D+M Group Issues Response to Sonos Lawsuit


Earlier today, we reported that wireless music system powerhouse Sonos had filed a lawsuit against Denon in regards to its HEOS line of wireless music systems. The lawsuit alleged, among other things, infringement on four of their patents and asked the court for an injunction to stop HEOS products from being sold.

Today, we received a statement from D+M Group, the parent of Denon, in response to this lawsuit.

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D-Tools & Spring Deck Announce Strategic Partnership

Spring Deck logoD-Tools, Inc., one of the industry’s largest proposal generation software companies, and Spring Deck, LLC, a new and rapidly growing app-based sales presentation software company, have joined forces to offer a virtual end-to-end sales and proposal solution for the custom integration industry. The two companies plan to integrate their respective software platforms, offering integrators a streamlined solution that will facilitate everything from the initial sales presentation to an efficiently created proposal to final installation illustrations and materials.

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Sonos Sues to Halt HEOS

Photo of HEOS product line

HEOS product line

Congratulations Denon, your new HEOS system is so successful that wireless music monster Sonos has taken notice…and filed a lawsuit to stop it. It has been a open secret since we first learned of HEOS this past June that HEOS is meant to attack the same wireless music player market that Sonos essentially invented. Many have tried to take on Sonos…but none have come close to replicating the features and performance Sonos introduced to consumers. Until HEOS…

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U.S. Smart Home Supplier Icontrol Launches Venture in Japan

Icontrol logoIcontrol Networks, Inc. has partnered with Japan’s Tokyu Corp. to launch state-of-the-art smart-home solutions in Japan first, and then later into the greater Southeast Asia market. The deal provides for Tokyu’s cable television division, Its Communications, to offer Icontrol’s Touchstone solution throughout Asia to their cable customers.

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Amazon’s Mysterious Lab126 – Poised to Take Over Home Automation?

Amazon logoOnline retail behemoth Amazon.com, Inc. has always been pretty secretive about their internal projects and initiatives. Especially so about their Lab126 hardware design division, the group responsible for the popular Kindle e-book reader…and the not-so-popular Fire phone. But a report by Reuters at the end of last month blew the tent cover back enough to get a glimpse of just what this secret lab is working on now – and home automation appears to be in their sights.

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ProSource Scores Deal with Leon Speakers

ProSource LogoProSource, a division of BrandSource and the self-proclaimed largest buying group of AV integrators, announced this week that it has added Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Leon Speakers to its vendor roster. Proclaiming the addition “an honor,” group co-President Jim Ristow says Leon brings “incredible design and top-notch audio quality” to the group.

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What Do Homeowners Really Want from a ‘Smart Home’ System?

52% of Americans Say Having a Smart Home is at Least Somewhat Important to Them

Photo of Cover of Lowe's SurveyIn an new study on consumer attitudes about smart home technology, we find some interesting insights. Some seem logical…while others are a bit of a surprise. We were surprised to find out that more than half of all Americans feel that having a smart home is at least somewhat important to them. And 21% – more than one in five Americans – said having a smart home is very or fairly important to them.

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Grimani Systems: Is This the ULTIMATE Home Theater?

Photo of Anthony Grimani

Anthony Grimani
Grimani Systems

You take a dream team of engineers & systems designers and challenge them to create a new kind of system that would earn the undisputed title of the ultimate home theater system and what do you get? You get Grimani Systems – an all-new company comprised of well-known industry personality Anthony Grimani, engineer Manny LaCarrubba, and business entrepreneur David Steel.

And to create the ultimate system there was only one place to start – with a clean sheet of paper (actually probably a large, clean whiteboard.) From there, the CinemaOne Audio Ensemble was born.

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Center of Planet Panasonic Since 1970, AV Headquarters to be Closed, Demolished & Sold

Photo of Panasonic signIn what is surely a demonstration of a conclusive shift in its business strategy – not to mention a bit of heavy symbolism in hometown Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corp. has announced its intentions to close, demolish and sell off the real estate of its existing AV headquarters building that served as the home of its TV and AV business since the 1970s. The center of the universe for tech-heavy Panasonic, many in Japan look to this development as a sign of the end of an era as this 160,000-sq.-meter (1.7 million-sq.-ft.) building was where the company’s TV business and digital electronics businesses were created and managed.

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Sharp Says They’ll Be First to Market with 8K TVs – Plans 2015 Start

Image of large UHDTV Screen

Sharp Corporation has announced in Japan that it intends to be the first company in the world to bring 8K LCD TVs to market – and says it will begin making them in 2015. Sharp made the comments at CEATEC, a major trade show for the IT and CE industries taking place right now in Japan.

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