The Buzz About B’z T

Photo of Ms. Nam of B'z TIn another example of a practical application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, at CE Week last week the company B’z T showed a line of children’s clothing with hidden sensors that make your kids truly trackable – in fact they call them “Trackable Ts.” Offering a wide range of styles, colors, and designs, the company has already seen its products picked up by Amazon and other dealers, creating a bit of a buzz.

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CE Week Panel: The Future Will Be Lead by Smart Speakers

CE Week logoOne of the more interesting conference panels that took place at CE Week last week in the Jacob Javitz Center in Manhattan was a panel called, “Listening in the Living Room: How Smart Speakers are Striving to Be the Next Great Planform.” This panel featured Gary Schultz, Director, Business & Product Development, SDI Technologies Inc, the parent company of iHome and Andrew Vloyanetes, Sonos’s sales manager. The panel was moderated by John Quain, a contributor to The New York Times.

Some of what this panel had to say was in line with what you might expect – they are both pretty high on smart speakers and the category’s conjunction with voice control.

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TPVision and B&W Partner on New Philips TVs

Philips TV logoTPVision, a principal licensor of the Philips brand of upscale TVs in Europe, announced today that is has partnered with Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) in a new multi-year agreement for a new line of products representing the finest in video and audio quality. The announcement noted the reputation both companies enjoy for excellence in engineering and suggests this partnership will set a new reference standard for visual and audio performance in televisions.

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NY Times Tech Reporter: Cryptocurrency ‘Scams are Everywhere Online’

Cryptocurrency ATM machines

Cryptocurrency ATMs [Photo: icopulse]

Just days after Strata-gee published its skeptical assessment of the new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of Monster Money cryptocurrency contemplated in a recent S-1 filing by Monster Products, Inc. – a new article appears in today’s New York Times (originally posted online last Friday) by tech columnist Farhad Manjoo proclaiming this about cryptocurrency, “Scams are everywhere online. Never let your guard down.”

We did NOT say that Monster Money was a scam in our article. We DID say that cryptocurrencies are risky, risky investments to be approached with caution. The prevalence of several large scams in the supposedly safe world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies serve as a stark reminder of this need for extreme caution when investing in something new.

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Who Is Leading the World in AI Research?

Kismet robot at MIT museumThe race is heating up for global leadership in artificial intelligence, considered by many to be the next area of technology that will explode with activity. Many major players here in the U.S., both in Silicon Valley, as well as other places, seek to establish themselves as the leaders in AI.

But where in the world is the greatest amount of money going to fund startups who will drive the development – and ultimately the adoption – of AI? You might be surprised…

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Distributor Rutherford Audio and Thorens Cut Ties

Rutherford Audio logoHigh-end audio distributor Rutherford Audio announced this week that its relationship with Thorens, a prominent European turntable manufacturer, has come to an end. As a result of this news, Rutherford is telling dealers they can no longer accept orders on Thorens’ products.

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Is Monster Money a Massive Mistake?

Monster Money logoEarlier this month, news broke – erupted really – that Noel Lee and Monster Products had filed a Form S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to launch an ICO or initial coin offering. Their plan is to mint a new cryptocurrency called Monster Money, with an initial authorization of 500,000,000 Monster Money Tokens, of which, 300,000,000 will be offered to investors at a dollar each. This move, which seems out of the blue, caused a lot of speculation as to just what is going on at Monster – is this desperation…chutzpah…or something even darker?

Initially, Strata-gee was just going to let this story pass by. However, so many readers reached out asking for our perspective on the story that it was impossible to ignore it any longer. See our take below…

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The Real Story Behind Control4’s Certified Showroom Program

A Strata-gee Exclusive Interview

Control4 Certified Showroom plaqueControl4 surprised everyone about a month ago when they suddenly announced the launch of no less than 140 Control4 Certified Showrooms in partnership with certain dealers around the world, including the U.S., Canada, UK, China, and Australia. These showrooms were said to meet “elevated standards” and were positioned with dealers who were “experts in WOW-ing’ homeowners through interactive storytelling, visually-stunning displays, and hands-on demonstrations.”

At the recent launch of these showrooms on May 31, 2018, in an event called C4Yourself, I had the opportunity to visit one of two Certified Showrooms in New Jersey and to meet with Larry Bennett, Control4’s Managing Director of Global Programs. Bennett is the Control4 executive in charge of their global Certified Showroom program.

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What It Means to Have Your Showroom Certified by Control4

Phot of front of Total Home TechnologiesWhen you first pull up in front of Total Home Technologies in Roseland, NJ, it looks pretty much like any other small town store, blending in perfectly with the feel and flavor of this humble little borough of about 5,800 people located twenty miles west of New York City in a picturesque hilly section of Essex County, New Jersey. That feeling persists when you first walk over the “Welcome” mat and enter through the front door to find a comfortable living room on your right and, somewhat surprisingly, an outdoor backyard scene on your left.

You have just entered a Control4 Certified Showroom, and the show’s about to begin…

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