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CEDIA Attendance Flat Again – CEO Says It’s Good News

Photo of crowd from CEDIAThis week, CEDIA released their attendance figures for CEDIA 2016 (formerly the CEDIA Expo) which closed last week in Dallas. The total number of attendees was said to be 18,750 or flat with the 18,700 that attended last year.

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Crestron Pursues Deeper & More Innovative Integrations with Partners

Photo from Amazon keynoteCrestron Embraces Sonos, Amazon, & Others

At CEDIA 2016, one of the top themes we identified was companies seeking more and better integrations with other companies’ technologies. In most cases, this expressed itself with companies seeking to have their product lines properly interface with the major control companies. But at CEDIA this year, Crestron took that concept to new heights and in a new direction with their enthusiastic embrace of newcomers to the CI channel…Sonos and Amazon Alexa.

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Russound Formally Launches 70V Line at CEDIA 2016

To Help Integrators ‘Expand Your Marketplace’

Photo of XZone70V streamerAlthough previewed to the media last month, dealers and the media finally had the opportunity to physically see and touch the all-new Russound 70-volt light commercial line in the flesh at last week’s CEDIA 2016. The line, which the company intends to continue to develop and expand, launched with three models in the line, including a music streamer/amplifier, a volume control wallpad, and an outdoor speaker.

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7 Top Trends at CEDIA 2016

Photo of CEDIA16 show floorWith CEDIA 2016 now over, those of us in the media are left to try and uncover the underlying themes in order to help our readers wrap their heads around just what this particular CEDIA (formerly referred to as the Expo) was all about. But this show is big enough that no one member of the media can possibly visit all booths, talk to all exhibitor executives, and experience all new models. So each of us have our own version of the themes of the show.

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LG Launches 77″ OLED, Spectacular in Image and Price

LGs logoLG Electronics launched a new 77-inch OLED display with a stunning image…and a price point to match. Unveiled for the first time at CEDIA, it was not only an impressive product, it was equally impressive that LG chose CEDIA 16 for its unveiling – a sign of real commitment to the channel for a premium product such as the LG Signature OLED TV OLED77G6P.

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B&K is Back…Well, Sort Of

Photo of Barry Wosk

Barry Wosk, President of B&K

One-time darling of many independent audio dealers and integrators, B&K Components, Ltd. had disappeared from view back in 2010. In fact, Strata-gee (then the Alert) broke the news about its impending demise just after the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta in October 2010. The bank was in the process of taking over the company and amplifier manufacturer Amplifier Technologies, Inc. (ATI) swooped in to purchase the remaining assets of the defunct company.

Now, the brand is back under new ownership – an ownership with all-new ideas to building a new company under the B&K banner. And who are these guys? Well, for starters, they’re Canadian, eh?

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Will This Be A Different CEDIA?

Keynote crowd at past Expo

A past CEDIA crowd

Copious numbers of jet planes have made, and are still making their way to Dallas, each carrying within their fully-loaded bellies, hoards of passengers on their annual pilgrimage to the Mecca of technology – the event formerly known as Expo, now known simply as CEDIA 2016.

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CEDIA EMEA ‘Integrated’ Into CEDIA U.S.


CEDIA EMEA Being Subsumed into CEDIA US in a Bloodless Coup is a Win for New CEO

cedia logoThis morning, the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) announced that CEDIA EMEA and CEDIA headquarters in the U.S. has been completely “integrated” and is now one entity in whole. The news will be a huge surprise to some, and a point of confusion for others, as not many people understood the relationship between the two organizations. CEDIA EMEA, formerly CEDIA UK, is in fact an independent organization that licenses the rights to use the CEDIA name in Europe.

Now, things have changed.

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Crestron is Officially Back at CEDIA 2016


Crestron logoDespite Crestron’s announcement earlier this year that they will exit the CEDIA show, Strata-gee has confirmed with CEDIA that Crestron Electronics, Inc. will in fact be exhibiting at this year’s CEDIA 2016 next week in Dallas, TX. Crestron will be exhibiting in booth 2510, a booth that they are sharing with Amazon Alexa.

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New, Smaller, More Focused Kaleidescape is Back

Kaleidescape logoIn a letter to dealers sent Thursday evening, Kaleidescape CEO Cheena Srinivasan says the company is back in business, but in a leaner, lower overhead way. The news, which the industry rumor mill was buzzing about all day Thursday, is a bit of a surprise considering the company was completely shut down just a couple of weeks ago.

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