solution these and other interior installations as well.

Pricing and Availability

James Loudspeaker’s Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater is available now. Pricing starts at a rather robust $60,000 MSRP and goes up from there depending on configuration. Note that the display, source components, and amplification are all sold separately.

Learn more about James Loudspeaker at: www.jamesloudspeaker.com.

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