A PR Nightmare as Good Morning America Slams Vivint

GMA logoIf you were watching Good Morning America (GMA) this morning, as you munched on your Wheaties you likely saw investigative journalist Brian Ross in a story reporting on an ABC News investigation into the sales practices of security supplier Vivint. The investigation was launched when ABC News learned of military families who claimed the company was lying to them and engaging in unfair sales practices.

See more on this reputation-damaging report from the nation’s top morning show…

Vivint is a large Utah-based supplier of security systems (and now solar panels in a division spun off this year) that prior to 2011 was known as APX Alarm. The company became more known in our industry as they were the sellers of a division called 2GIG Technologies, which was acquired by Nortek in 2013 – and now is part of their Linear division.

According to the report on GMA, Vivint markets to the military channel and its salespeople pursue military families as many soldiers deployed overseas seek alternate ways to protect their families while they are away. Ross told viewers that a prime concern of military families is what happens to their contract if they are redeployed.

Vivint logoRoss said that multiple families contacted ABC News and told them that their Vivint salesperson assured them that there was no problem, if they are redeployed the company had options for these families including cancelling the contract, if necessary. But when that time came, as it often does with military families who are often moved around frequently, the company refused to release them from their contracts – often demanding a lump sum payment of thousands of dollars to cancel the obligation.

Ross went on to tell GMA viewers that Vivint is under investigation by no fewer than nine attorneys-general from around the country for a variety of claims, including unethical sales practices. ABC News has a service called the Fixer which seeks to help consumers with action and advice if they feel they’ve been wronged. It was under the auspices of the Fixer that GMA intervened with Vivint of behalf of a group of military families.

Vivint website

This is a screen shot from the military section of Vivint’s website

Ross reported that after Vivint was contacted by the Fixer, they agreed to refund all of the specific families that had contacted ABC News. Situation resolved – for these families at least. But damage done to Vivint’s reputation.

The damning and damaging report by GMA is likely to have a serious impact on Vivint for some time to come and could be the greatest challenge to their public image they’ve ever faced. Ross’ report included imagery of struggling military families, dealing with issues beyond the grasp of most of us – facing unmitigated ugliness and greed from Vivint. The imagery and language were all designed to elicit sympathy for the families in this story.

Vivint is owned by the Blackstone Group LP which purchased the company in 2012 for $1.9 billion. The solar panel business was spun off this year to pay off some of the debt that Blackstone took on in the initial purchase, according to a report by Bloomberg. Blackstone reaped a $1.1 billion gain when Vivint Solar went public, Bloomberg said.

Vivint website is here…

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A PR Nightmare as Good Morning America Slams Vivint — 1 Comment

  1. I’m one of those who are harmed by this company called Vivint Solar,
    I am from Chicago, In 2017,I met Thomas Power in Phoenix ,Thomas represented his self as a manager working for Vivint Solar Company and APS Electric Company, I own properties in Phoenix AZ , Thomas ask me to give him permission to give me free estimate on Solar in property with no cost from my pocket, I told Thomas i don’t live in these property and my tenant can not let him in the property, Thomas told me that’s why he need my signature and my permission to go in the property, Thomas give to me to sign in IPat jest to give him permission to go in my property to check up and take the measurements,I told Thomas i don’t want any work to perform in my property till he give me the Contract and Thomas promise me he will not do any think jest free estimate,I went back to Chicago Thomas Power with Vivint Solar crate fake E-mail on my name signed on application with APS Electric Company Fraudulent and managed to install on 14 of my properties Solar penal,I never sign a contract with Vivint Solar i don’t even see how the contracts look like,after they install on my 14 property solar I start to argue with Thomas to give me the Contracts then Thomas brink me 4 contracts but they are not with my signature the other contracts never received, Vivnt is operating fraudulent business all over United State, General Attorney from New Mexico sue already Vivint solar, I can wait to see General Attorney from Phoenix take action against Vivint Solar,after i learn what Vivint Solar and Thomas power did to my property I reported to the FBI in Phoenix and General Attorney hope FBI will Stop this scammers,I am waiting for some sort of legal action by Vivint. Any class actions out there to join? Any help?

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