CEDIA Releases New Market Data It Says is Even More Accurate

Erica Shonkwiler of CEDIA Market Research

Erica Shonkwiler
CEDIA Market Research

At last week’s CEDIA Expo show in Indianapolis, IN, the trade group released select market data from their second annual survey called the Size and Scope of the Residential Electronic Systems Market in the US 2012. Although compiled and released this year, the data is actually from 2011 and is a follow-up to the same report they excerpted last year for 2010.

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EXPO Attendance Declines Again

2012 CEDIA Expo LogoThen Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) today released attendance data from last week’s Expo in Indianapolis, IN and it was a mix of good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Total attendance at the event came in at 16,900, down 4 percent from last year’s attendance of 17,600. This figure is also the lowest recorded attendance since 2001, coming in 1.8 percent under that year’s attendance level of 17,200.

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Seeing CEDIA Expo in a Whole New Light

Keynote speaker Dr. Michio KakuWednesday, the day before the 2012 CEDIA Expo opens its show floor, is both the day many integrators come to the convention center to take educational classes – and also the press comes for a day full of press conferences.

I approached the event this year with a high level of anticipation, as our strata-GEE.com CEDIA survey suggested that attendance might be better than originally anticipated. As I approached the convention center, I was surprised by the lack of activity around the outside of the hall. Then a CEDIA hotel shuttle bus showed up and – suddenly – we had a fair amount of activity.

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Watch for Our 2012 CEDIA Expo Coverage

2012 CEDIA Expo LogoIf it’s September, it’s time for CEDIA Expo! Can’t make it to this year’s main event? strata-GEE.com will be there for the duration of the show collecting observations, data, interviews, and – hopefully – reporting on some savvy strategies! Watch for our upcoming reports where we’ll review the show, tell you what we saw that WOW’d us (if anything), and help get you connected to the important stories of the day.

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Nortek Noise Continues – Xantech President Hallett Leaves Company

Photo of Graham HallettBREAKING NEWS
Multiple industry sources have confirmed that Xantech President Graham Hallett has resigned his position with the company, effective September 1st. Xantech is one of ten Nortek, Inc. brands being consolidated under the new “Core Brands” umbrella company, the formation of which we recently reported.

Since the consolidation of the various Nortek brands began back in 2010, there have been many employees leaving the company – mostly at lower- and mid-level positions. Recently, however, some of the top-level executives of the various Nortek brands have joined the exodus.

List of Nortek’s ex-execs continues to grow…

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strata-GEE.com’s 2012 CEDIA EXPO Survey is Bigger Than Ever

Indiana Convention Center - CEDIA Expo 2011strata-GEE.com’s survey on the 2012 CEDIA Expo has wrapped up and we want to thank everyone for their participation. And participation this year was up over 90% as compared to last year – which was off 20% as compared to the 2010 survey. We have no explanation as to why so many more people took part in the survey this year – however, we received more support from various industry members spreading the word on Twitter and other social media networks than in year’s past, which may have been a factor. A special thanks to those who helped spread the word!

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Question: How Many ‘Connected’ Devices are in Your Home?

Graphic of Connected Device StudyNew research released today from marketing consultant Chetan Sharma says that the typical American home has on average a total of five connected devices. A connected device is any device which is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, wired, or cellular networks.

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Here We Go Again – Nortek Reorganizes Its Reorganized Reorganization

Nortek's Core Brands LogoThis Monday, Nortek, Inc. announced yet another reorganization, their third major structural change since the company decided to group its A/V assets under one roof back in April 2010. The company has created yet another new company called Core Brands which will further consolidate and control a total of ten of the company’s A/V brands in their Technology Solutions Segment (TECH).

The brands affected by this consolidation include Aton, BlueBOLT, Elan, Furman, Niles, Panamax, Proficient, SpeakerCraft, Sunfire, and Xantech. Core Brands will be based at offices in Petaluma, CA; Calrsbad, CA; Riverside, CA; and Marblehead, MA.

Aren’t 10 brands under one roof really just a new conglomerate?…

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7 Lessons on Marketing Strategy from My Day with the Cake Boss

Photo of front of Carlo's Bake ShopTwo weekends ago, we celebrated my wife’s birthday. For the last few years, one of the things she most wanted for her birthday was a birthday cake. Not just any cake, mind you, but a cake made by Buddy Valastro – TLC’s Cake Boss. This is not as simple of a request as it sounds and for the last couple of years, I couldn’t fit it into my schedule to make it happen.

This year, I made it happen – and learned something about marketing strategy from the Cake Boss… Continue reading

Yamaha Launches New PRO Headphone Line with High Performance & High Design

Photo of new Yamaha PRO500 HeadphonesYamaha Corporation of America’s AV Division announced today a new line of on- & over-ear headphones that they call their PRO series. Straddling the markets for pro audio, musician, and consumer – the new PRO series is clearly targeted at a more serious listener who appreciates higher fidelity…but with a contemporary, high styling. Featuring what the company calls a “racing inspired” look – the PRO series has a design style more similar to BEATS, SOUL by Ludacris, or SOL Republic, as opposed to previous more utilitarian designs.

But, there is a twist…

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