If You Want Real Unity – You’ve Got to Get Engage[d]

Photo of Unity Home Theater GirlOne of the more interesting stops we made during our rounds at last month’s 2012 CEA Line Show was to see a new company with a brand new product not yet on the market…but coming soon. That company, Engage Audio Design, has announced and shown a simplified total home theater package called Unity Home Theater. If the actual shipping product adheres closely to the prototype shown at the show – they just may have a real winner on their hands!

What’s so great about Unity? You’ve got to read on…

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Continuing to Ramp-Up, 3vNet Announces Its Pick for Director of U.S. Sales

Photo of Matt Curtin, Director of U.S. Sales, 3vNet

Matt Curtin
Director of U.S. Sales, 3vNet

New industry player, 3vNet – formerly known as Colorado vNet – announced today that it has selected a Director of Sales. According to the company, Matt Curtin is the company’s new Director of U.S. Sales, effective immediately, and will take over directing the sales activities of the company’s independent sales representatives. Continue reading

CEA Line Show Next Gen TV Panel Talks Tech, Specialty Retail, and Apple iTV

Photo Showing Next Gen TV Panel from 2012 CEA Line ShowAt last month’s 2012 CEA Line Show in New York City, tucked amongst the many manufacturer’s press conferences was a variety of panels discussing what the CEA purported to be today’s top issues. One such panel, the Next Gen TV panel, talked about…as you might imagine…emerging TV technologies like OLED, 4K resolution, and Internet-enabled TVs. Many in our business would suggest that this is old news. But things got more interesting when the panel strayed from technology topics and veered into a variety of industry issues, such as TV makers technology roll-out strategies, the politics of 4K, and Apple entering the TV business. Continue reading

SpeakerCraft Crafts a New Kind of Speaker

SpeakerCraft Protege LogoAt the CEA Line Show last month, we saw a whole spectrum of exhibitors, including: 1) Unknown brands vying to get the attention of the tech press; 2) Well-known brands showing products again that have already been announced and shown; 3) And then there were a couple of surprises – well-known companies showing entirely new products or product categories. SpeakerCraft, a well-known predominantly custom integration supplier, surprised us with a new product in a new category for them…they call it Protegé.

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Is Pioneer Another Name for Innovator?

Pioneer is Embracing the Smartphone LifestyleYears ago, the step-up component audio world was dominated by the big three: Yamaha, Onkyo, and Denon. Having joined Onkyo in 1985, I got to participate in what some people called the “meat of the market.” These brands hit the optimal “sweet spot” of volume and profitability and literally could be the difference between life-and-death for dealers.

And we knew it. Those were heady times, and often we let our egos run wild – turning our noses up at mass market brands such as Sony, Kenwood, and Pioneer. Well, I’m older and wiser now – the big three aren’t what they used to be – and I recognize smart and savvy moves when I see them…and Pioneer is impressing me. Continue reading

Latest CEA Industry Data Shows Shocking Struggles, Are We Headed for a ‘Meltdown’?

CEA Line Show LogoOne of the benefits of attending the 2012 CEA Line Show in NYC is that the sponsoring trade group (Consumer Electronics Association) brings their resident economist who provides the latest market research data of where the industry is now…and where he thinks it will be at the end of the year after the holiday selling season. He’s not always right…but he is always interesting. And this year, as always, there was a mixture of good news and mostly bad news.

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Residential Systems Editor Glowacki Named to CEDIA Fellows Program; Blogs Wistfully about Industry Turmoil

Photo of Jeremy Glowacki

Jeremy Glowacki, Residential Systems Editor-in-Chief

Residential Systems Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Glowacki, probably one of the smartest, classiest guys in the industry, revealed on his blog earlier this week that he has been elected to CEDIA’s “Fellows” Program. A honor only bestowed upon a handful of industry executives every year, Glowacki displayed honest surprise at his selection. And, in noting that the honor apparently comes with lifetime CEDIA membership – turned wistful in an emotional blog post about the current state of the industry in So Many Departures in So Little Time. Continue reading

Monster Announces New Monster, New Partnerships, and Mini-Fashion Show

New Monster Global VP of Marketing and Web, Tracy Benson

Tracy Benson
Monster’s New Global VP of Marketing and Web

At the CEA LineShow last week, Monster put on a press conference that, as usual, was quite a show. And the first surprise was that the event was kicked off by a new Monster – recently appointed Global VP of Marketing and Web Tracy Benson. Benson, a former Senior Director at Best Buy, wasted no time launching into the presentation by reminding reporters that Monster Beats “proved them wrong” when many said consumers would not pay more for a better, more richer listening experience. Continue reading

Four Weeks Later, The OAC Group and Russound Call Off Agreement

Russound LogoOnly weeks after reporting of the triumphant return of Oscar Ciornei to Russound, a company for which he was once COO earlier in his career, news comes to us that the parties have agreed to part company. A swift and surprising development – the company says the reason for the mutually agreed-upon separation was an emerging conflict with an existing client. However, we have received reports that suggest other issues may have also been a factor.

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CEA Line Show Overview

CEA Line Show LogoThe 2012 CEA Line Show wrapped up today and as usual, it was a combination of mind-numbing “me-too” posers, mixed in with a handful of some real, creative, innovators. The problem is, it took a lot of patience to wade through all of the literally hundreds of booths, and thousands of people to dig through muck…and find the gems.

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