Docs Show Gibson Bankruptcy Bigger Than You Think

Photo of Gibson CES promoFounded in 1894, it is a mark of their long-term brand success that Gibson has become such a large and far-flung international organization. In a cursory review of documents submitted to the court as part of their bankruptcy filing shows, legendary performers such as Muddy Waters, BB King, Elvis Presley, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards, Duane Allman, Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, Slash, Dave Grohl, Joe Bonamassa all used various Gibson products that, in some cases, became a signature of that performer. And yes, the bankruptcy filing promotes these iconic names.

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Gibson Brands Files for Bankruptcy


Filing Pre-Negotiated with Bondholders, CEO & Pres Stay thru Transition

Logo for Gibson BrandsGibson Brands Inc. announced today that it has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Chapter 11 denotes the company plans a reorganization and the company says it has reached an agreement with certain existing bondholders called a “Restructuring Support Agreement.” This agreement is with holders of more than 69.0% of the debt due in 2018

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Amazon’s Latest Secret Project Could Change Our World

Can Amazon Scoop the Industry a Second Time?

photo of a home helperAmazon has a super secret project that just might change the world…again. I have long said that the brilliance of Amazon’s Alexa-based Echo and Dot devices comes from their realization that voice control belonged in the home. While Apple (Siri) and Google (OK Google) digital voice assistants in the past were viewed predominantly as a hands-free voice assist for when you’re driving – Amazon took a different route…right into the American living room. Brilliant, and now Google and Apple are playing “catch up.”

Now we learn that there’s a new project in Amazon’s secretive Lab126 that could once again change our world.

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Surprise Look at Nest Numbers: Smaller & Poorer

Look Quickly, You Likely Won’t Ever See These Numbers Again

nest logoFor the first time, because of a change in Google’s accounting, we get a look at the real financial numbers of Nest and analysts are truly surprised. It turns out, according to a report by Recode, that Nest is both smaller than many thought, and is losing a lot of money on an operating basis – so much so that it appears that any hope of profitability is far off in the future…if at all.

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A Gibson Pile-On: Now Hit With a $50 Million Lawsuit

Tronical logo

Gibson Brands CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has been very busy lately as he scrambles to arrange a $550 million bailout package in a desperate attempt to avoid bankruptcy for the storied brand. But he’s about to get a little busier as one of Gibson Guitar’s vendors, Tronical of Hamburg, Germany, sues the company for $50 million it says it is owed.

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TCL Multimedia Obtains Global Rights to Onkyo Brand

TCL Multimedia logoIn an announcement out of Hong Kong and reported on by Bloomberg News and others, TCL Multimedia, the large Chinese manufacturer of mostly inexpensive televisions, has announced it has obtained the rights to the Onkyo brand name which it intends to use to create Smart AV products. The company says it has the rights to the Onkyo brand globally, in all markets except Japan.

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Should the U.S. Government Regulate Tech?

Axios logoWhen it comes to politics in today’s world, it is an understatement to suggest that we live in divided times. Although our founding fathers imagined passionate (but healthy) debate leading to the best possible compromise solutions – today, it seems as though our representatives are more likely to throw a hand-grenade than an idea to the other side of the aisle. But recently, a new study has come out to suggest that an issue has arisen that has brought Americans together – and it spells trouble for the tech industry.

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Exciting New Study: We are in an Audio Resurgence!

Nielsen logoWe live in a time rich in options for ways to connect with and consume content. If I asked you to pick which source was the number one method that adults aged 18 and older use to consume content today, which would you choose: Smartphone? Tablet? PC? TV connected device? TV? AM/FM radio?

If you picked that last option, AM/FM radio, you would be correct! Fully 93% of all adults use an AM/FM radio to consume content on a weekly basis. Surprised? Hold on to your hat…that’s just one of the many surprising results in new research study from The Nielsen Company that says we are now in an audio resurgence.

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