Sharp Expected to Report 200 Billion Yen Loss


Photo of Sharp Logo Outside Store in JapanIn a new report out of Japan today, Sharp Corp. is said to be preparing to report a loss of "more than 200 billion yen" or about $1.66 billion, when they finally release their fiscal year-end results. This report is based on unnamed sources and appeared in the Nikkei.

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Showing the Power of Software – Latest TiO Update Expands Capabilities

TiO logoWe have been reporting on TiO and its various predecessor permutations (Colorado vNet, 3vNet, ACTP) for some time now. TiO, which stands for Turn it On, is an interesting hybrid of software and hardware enabling an incredibly flexible home automation system that strikes a balance between easy operation, system capabilities, user experience (UX) and powerful performance. TiO is app driven and also has a proprietary system software solution . And now the company shows us the power of a strong system software foundation with an "update" that dramatically expands the systems capabilities.

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Sonos Shoots Back; D&M Filings ‘Not Entirely Accurate’

Sonos logoThe legal battle in the patent infringement case filed by Sonos, Inc. (Sonos) against D&M Holdings, Inc. dba The D+M Group, D&M Hodlings U.S. Inc., and Denon Electronics (USA), LLC (D&M) continues to heat up as lawyers launch new salvos against each other alleging - among other things - improper actions. In February, we reported that D&M's legal team had filed a Motion to Disqualify the Sonos legal team, with the astonishing allegation that at one time these lawyers worked for both Sonos and D&M at the same time.

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The DaVinci Group Selects Stratecon to Create Content for New Dealer Support Program

Graphic: The DaVinci Group Selects StrateconTopics to Include Industry Trends, Product & Company Information

The Stratecon Group, Inc., a leading tech industry strategic marketing company and parent company of this website, announced  today that The DaVinci Group, LLC has selected it to develop, create, and produce content for a new support program for their dealers. This new program, which will be officially launched in a few weeks, is centered around the creation of news and information on industry trends,  technology trends, product news, and company information to be published on a regular basis for The DaVinci Group dealers.

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Hey Retailers – Forget the Millennials, Follow the Money

Forrester Research logoNew data from market researcher Forrester Research Inc. suggests that retailers should forget about trying to attract millennials or other younger shoppers and instead shift gears to reach out to baby boomers. Why? Quite simply, that's where the money is.

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Apple’s Smartwatch: A Magnum Opus? Or A Major Oh-Oh?

Photo of Apple Watch

[Photo: Reuters]

Smarmy smugness notwithstanding, Apple executives must be getting at least a little nervous. As we recently reported, their launch of the new Apple Watch saw a response that was tepid at best. As the press expressed a healthy dose of skepticism, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted with a touch of irony how the press has been wrong on most of the company's launches of many products that went on to dominate their markets. to the hand.

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HDMI Forum Announces Release of HDMI 2.0a Spec

Graphic of HDMI ForumWith many just getting their arms wrapped around the new HDMI 2.0 specification, we now learn that the HDMI Forum - parent of HDMI Licensing, LLC - has released a new HDMI 2.0a specification. This new spec update is said to add support for high dynamic range (HDR) transmissions.

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Toshiba Launches Investigation into ‘Possible Problems’ with Its Accounting

Stock Hit With Largest 1-Day Loss in More Than a Year

Toshiba logoToshiba Corp. announced in Japan that it will appoint a committee to investigate what it calls "possible problems" with its accounting. Investors in Japan responded by hitting the company's stock with its largest one-day drop in more than a year - dropping the value of its stock almost 5%.

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Tidal Narrative Turns from Quality of Sound – to Quality of Royalties

Soon to Face New Competitor in Service Created by Apple and Beats by Dr. Dre

Tidal logoThe narrative surrounding Tidal, the latest music streaming service to enter the increasingly crowded music delivery market last year, has taken a new and unforeseen turn with the purchase of the service by Jay Z. Originally conceived as a pay music streaming service offering a higher performance alternative to the ad-driven free services of highly compressed music streamers such as Pandora and Spotify, the Tidal narrative was one of quality. Now?

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SupplyStream Says Its All About the Search

SupplyStream LogoSupplyStream, the industry product-line aggregator that offers dealers and integrators a web platform with cross-vendor consistency in product and pricing information, announced today that it has upgraded its search function based on feedback from current users. The company also says that it will make its API available to select 3rd party software solution providers.

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