Dana Innovations Appoints 2 Regional Sales Managers; Both Ex-B&W


Dana Innovations logoDana Innovations announced this morning that it has appointed two new regional sales managers – Marc Schnoll and Dan Dusek. Both Schnoll and Dusek come to Dana Innovations from Bowers & Wilkins.

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Sales Schism – Multiple B&W Regional Managers Resign


B&W logoMultiple sources have confirmed to us that several B&W regional managers have resigned from their positions with the company this week. In a move that one source indicated has been coming since the moment the company terminated President Doug Henderson, the regional managers all turned in their voluntary resignations in the same week.

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Allnet Distributing Moves into Minnesota

Allnet logoChicago, IL-based Allnet Distributing announced recently that it is opening an all-new location in Minneapolis, MN in September. It is the fourth warehouse location, as the custom integration-focused distributor continues to expand its reach throughout the Midwest geographic region.

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Savant Acquires Artison. The Question is…Why?

Savant logoSavant Systems announced this week that it has purchased Artison, a specialty audio manufacturer of speaker systems. The company said that “Artison has earned a reputation for delivering…solutions that merge elegant, unobtrusive aesthetics with exceptionally detailed sound quality…” Is this a bold new strategy for Savant? Or just a reaction to the Control4/Triad acquisition?

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Bad Heir Day – Prosecuters Demand 12-Years of Hard Time for Billionaire Samsung Heir

Samsung's Vice Chairman LeeSouth Korea is buzzing at the news that prosecutors have demanded no less than a 12-year prison term for Samsung’s billionaire heir, Jay Y. Lee. Lee is accused of attempting to solidify his total control of the massive company through a sketchy scheme that included bribing the South Korean President, Park Geun-hye.

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Don’t Like Exposed Wi-Fi Antennas? Access Networks Hides Them

Access networks logoAccess Networks announced on Wednesday a new way to hide wireless access points and wireless network range extenders throughout a home for those who, unlike some of us, do not appreciate looking at the antennas and flashing lights typical of these products. Their solution? A wireless access point enclosure with a magnetically retained, paintable cover.

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Uh-Oh, Data Shows TVs are Disappearing From Homes

Watching TVFor years now, the single greatest driving force behind the entire consumer electronics industry has been the vibrant, forceful growth in sales of television sets. Now, in a surprising new report, we learn that American consumers are beginning to wean themselves off of TVs. What that means for integrators, or for the industry, remains to be seen.

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Samsung Starts Selling Harman Audio Brands in South Korea

Harman International logoThis past Tuesday, Samsung Electronics began launching Harman audio brands in South Korea through their company owned locations. According to the Korean press, Samsung is “looking for business synergy” by combining its strength in distribution network, marketing, and world-class service, with Harman’s strength in manufacturing competitive audio products. It is an initiative, the local media says, that is expected to “have significant impact on South Korean audio markets.”

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New Study Shows Surprising Resilience of Retail Shopping

Future of retail study coverIn a newly released study of consumer shopping trends, which like many others is very favorable to online shopping, analysts are discovering surprising data favoring brick-and-mortar retailers. Even more surprising, the study results indicate a resurgence in a preference to buy goods in brick-and-mortar retail by younger shoppers. This shocking result runs counter to other studies and has caught some analysts by surprise.

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T.H.E. Show Must Go On

Photo from T.H.E. Show 2016+One of the industry’s most successful luxury high-end audio shows, T.H.E. Show Anaheim, will take place at the Hilton Anaheim next month on September 22-to-24. Known to be a strong draw for audiophiles and other aficionados of luxury entertainment products, T.H.E. Show (The Home Entertainment Show) is a great place to see the best and the latest luxury high-end A/V and associated gear.

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