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Twist – Simple Smart Home Light Bulb & Speaker

Photo of TwistProducts designed to address the simple smart home market continue to be introduced at a dizzying pace – most of which will end up in the dust bin of not-so-useful, not-so-innovative app-controllable nonsense in the future. But every once in a while we stumble across items that catch our eye, and Twist is one of those.

What is Twist? If you can screw in a lightbulb, you can have a smarter home lighting and wireless audio solution.

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After Years of Cutbacks, Sony Says Its Time to Drive Sales

Sony Marketing Discusses Growth Plans with Japanese Media

Sony logo on screen at CES press presentationSony told the Nikkei this week that – to paraphrase – after years of painful dieting, the company has reached its fighting weight and is ready to go to battle to grow its sales worldwide. The company has spent the last few years spinning off divisions, cutting back on employment levels, and reducing overhead – all for the express purpose of improving profits. That goal achieved, the company will now focus on sales.

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Cyber Monday was Big, But is It Losing Its Mojo?

Photo of shoppersOh I know…you’ve been reading all of the press about how Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day ever this year. So how can we be suggesting it’s losing momentum? Well, according to new data analyzed by eMarketer, that appears to be exactly the case.

So which days are gaining ground on Cyber Monday?

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GoPro Cuts 15% Of Workforce; Closes Division

Photo of KarmaJust a couple of weeks after we reported on GoPro’s recall of thousands of defective Karma drones and other business problems, now comes word that the company is in the process of cutting more than 200 jobs, or about 15% of its total workforce, amid a sales decline. The company has also decided to shut down its Entertainment division and rededicate itself to its core wearable camera business.

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Leon Dresses Up SONOS with Gorgeous Woodwork

Leon logoAnn Arbor, MI-based Leon Speakers, known for their high-end A/V solutions that juxtapose the drama of art with the pinnacle of sound, announced this week that they have launched a line of wood trim encasements that bring the warmth of richly detailed woodgrain to the normal gray and black boxes of popular SONOS brand speakers. Known as Tonecase Hardwood Cabinets, Leon manages to bring a new form of richness to SONOS- a visual one.

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CTA Predicts Record Black Friday Week

Nearly 50% of the Entire U.S. Population Will Buy Tech Then

CTA logoIn a very bullish release from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization predicts that nearly half of all consumers in America (47%) will buy a technology product during Black Friday week, based on a newly completed survey. That result means 116 million Americans will buy tech – ten percent more than last year.

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A Tale of Two Japans – Toshiba & Japan Display

Photo of busy intersection in JapanTwo stories out of Japan caught our attention and, to our thinking, combine to show that Japan’s tech industry is still not yet out of the woods. The first story, by the Japan Times, says that troubled Toshiba’s half-year fiscal results show that their profits have now tripled. The second story, also from the Japan Times, announced that Japan Display will be laying off thousands of employees – almost a third of their workforce.

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James Loudspeakers Launches Giant Outdoor System

James Loudspeaker logoLooking like a giant modern sculpture of industrial art made out of marine-grade, black powder-coated aluminum, we first told you about James Loudspeaker’s Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater back in August when the company previewed it to a small group of journalists there for a factory tour. Designed to be a freestanding, all-inclusive, high-performance outdoor theater, the MIOT was a brute, conceptually, visually, and sonically. Now the company is officially launching the product to the custom integration channel.

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Startup TRXio Joins HTSA to Drive Growth

TRXio logoStartup software provider TRXio announced this week that it has joined Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) and fully participated in the organization’s Fall Conference last month in Chicago. The move is seen as another step on the road to greater awareness and acceptance of the company’s prime offering – inventory tracking software.

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