Trio of New Economic Reports Suggest Growth is Slowing

A house sits for sale in North Aurora, Illinois

Although the US is in the midst of a record period of economic expansion, more and more troubling signs have appeared over the last few months in the form of negative economic data points to suggest that a turn in the economy may be coming. This week, a trio of new reports – consumer confidence, sales of newly constructed homes, and corporate earnings revisions – suggest that economic growth is stalling and that “turn” may be here.

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More Interesting Finds From CE Week

See Vizio, Focal & Caavo Tech

CE Week logo

Perhaps this story will be a bit of a mirror of my experience from CE Week, some short takes on the interesting stories and technologies I uncovered there. Nothing was particularly earth-shattering…but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t many interesting items. So I encourage you to read on…

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CE Week: Acoustic Innovations Wallscapes Improves Both Design & Sound of Rooms

Acoustic Innovations booth at CE Week

At CE Week last month, I was prepared to see the usual crop of gadgets and doodads designed to be sold to the masses through the retail channel. However this year, I was pleased to see a few more exhibitors offering products responsive to the custom integration channel. That includes the acoustics experts from Acoustic Innovations.

See what Acoustic Innovations showed at CE Week…

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CE Week: Motorola Says a Smart Home Needs a Smart Safe

Motorola Smart Safe at CE Week

Smart home and security solutions were all over CE Week last month in Manhattan at the Jacob Javits Center. One solution I saw that hits both of those markets was the cleverly designed Smart Safe by Motorola. Didn’t think you needed your really dumb safe to be smart? Didn’t think you needed a safe at all? You may rethink all that when you hear Motorola’s pitch for their Flex and Bolt Smart Safe.

Why a Motorola Smart Safe…

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CE Week: Plott AR/XR Measuring Tools May Change Everything

A photo of the Plott booth at CE Week

One of the more interesting booths I visited at CE Week earlier this month was by a company called Plott, a startup that offers very cool digital interactive measuring tools featuring augmented reality (AR) – or what they like to call extended reality (XR) – technology that interacts with an app on your smartphone in remarkable ways. This could be a game changer not only for the consumer, but for the construction, remodeling, custom integration communities as well.

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SnapAV and Klipsch Join in Distribution Partnership

Klipsch logo

Showing they can effortlessly walk and chew gum at the same time, SnapAV announced today the have reached a distribution agreement with Klipsch – an action they are taking while still in the middle of the process to buy Control4. As SnapAV has taken aggressive actions to grow their distribution infrastructure, they have been seeking these types of partnerships with brands to help better leverage their investment. This new agreement with Klipsch helps drive that goal.

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Lenbrook Responds to Sonos Lawsuit, It Will ‘Defend Vigorously the Claims’

Lenbrook Group logo

Strata-gee reported yesterday that late last week Sonos had filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Lenbrook Industries Limited and Lenbrook America. This suit, which is almost identical to the one Sonos had successfully pursued with D&M Holdings and Denon over its HEOS line, was resolved in Sonos’s favor a little over a year ago.

Now we have Lenbrook’s response to this development – the company says it will “defend vigorously the claims of patent infringement made by computer audio company Sonos…”

See what else Lenbrook had to say about the Sonos suit…

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Music System Sales Sagging, Sonos Un-Leashes Lawyers to Raise Revenues


Sonos system photo

Strata-gee reported just yesterday that Sonos, Inc. has sued Lenbrook Industries Ltd. & Lenbrook America – the maker & marketer of Bluesound – for patent infringement. Undoubtedly emboldened by their near-complete victory over Denon’s HEOS brand a little over a year ago, Sonos appears to have targeted Lenbrook to be next in line.

However, Strata-gee has learned that Lenbrook is not the only company targeted for such potential actions by Sonos. There are more – perhaps many more – in our industry lined up for this “hit” parade.

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Denon Defeated, Sonos Sics Lawyers on Lenbrook

Sonos logo

On Thursday last week, Sonos, Inc. (NASDAQ: SONO) filed another patent infringement lawsuit, this time against Lenbrook Industries Limited and Lenbrook America Corp. At issue here is Lenbrook’s Bluesound brand launched back in 2013 to great fanfare as Strata-gee reported on at the time…and also discussed here…and which Sonos claims infringes on multiple Sonos patents.

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