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James Loudspeaker logoJames Loudspeaker, the scrappy, custom creation-centric speaker manufacturer, announced this week a new series of 2.1 soundbars. By 2.1, they mean the soundbar reproduces left-channel audio, right channel audio, and deep bass via an included subwoofer…all in one. Because of this unique configuration, James calls it their LR-S soundbar.

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When first introduced, soundbars were considered by many in the industry to be a mass market item for use in those situations where consumers did not have the desire, or the space, for a full component loudspeaker system. However, over time, integrators have, for a variety of reasons, found themselves installing soundbars regularly. Sometimes this is because of client demand…and sometimes it is because, darn it, in some situations, the soundbar can be a perfect solution.

When I visited James Loudspeaker back in 2016, one message came through loud and clear, this is a company that truly lives innovation every day. Others may pay lip service to innovation, but at James, it is central to their core. And one of the things I saw being built there in surprising quantities, were custom soundbars.

Something Unique in a Ubiquitous Category

James Loudspeaker SPL6 soundbar

James Loudspeaker SPL6 – Note the quad tweeter and L/R driver on each end, with four drivers in the middle which comprise the subwoofer for low frequency reproduction. The company says frequencies below 60Hz are possible in any configuration

Now James’ 2.1 LR-S soundbars bring something unique to the market…a soundbar that offers extremely high quality sound…with a built-in subwoofer for those situations where a separate subwoofer just isn’t an option. Sticking to their knitting – James’ LR-S soundbars can be customized to match any flat panel TV and any color finish.

The company says the engineering for their LR-S soundbars came from solutions the company created for a variety of commercial situations including boardrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, retail showrooms, and nightclubs. Now they’ve targeted residential applications such as bedrooms, dens, anywhere surround sound is not required.  LR-S comes in three different models – SPL5, SPL6, and SPL8. That numeral in the series number, by the way, refers to the size of the built-in drivers. The company claims their LR-S soundbars can reproduce frequencies below 60Hz(!) in nearly any size model.

Super Build-Quality for Better Sound and Longer Life

Constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum, each James LR-S soundbar includes drivers with proprietary aluminum cone woofers and either aluminum or beryllium dome quad tweeters for unmatched sound quality, dispersion and durability. Each model includes an aluminum perforated speaker grill and again, any soundbar can be painted to perfectly match any decor.

The LR-S series of soundbars can be mounted directly to a display or on a wall with brackets. They are available now with prices starting at $3,500 MSRP.

Learn more about James Loudspeaker and their products at:

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