Builder Offers World’s First Wi-Fi Certified Smart Home w/Alexa

Lennar logoLennar Corporation, one of the nation’s largest builders of homes, announced today the world’s first Wi-Fi Certified home designs featuring home automation built-in and voice control by Amazon Alexa. The company says this new program is part of its Everything’s Included approach to home building.

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AVAD Expands Locations and Vendors

AVAD logo 2017AVAD LLC, a leading distributor of custom integration brands, announced this week a dramatic expansion of their business – including no fewer than 11 new facility locations and the addition of Séura, a popular brand of outdoor televisions to their brand assortment. The news suggests an acceleration of their rollout of a new business model that they described in the middle of last year after the company was purchased from Tianjin by Kingswood Capital Management.

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Savant Launches New Line of Touch Screens

Savant logoSavant Systems, LLC, a leading controls systems manufacturer for the custom integration industry, announced this week it is launching a all-new line of touch screens it calls “Wally.” This new Wally lineup offers consumers easy access to their climate, lighting, and entertainment systems with a simple touch of the finger.

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Readers React to Article on CEDIA Ownership

CEDIA communityThere has been a strong and vocal reaction to our story posted last week in which CEDIA’s Chairman of the Board, Dennis Erskine, countered our assertion that the members owned CEDIA. Noting that the law says that non-profit organizations have no owners, the chairman corrected our assumption. He was correct, we were wrong.

However, the story caught the attention of many of our readers, including some very prominent and influential executives in the custom integration community.

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We Ask CEDIA’s Chairman About Members Rights

cedia logoWe asked for and participated in a telephone interview with CEDIA Chairman of the Board Dennis Erskine and Senior Director of Marketing Cris Pyle in late May to discuss several topics swirling around the organization. First and foremost, we were seeking greater insight into the departure of CEDIA’s CEO Vin Bruno, as well as Ron Fleming and others, but we also discussed a few other topics – notably what rights members have, and what rights they don’t have.

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LG Targets Home Cinema with ProBeam Compact Laser Projector

photo of LG ProBeam

LG Electronics announced this week an interesting new compact laser projector targeted at the home cinema enthusiast. Although quite affordable, this light and compact projector –  called the LG ProBeam – features some very cool technology and features sure to delight residential movie fans.

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Nest: Don’t Just Add Security, Add Intelligent Security

Nest logoNest Labs announced on Wednesday their all-new, upgraded indoor security camera, called the Nest Cam IQ, with new “intelligent” features to make it more useful and secure. For the first time, consumers are able to not just remotely monitor their homes, but receive more – and smarter – alerts thanks to this cameras remarkable new smart technologies and features.

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CES 2018 to Feature Smart City Technology

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced this week that at its upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2018 in Las Vegas, there will be a new area of focus on Smart City technologies. The group plans both a dedicated display space featuring the technologies of Smart Cities, as well as a full schedule of related conference programming.

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CEDIA Chairman Corrects Us: Members are NOT the Owners

CEDIA communityShortly after our story about layoffs at CEDIA was posted, we spoke with CEDIA Board Chairman Dennis Erskine, who sought to correct what he said were some “misconceptions” presented in that article. Specifically, Erskine felt our call for more transparency from the organization was off the mark due to our misunderstanding about non-profit organizations.

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Another Departure from CEDIA – VP Ron Fleming is Out


cedia logoOnly a matter of days after the announcement of Vin Bruno’s resignation as CEDIA CEO, and a few weeks after a 15% headquarters staff reduction, we now learn that Ron Fleming, CEDIA VP of Business Development is out in what appears to be a major reorganization at the industry trade group. The news went out earlier today in the form of an email from COO and interim CEO Tabatha O’Connor to exhibitors.

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