AudioControl Launches 3 New 70-Volt Commercial Amps with Dante Inside at ISE

Audio Control logo

AudioControl, a specialty electronics supplier with growing influence in the residential custom integration channel, has recently expanded into the commercial space with their CM Series of products. At ISE last week, the company announced a significant expansion of that lineup with three new 70-volt amplifiers that feature Dante digital audio networking capability built-in.

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New Sonance Patio Series Brings Pop to the Patio & Volksmusik to the Veranda

A photo of Sonance Patio Series installation
You have to look hard, but Sonance’s new Patio Series IS in this photo [Click to enlarge]

Sonance launched a unique new small-scale outdoor system at last week’s ISE in Amsterdam that they say is the perfect solution for what they call “petite outdoor spaces.” Consistent with their philosophy that the best systems combine wide, balanced coverage along with high-performance standards, this new little system will have you redesigning your outdoor living spaces to add more music with less clutter.

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Savant 2020 Integrator Summit Shows Strength of Strategic Products & Partnerships

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff at Savant Integrator Summit
Jamie Siminoff, Ring founder

Savant Systems LLC held their 2020 Integrator Summit this year in conjunction with the International Builder Show in Las Vegas, NV on January 20-23. At that event, the company unveiled a large array of new products and new strategic partnerships, showing they intend to retain their innovative edge that has attracted so many integrator fans.

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U.S. Trade Commission Opens Formal Investigation of Google on Sonos Complaint

Sonos vs. Google - Google booth at a show in China
[Photo: REUTERS/Stringer]

The U.S. International Trade Commission has announced that it is launching a patent investigation into various speaker and controller products offered by Alphabet Inc.’s Google brand. This investigation initiation is the result of a formal complaint made by Sonos, Inc. who makes similar products that compete with Google, and claims the tech giant stole their technology.

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Strata-gee Survey Shows Coronavirus Response Places Supply Chain in Jeopardy

Container ship at port

No Need to Panic Now, But Maybe Soon

I received a tip from a tech supplier here in the U.S. that the Coronavirus epidemic impacting China is a big problem getting bigger every day…and that our industry needs to think about – and prepare for – the impact on our supply chain. This week, Strata-gee surveyed several brands to learn their status on product supply…and what their perspective was on the near-term future impact of this epidemic taking place in China.

What top brands say about supply chain risk…

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New Home Sales Decline in December 2019

[Photo: AP Photo/Steven Senne]

Last week, Strata-gee reported that housing construction starts jumped mightily in December 2019 – but now we learn in a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that new home sales actually declined at the same time. Typically, analysts like to see both home sales and construction starts increase together as an indicator of a healthy economy.

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Growth of Smart Speakers & IoT a ‘Frenzy,’ Says New Reports

Photo of Google Home device

Two new research reports from two different research groups came to basically the same conclusion – smart speakers (and IoT devices) show no signs of slowing down with eye-popping growth rates in just the last two years. One of the researchers, Comscore, is calling the trend, “The Smart Speaker Frenzy.”

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RMR – Want Recurring Monthly Revenue But Don’t Know Where to Begin?

Strata-SERIES RMR Programs

By now, most integrators have heard the siren call that they should launch a recurring monthly revenue program (RMR) to add profits and deepen their relationships with their clients. But to many of them, this is an idea that is easy to say…but hard to do. Quite literally, it can be hard to figure out just where to begin.

There are resources within the industry that can step up and help your integration company offer an RMR or service contract program to your clients. Some of them can even offer to take and handle your service calls on a 24×7 basis. However, those services can be fairly expensive. But one service I’ve learned about, MC Group, tells me that they have assisted hundreds of integrators with an affordable program they call “Turnkey RMR.”

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