CEDIA 2019: Savant Surprises with User Experience Upgrades

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The 2019 CEDIA Expo is in full swing and one of the busiest booths on the floor is Savant’s. The company has a large roster of new products, but perhaps most impressive were a couple of user experience upgrades that look as though they will delight clients everywhere.

See the User Experience upgrades from Savant…

It was just 6:45am when the media gathered for a special, pre-opening “Media Hard Hat Tour” of key exhibitors arranged by the show promoters. Most members of the press were a little groggy, shaking off the early morning chills, and perhaps a previous late night of parties and late dinners.

First stop on the tour was Savant, and what they had to show us helped open our eyes this early morning. Most notably, Savant began the tour with a live demonstration of how the Savant Pro App can control color temperature in real time.

Savant's Tony Fritz demos the Pro Apps ability to adjust lighting color
Savant’s CEO Bob Madonna looks on as Tony Fritz demonstrates the Savant Pro App’s ability to change lighting color and the ability to schedule such changes [Click to enlarge]

Product Manager Tony Fritz grabbed an iPad and simply by sliding his finger on the surface, the lights over our heads began changing color…it was almost child’s play. Not only can you control the color, but you can also schedule lighting temperature changes throughout the day – something that lighting experts advise, helping the human body to stay in synchronization with the impact of daylight, which changes color throughout the day.

The client can incorporate these changes in a Savant scene. And, this is cool, the app can give you a one minute demo of the day’s schedule you laid out with the app…helping you make sure you have the sequence correct.

Savant CEO Bob Madonna shows the full screen mode of the Smart Home App for Apple TV
Savant’s new Smart Home App for Apple TV turns your TV into a high definition control device. It has two modes, here you see the full screen mode with the control ribbon overlaid on your content [Click to enlarge]

From here, Savant CEO Bob Madonna took over the presentation, moving the group to a section of their booth with several televisions set up. Here he showed us their newly announced Smart Home App for Apple TV. In essence, this app turns your TV into a full fledged, high definition control interface.

Savant's Smart Home App for Apple TV in tiled mode
In this picture, you can see the Smart Home App for Apple TV in a tiled mode with the control ribbon below your content [Click to enlarge]

There are two modes, Madonna explained : a full screen mode, where the control interface fills the screen; and an tiled mode where a your live TV show or movie is slightly reduced in size while a control ribbon appears below the image. It looks smart, feels modern and intuitive for the user.

Users can control lighting with the Smart Home App for Apple TV
Here Madonna is controlling the lighting sconces via the Smart Home App for Apple TV [Click to Enlarge]

Through the App, the user can control all key functions of their Savant system, including TV station, movie selection, music, lighting, security, climate, and more. Thanks to its intuitive design, users will most likely easily adopt this new way to control their Savant systems.

CEO Madonna shows how easy it is to monitor energy usage with the new Smart Home App for Apple TV
Madonna shows the press how easy it is to monitor energy usage with the new Smart Home App for Apple TV [Click to enlarge]

Of course, Savant had much, much more to show at CEDIA Expo 2019. But these user experience upgrades are clearly going to be popular with users.

AT CEDIA? See Savant in booth #1500.

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