CE Week: Acoustic Innovations Wallscapes Improves Both Design & Sound of Rooms

Acoustic Innovations booth at CE Week

At CE Week last month, I was prepared to see the usual crop of gadgets and doodads designed to be sold to the masses through the retail channel. However this year, I was pleased to see a few more exhibitors offering products responsive to the custom integration channel. That includes the acoustics experts from Acoustic Innovations.

See what Acoustic Innovations showed at CE Week…

In the past, visiting CE Week could be a little frustrating if you are predominantly in the custom integration industry – as booth after booth would show a plethora of inexpensive gadgets targeted for mass market retail. These products had little or no correlation to the custom integration segment.

In fact, in the past about the closest you get to custom integration is multiple booths offering cheap Bluetooth speakers. Ugh!

More Custom Integration Products at This CE Week

However, this year I was pleased to find a few booths and displays more geared towards the custom integration channel…if sometimes only tangentially. This was the case with Acoustic Innovations, a company well known for its wide range of theater products, including everything from acoustic panels to full-blown theaters. They also offer theater seating, stretch walls, fiber-optic star ceilings, theater design services, and more.

Accoustics Innovations Wallscape panels at CE Week
At CE Week 2019 Acoustic Innovations Chief Innovation Officer Emily Miller shows me their Wallscapes line of acoustic treatments suitable for residential and commercial environments [Click to enlarge]

But Acoustic Innovations also offers a product call Wallscapes which are decorative panels in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors with sound absorption properties that help to control room reflections and other acoustic problems. This is the product they showed in their booth on the show floor and also in a display in the large Connected Home booth, which presented a collection of vignettes of rooms such as those you would find in a smart home.

Wallscapes Panels Shape the Look & Sound of Rooms

In the Acoustic Innovations booth, I spoke with the delightful Emily Miller, Chief Innovation Officer for Acoustic Innovations, who patiently shared with me the history and behind-the-scenes stories about the company, much of which I was largely unaware. We then moved to the Connected Design smart home display to see their Wallscapes series shown there.

Wallscapes is an interesting diversification for the company, as it opens up their solutions to a large number of customers who, for whatever reason, don’t want or can’t accommodate a dedicated theater room solution. Given the fact that the CE Week show was in Manhattan, with its many closet sized apartments offering no space for a large dedicated theater…this makes perfect sense.

Lots and Lots of Panel Choices

Wallscape offers six different shaped panels in up to three different sizes. And all of these panels are available in up to 36 different designer colors. Multiply that all out and you have a ton of options. The many shapes, sizes, and colors of panels can all be mixed and matched in layouts offering a totally different visual impact on the room.

Aren’t creative enough to make your own eye-pleasing layouts? No problem, Acoustic Innovations has their own in-house design services and can do the design for you. And of course, the big gain is these panels deliver a much-improved room acoustics which is kind of the point of Wallscapes.

Wallscapes are also an excellent option for office environments, where acoustics were often ignored when constructing the office…to the detriment of the workers in the space.

Company Makes All Products in USA

Miller says that Acoustic Innovations is unique in the industry in that they are the only acoustic products company that manufactures all of their own products. They do not outsource anything to outside, overseas manufacturers, she tells me. This gives them total control over the quality of the product.

That fact is a point of pride for this 27-year old company based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Learn more about Acoustic Innovations by visiting: www.acousticinnovations.com.

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