Control4 to Sell Denon Products Directly to Dealers

Control4 logoControl4 Corporation announced today that it will begin offering Denon products to Control4 dealers through a web portal at which products from both brands can be purchased. The move is a first for both brands, as far as we’re aware, and represents a potential expansion of Denon’s distribution channel.

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TiO 3.0 Updated Software Suite Adds Expanded Capabilities

TiO logoTurn It On (TiO), a division of Anuva Automation that makes wireless multi-room home automation and entertainment systems, announced today that it has released a major software suite update called TiO 3.0. The main reason for this update is to incorporate the major system capabilities expansion announced last month at CEDIA Expo 2015.

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DTS Partners with ProSource for National Play-Fi Marketing

DTS Play-Fi logoProSource, a national dealer buying group, announced this week that it has cut a deal with DTS Inc.,  to partner in marketing and promoting its Play-Fi wireless music system products. DTS, which announced an expanded roster of Play-Fi participating manufacturers at CEDIA Expo, has been a bit behind other wireless makers before now, but is seen as picking up the pace of its expansion.

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What You Don’t Know About Auro-3D May Surprise You

Auro-3D Intro SlideAt last month’s CEDIA Expo, we had the opportunity to meet Wilfried Van Baelen, the rather energetic, almost evangelistic, inventor of Auro-3D immersive surround sound technology. Van Baelen was quick to take credit for the concept of using speakers in the “z-axis” (height) to create a totally immersive surround experience. And he scoffed at the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X versions which miss the mark in several important ways, he tells us.

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Two Directors Abruptly Resign CEDIA Board of Directors in Apparent Sign of Turmoil


cedia logoTwo members of the Board of Directors of CEDIA have abruptly resigned within 24-hours of each other in what appears to be a sign of turmoil roiling the organization’s Board, multiple sources told us. According to reports, Richard Millson of Millson Technologies and Bob Brown, a well-known industry consultant, have both abruptly resigned their positions on the Board.

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Core Brands Turns to Vision Werks for ‘Brand Protection Program’

Nortek's Core Brands LogoAt last month’s CEDIA Expo, Core Brands announced that it has retained Vision Werks Consulting to help it establish a brand protection program. According to Core Brands release, Vision Werks will primarily be involved in issues revolving around unauthorized online resellers.

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Digital Projection’s Dynamite Demo at EXPO

Digital Projection logoWe saw many presentations at the 2015 CEDIA Expo in Dallas, but one stood head-and-shoulders above the rest – Digital Projection’s Insight 4K projector demo. Not only was the product line smokin’ hot, the company retained video expert Chris Chinnock of Insight Media who offered a very educational presentation on the key elements of projector performance, elements to which we often don’t pay enough attention.

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AudioControl was Out of Control at Expo 2015

AudioControl booth at 2015 ExpoAudioControl’s booth was consistently busy with lots of integrator traffic at last month’s CEDIA 2015 Expo. Much of this traffic was due to the fact that the company was showing several recently announced new models for the first time.

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Artison Backpack: Small Solution to Huge Problem

Photo of Artison's Matt LaBruzzo

Artison’s Matthew LaBruzzo shows the Nano Backpack

One of the neatest solutions we saw at the 2015 CEDIA Expo was Artison’s clever new product called the Nano Backpack WP (WiSA™ Powered). Don’t let its diminutive size fool you – the Backpack solves a huge problem – how to add exciting theater surround sound without resorting to bulky, and (to consumers), ugly electronic components.

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