GoldenEar Updates Two Triton Models & Adds a New Subwoofer

GoldenEar logoGoldenEar Technology has launched newly updated versions of their popular Triton Two and Triton Three floor-standing speaker systems…now called the Triton Two+ and – you guessed it – the Triton Three+. The company has also introduced a new subwoofer called the SuperSub X.

We recently raved about the company’s first sub, the SuperSub XXL – and can’t wait to get an opportunity to hear this new little brother.

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GoldenEar was founded in 2010 by Sandy Gross, a serial entrepreneur who is renowned for his speaker designs –  having produced several popular models for brands like Polk Audio and Definitive Technology earlier in his career. GoldenEar was clearly a labor of love and, as it is now entering its sixth year of operation – apparently quite the business success as well. We’re not surprised.

GoldenEar says that it has applied serious updates to the Triton Two+ and Triton Three+ based on research and experience as was applied to its pinnacle tower product, the Triton One (known simply as the One, in their writings). Principally, these new models feature new upper bass/midrange drivers with new cone, surround, spider, and voice coil – in other words, all new.

Many Updates & Improvements

The company says it has also improved the crossover, again based on further progression of their research. Accordingly, the Triton Two+ and Triton Three+ have all new crossovers with a balanced design and polypropylene capacitors – just like in the One. The DSP low-level control unit has been completely reprogrammed as well – essentially turning it into a new unit as well.

New GoldenEar models

GolenEar’s new Triton Two+, Triton Three+ and SuperSub X

All of these changes are said to yield a smoother, more open and revealing sound, according to the company. Applying the lessons from the research on the Triton One to these new models has created more of a family sonic resemblance.

SuperSub X for Compact Excitement

The company extends its SuperSub line with the new SuperSub X. This baby brother to the mighty SuperSub XXL is sure to be a more affordable crowd pleaser.

As is typical for GoldenEar, the SuperSub X benefits from the research conducted developing its bigger brother. Accordingly, we get a solid enclosure made of high-density medite – finished in a highly polished piano black lacquer (again like the XXL).

Although more compact, the company says the SuperSub X is prodigiously braced internally to eliminate panel vibrations. And, of course, there is the patented GoldenEar driver configuration which offers 360-degrees of low-frequency generation (patent pending). This configuration includes two inertially-balanced 8″ long-throw active drivers on the horizontal plane – and two balanced 10″ x 11″ passive radiators, called planar infrasonic radiators by GoldenEar, mounted in the vertical plane.

Moving Air in the Room, Not in the Box

The beauty of this configuration is that the driver positioning provides for force-cancelling that more efficiently moves the air to create the low-frequency sound waves. As GoldenEar puts it, the design moves the air in the room and doesn’t waste the energy moving the air in the box.

The SuperSub X is powered by a 1400-watt Class D digital amplifier. This amp is further controlled by a 56-bit DSP device with 192kHz sampling rate. GoldenEar calls this control system the Programmable Logic State Machine which is designed to manage multiple functions such as frequency response, soft clipping, DC offset control, phase-perfect equalization and more.


Triton Two+

Price: $1,749 ea.

Available: February 2016

Dimensions: 5¼″ W (front) x 7½″ W (rear) x 15″ D x 48″ H

Weight: 60 lbs.

Frequency Response: 16Hz – 35kHz

Efficiency: 91dB

Nominal impedance: Compatible with 8 Ω

Drivers: 2 – 5″ x 9″ bass drivers; 2 – 7″ x 10″ passive radiators (quadratic planar infrasonic radiators); 2 – 4½″ mid/bass drivers; 1 – HVFR™ high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter

Rec. amplification: 20-500 wpc

Built-in Subwoofer power: 1200 watts


Triton Three+

Price: $1,249 ea.

Available: February 2016

Dimensions: 5¼″ W (front) x 7″ W (rear) x 13″ D x 44″ H

Weight: 40 lbs.

Frequency Response: 21Hz – 35kHz

Efficiency: 90dB

Nominal impedance: Compatible with 8Ω

Drivers: 1 – 5″ x 9″ bass driver; 2 – 6¾″ x 8″ passive radiators (quadratic planar infrasonic radiators); 1 – 4½″ mid/bass driver; 1 – HVFR™ high velocity folded ribbon tweeter

Rec. amplification: 20-400 wpc

Built-in Subwoofer power: 800 watts


SuperSub X

Price: $1,249

Available: Spring 2016

Dimensions: 12½″ H x 13½″ W x 12½″ D

Frequency Response: 12Hz – 200Hz

Drivers: 2 – 8″ bass drivers; 2 – 10″ x 11″ passive radiators (quadratic planar infrasonic radiators)

Amplifier: 1400 watts

Low pass filter: 12dB per octave, continuously variable from 40Hz-200Hz for stereo inputs

Inputs: Direct coupled, unfiltered LFE -input/Low level left and right channel inputs

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