ProSource Scores Deal with Leon Speakers

ProSource LogoProSource, a division of BrandSource and the self-proclaimed largest buying group of AV integrators, announced this week that it has added Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Leon Speakers to its vendor roster. Proclaiming the addition “an honor,” group co-President Jim Ristow says Leon brings “incredible design and top-notch audio quality” to the group.

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What Do Homeowners Really Want from a ‘Smart Home’ System?

52% of Americans Say Having a Smart Home is at Least Somewhat Important to Them

Photo of Cover of Lowe's SurveyIn an new study on consumer attitudes about smart home technology, we find some interesting insights. Some seem logical…while others are a bit of a surprise. We were surprised to find out that more than half of all Americans feel that having a smart home is at least somewhat important to them. And 21% – more than one in five Americans – said having a smart home is very or fairly important to them.

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Grimani Systems: Is This the ULTIMATE Home Theater?

Photo of Anthony Grimani

Anthony Grimani
Grimani Systems

You take a dream team of engineers & systems designers and challenge them to create a new kind of system that would earn the undisputed title of the ultimate home theater system and what do you get? You get Grimani Systems – an all-new company comprised of well-known industry personality Anthony Grimani, engineer Manny LaCarrubba, and business entrepreneur David Steel.

And to create the ultimate system there was only one place to start – with a clean sheet of paper (actually probably a large, clean whiteboard.) From there, the CinemaOne Audio Ensemble was born.

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Center of Planet Panasonic Since 1970, AV Headquarters to be Closed, Demolished & Sold

Photo of Panasonic signIn what is surely a demonstration of a conclusive shift in its business strategy – not to mention a bit of heavy symbolism in hometown Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corp. has announced its intentions to close, demolish and sell off the real estate of its existing AV headquarters building that served as the home of its TV and AV business since the 1970s. The center of the universe for tech-heavy Panasonic, many in Japan look to this development as a sign of the end of an era as this 160,000-sq.-meter (1.7 million-sq.-ft.) building was where the company’s TV business and digital electronics businesses were created and managed.

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Sharp Says They’ll Be First to Market with 8K TVs – Plans 2015 Start

Image of large UHDTV Screen

Sharp Corporation has announced in Japan that it intends to be the first company in the world to bring 8K LCD TVs to market – and says it will begin making them in 2015. Sharp made the comments at CEATEC, a major trade show for the IT and CE industries taking place right now in Japan.

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Is the Shake-Up at Core Brands Really About Retirement?

Photo of Bill Pollock

Bill Pollock


Over the last few days, management of Core Brands has gone out of their way to reach out to several members of the media to talk about last week’s announcement of the retirement of President Bill Pollock, the exit of Senior VP of Sales Dave Keller, and of the layoff of “a small number of full-time positions.” The announcement suggests a lot of turmoil at Core Brands…a company that seems to have “turmoil” as its middle name.

But is this turmoil really about retirement? Or is something else going on at Core Brands?…

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Top Strata-gee & SYNCH Stories from Q3

Strata-gee graphicFor reasons not entirely clear, the third quarter of this year was exceedingly vigorous for activity on the website and the SYNCH newsletter. All except one were actually written during the quarter and four of these stories had astronomical numbers that just a year or so ago would have been decent numbers over a year’s time frame!

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Funai Files $400 Million Claim Against Philips; But Management Infighting Engulfs Funai in Flames

Funai logoIn an unusually breathless and overstimulated report out of Japan, we learn that Funai Electric Co., Ltd. – a large, global OEM manufacturing company of mostly AV gear – has filed a $400 million damage claim in their battle with Philips over the loss of a deal with the European giant for its Woox audio business. Not only that, but the report from the Nikkei also revealed that – at the same time – Funai’s President and CEO of less than 9-months has abruptly resigned in a dispute with upper management on the future direction of the company.

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Big Changes at Core Brands: Pollock Retires & Keller is Out


Nortek's Core Brands LogoWe received word late today of big changes taking place at Core Brands as the company announced that President Bill Pollock will retire “after 27-years leading Panamax-Furman” and Core Brands. Pollock’s retirement becomes effective at the end of the year and he will be replaced by Joe Roberts, currently Core Brands Vice President of Products and Marketing.

The company also announced that Senior Vice President of Sales Dave Keller will be also leaving the company “before the end of the year.” Interestingly, there was no reason given for Keller’s departure.

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CEDIA Expo Shorts

CEDIA Expo logoAs we perused the hallowed halls of last month’s CEDIA Expo, we ran across of lot of stories – great and small. Below you will find a selection of some of the stories and photos we haven’t yet posted about, but felt you should know… (All photos can be clicked to be enlarged)

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