BIG Strata-gee News to Share

Ted Green, founder of Strata-gee

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a little bit of news about emerging developments taking place at Strata-gee. There are some significant things in the works – many yet to come – but a few we can talk about now.

Read on to see the latest Strata-gee news…

First, I am bust-your-buttons proud to announce that we have two new Sponsors – Sony and Crestron. It is immensely gratifying to report that more and more companies are recognizing the growing influence of Strata-gee in the industry today. Their support contributes towards keeping that momentum going.

The newest Strata-gee sponsors

Keep in mind as you look at our current complement of sponsors, most of them approached Strata-gee about sponsoring, rather than us pitching them. I can’t fully express how gratifying it is to realize that all of the hard work behind this website is catching the awareness of more and more readers…and companies seeking to help support the growing Strata-gist channel.

An Above-and-Beyond Commitment

Sponsors help to ensure that Strata-gee’s brand of honest, clear-eyed reporting can continue. I hope that readers, if given the opportunity, will go out of their way to congratulate executives of these sponsors on their support – and be sure to check out what these companies are doing as well.

All of Strata-gee sponsors

Like Strata-gee readers, I believe our sponsors are unique in their above-and-beyond commitment to this channel. That fact alone, in and of itself, should put them on your shortlist of companies with which to consider partnering.

More…Much More…is Coming!

So that is what I CAN tell you so far. What I am not in a position to reveal just yet, is that Strata-gee is in advanced levels of planning for an even bigger and better 2020. There will be some big changes coming…and they are all changes for the better.

When the timing is right, these changes will be revealed. Many of them will become obvious and visible on their own anyway, but I will share them with you just as soon as possible.

Forgive Me

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears has gone into this venture. I hope you can forgive this moment of look-at-me indulgence, but what’s coming is so exciting – it’s hard to contain myself.

So a BIG THANKS to all of our sponsors for their support… An especially HEARTY WELCOME to our newest sponsors Sony and Crestron…

And most importantly, my UNDYING GRATITUDE to all Strata-gee readers; Without you, none of this happens!

Stay tuned for more details soon…

>Would you like to discover why your company should become a sponsor of Strata-gee? Reach out to me here and let’s connect!

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About Ted

A sales and marketing specialist - primarily in the technology industry - I've experienced a sort of "circle of life" in business. I've been a mass merchant retailer, a specialty retailer, a specialty manufacturer, a large volume manufacturer, a distributor, and even represented sales representatives. Now the owner of a marketing company that works with a variety of businesses on improving their strategic marketing and business development - I analyze issues from all angles to develop holistic solutions.


BIG Strata-gee News to Share — 17 Comments

  1. Good for you Ted! As I’ve been out of the industry I spent my entire career in for almost 5 years now, Strata-gee keeps me feeling connected.

  2. Well done Ted! I will be sure to high-five Sony and Crestron for an excellent decision….to reward QUALITY journalism…..something our industry could use more of and something you have been consistently delivering for many years. Looking forward to a bright future ahead for you Sir!

    • Richard,

      Thanks so much Richard! It is challenging to provide smart commentary and information, for readers that are as smart as you. I’ll keep trying!


  3. Kudos Ted!

    It’s beneficial for some of us to get ‘insider news’ from Strata-gee days (weeks?) before other sources (including factory reps). Please keep up the good work.

    Inner Sound

  4. Ted,

    I hope life, health and good mood finds you well in 2020.

    Also, again, hoping that Disqus comment system is not among things to come, as convenience has astronomical fee with Disqus in every way imaginable.

  5. Ted,
    Congratulations that is fantastic news, and you just put the Happy in Happy Friday!!! As always I wish you the best in 2020 and cannot wait for more good news. As a industry veteran I am proud to call you a friend and colleague, it seems like just yesterday you and I were tearing up the highway.

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