Toshiba Announces ‘Substantial Doubt’ on Ability to Continue

An Industry Giant Stumbles, Then Falls; Can It Get Back Up?

Toshiba signToshiba, once the embodiement of Japanese industrial might offering everything from rice cookers to nuclear reactors, has released financial results for the first three quarters of the current fiscal year and it’s not good. For the first time in the over-century old company’s history, the results announcement warned of doubts about the company’s ability to continue as a “going concern.” And that wasn’t the only bad news included in the report.

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As We Suspected, The Deal is Off Between LeEco & Vizio

Photo of Vizio D Series TVLess than a week after we questioned whether Chinese manufacturer LeEco would be able to actually complete its proposed $2 billion acquisition of Vizio, we received a note from a Vizio-connected official, saying that “the merger agreement to acquire Vizio will not proceed…” Given our report last week, this shouldn’t be a big surprise to Strata-gee readers…and it certainly was not to us.

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Emerging Trend: UHD over IP Video Distribution

April17 Issue of Residential Systems


When it comes to sophisticated AV system installations, integrators have been forced to choose from a panoply of incompatible, proprietary matrix systems from a group of control manufacturers. These systems are complex and require specific programming protocols unique to them.

Then, at this year’s ISE, everything changed…

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Five Practices of Effective Leaders

leadership graphicPerhaps the greatest issue that many of us face in our career is the challenge of leading people. People are complex. People are multi-dimensional. Each person is unique and requires a different type and amount of interaction and support. But as the current issue of Sales and Marketing Magazine notes, if you are a manager – a leader – then you need to “Lead or Get Out of the Way.”

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And You Thought Samsung Bought Harman for Car Audio

Will Use Harman Audio Tech as Smartphone Differentiator

A Harman concept carIn November 2016, we learned that Samsung had acquired Harman International Industries in a deal valued at $8 billion. At that time, everyone pretty much assumed the deal was all about automotive audio – and area that inside-Samsung sources had identified as a market the company sought to penetrate. Now we learn that it wasn’t just about cars.

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LeEco Just Missed Its Payroll, Can It Still Buy Vizio?

Vizio logoBloomberg is reporting that Chinese mega brand LeEco missed its normal payroll at the end of March, telling employees it would pay them a few days later. While this is a situation that is not unfamiliar to many small business owners, LeEco is anything but your typical small business owner. They are supposedly in the final stages of a $2 billion acquisition of major TV brand Vizio.

But if LeEco can’t make their own payroll…how can they still buy Vizio?

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Samsung Receives Order for 70M OLED Panels from Apple

Photo of Apple iPhoneIn reports out of Taiwan, sources say that Apple, Inc. has ordered 70 million bendable OLED panels from Samsung Electronics. An order of this size can only be for the upcoming iPhone 8, expected to be launched in late 2017. The order also suggests that Apple is expecting the iPhone 8 to be a big success.

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Emotiva Appoints Ex-SVS Exec as Its VP of Global Strategy

Emotiva Walter Schofield

Walter Schofield


Emotiva Audio Corp. announced this week that it has appointed Walter Schofield, formerly of SVS Sound, as its first-ever VP, Global Strategy. Schofield has along career in audio but only recently joined the online world at SVS. The position was newly created at Emotiva.

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After 28 Years, Tribeman is Out at Atlantic Technology


Peter Tribeman head and shoulders

We have confirmed that Peter Tribeman, one of the founding partners and long time President of Atlantic Technology International, will leave the company at the end of this month. It is the end of a 28-year career there and, as we’ve learned, has been in the works for about eighteen months.

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Top Smartphones in 2016? Apple Takes 4 of Top 5

Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

The Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus [REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach]

Although many analysts criticize slowing innovation at industry powerhouse Apple, Inc., final results for global smartphone shipments shows Apple with four of the top five models. Not bad for a technology slacker!

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