Rocky Mountain Rep Firm Momentum Group Acquires Resi Biz of Texas-Based Dobbs Stanford


Logo of Momentum Group

Consolidation continues in the custom integration world – in this case, Denver-based manufacturer representative firm Momentum Group has acquired the residential division of Texas’ own renowned Dobbs Stanford rep firm based in Dallas. Consolidation has NOT been a big story on the sales representative side…up until now.

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Sonance to Acquire James Loudspeaker

Sonance logo

Sonance announced today that they have entered into an agreement to acquire Minden, NV-based James Loudspeaker. This is the first major acquisition by Sonance since the purchase of Sound Advance in 2005, and is truly a marriage of two companies with a strong resonance in their approach to the custom integration industry.

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MQA Reveals New Partners, Products & Music at 2019 CEDIA Expo

MQA logo

MQA, a leading provider of technology that helps deliver music that is authenticated to be master recording quality but with a small enough file structure that can be easily streamed or downloaded, announced today new partners, products and music in time for the 2019 CEDIA Expo show in Denver, CO next week. Visitors to their booth at CEDIA can expect to see the new products and audition the new music.

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CTA: Tariffs Mean Consumer Pain, Business Uncertainty

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is pulling no punches when it comes to the latest revised tariff schedule being implemented by the Trump administration. The recently revised tariff schedule, which started a new round of tariffs just days ago on September 1st, with a second round scheduled to hit on December 15th means pain and uncertainty moving forward according to the CTA.

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AudioControl to Unveil the Most New Products Ever at 2019 CEDIA Expo

AudioControl Concert XR-8

AudioControl said today they will introduce the greatest number of new products they have ever launched at a show at the upcoming 2019 CEDIA Expo taking place next month in Denver, CO. A specialty electronics supplier of high-performance residential, automotive, and commercial products, the company will show all-new home theater products, 70-volt amplifiers, and more.

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PS Audio Pulls Out of Local Retail – Now Direct Sales Only

PS Audio logo

PS Audio, a specialty manufacturer of affordable audiophilia, announced today that it is suspending sales of its products through local specialty retail stores and online retailers to focus on direct sales only. While the company has always sold products directly to end-users, it had a complementary channel of approximately 65 local specialty dealers, and a few online retailers supporting the brand as well.

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Is Bravas a Colleague or a Competitor? ‘That’s a Good Question’ Says One Buying Group Exec

Buying Group Executives Comment on New Unified Bravas Group

When Strata-gee broke the news last week on Bravas Group being sold to a private equity firm, a buzz erupted around the industry as different constituencies tried to digest the meaning of this development. While other groups of integrators have made similar efforts in the past, this type of roll-up has usually failed. If this attempt by Bravas works, just what would that mean for the CI industry in general. And is this an emerging competitor to buying groups?

I surveyed top buying group executives to get their take on just what this move by Bravas meant for the industry…and for them.

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Strata-gee Visits Crestron’s New ‘Factory of the Future’

This is Part 2 of Strata-gee’s series on my recent visit to Crestron. In some ways, as much fun as I had at their Research Center, I can almost say it was eclipsed (if only slightly) by a visit to, at that point, their yet-to-be-officially launched factory that was actually a couple of miles away from the main Crestron campus at a facility in the state of New York.

They call it their “Factory of the Future,” and after touring it…I can see why.

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