As Recession Fears Recede, Consumers are in the Mood to Spend Big This Holiday Season

Photo of holiday shopping from Gallup

A new poll from Gallup suggests that consumers are in the mood to spend – and spend generously – at the upcoming holiday season. How much will they spend? What percentage of Americans say they’ll spend less? Or more? Read below to see the results of this surprising poll…

Gallup’s poll suggests a couple of consumer spending records coming…

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Toshiba Launches Consortium of 100 Companies to Drive ‘Internet of Things’ Market

Photo of Toshiba Corp.'s headquarters in Tokyo
The Toshiba Corp. headquarters stands in Tokyo, Japan, on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

Toshiba Corp. announced this week that it has launched a large consortium of more than 100 companies in Japan for the purpose of creating new services and products to attack and drive the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) market. Consortium participants are companies of varying size and capabilities that cover the entire spectrum of the market.

Learn more about the new Toshiba IoT consortium…

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Origin Acoustics Announces an Executive Promotion and Appoints a New CMO

Origin Acoustics logo

Origin Acoustics announced this week that it has promoted current Sales VP Marc Fisher to the unusual title of President of Sales. The company also the appointment of John Marchionda as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

See more on the Origin personnel moves…

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Control4 Launches 1st Product of Neeo Acquisition – A Slim Handheld Remote Control for OS3

Control4 announced today the launch of the Neeo Remote for Control4, the first product from their acquisition of the Swiss company Neeo back in February 2019. This new Neeo remote control is optimized to work seamlessly with Control4’s OS 3 operating system, offering another elegant system control interface.

See more on the new Neeo remote control…

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Classé to Launch New Delta Series Line in Triumphant Return to the Market


Classe Delta Series Preamplifier/DAC
New Delta Series Preamplifier/DAC [Click to enlarge]

With almost two years away from the market after their acquisition by Sound United in January 2018, Classé says it will return to the audiophile electronics market in January 2020 with the launch of their new even more upscale Delta Series line consisting of two new amplifiers and one new preamplifier/DAC. But after so long away, what will it take for the company to re-establish the brand?

See more on the return of Classé…

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The Curious Case of the Disappearance of Classé

BREAKING NEWS Acquired by Sound United Two Years Ago, Then Gone

Classe logo

It was January 2018 when I reported that Sound United had completed its acquisition of Classé, an acquisition which had been first announced in December of 2017. In the weeks leading up to that December, former owner Bowers & Wilkins was considering getting out of the electronics business…maybe. After months of confusion, where on any day executives at Classé teetered back-and-forth between survival and demise – it now seemed that Sound United had thrown them a lifeline…a chance to live to fight another day.

And then they dropped out of sight for the last two years…

What happened to Classé?…

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LG Smokes Q3 Forecast for Record Financial Results

LG OLED lighting

LG Electronics Inc. is on a roll, as evidenced by their fiscal third quarter results. The company says it has set an all-time record for third quarter revenues while at the same time booking their best quarterly profit in a decade.

See more details on LG’s Q3 results…

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Sharp & Foxconn Stiff Korean Factory Equipment Suppliers on Money Owed

Image of Sharp logo

Korean media is reporting that Sharp, the former Japanese powerhouse brand now owned by Taiwan’s Foxconn, is late on approximately tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars worth of payments to Korean factory gear makers. Not only are they late, but they are said to be demanding even more discounts on the outstanding debt owed to multiple South Korean suppliers of factory equipment destined for use in LCD production factories. All of this is being done in violation of covenants in their purchase contracts with these suppliers.

This dispute may raise to level of government intervention.

What is Sharp & Foxconn doing? And why?…

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Housing Starts in Sharp Slide in September

Photo of construction workers

As the economy continues to show more signs of a slowdown, we can’t help but notice increasing volatility in the month-to-month readings of various statistics. The latest government data on housing construction starts is a great example of this. After a big jump in August, starts dropped in September by 9.4% – a larger than normal amount – from the revised rate in August.

See the surprising slump in housing starts…

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