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Streaming TV to Hit Tipping Point in 2016

Eye-Popping Numbers Point to Huge Shift in Consumer Preferences

Graphic of digital TVMuch like the amazing growth in music streaming over the last few years, streaming TV has also seen an explosion in the number of users as well. This growth has been fueled in large part by the growing popularity of both original programming and the replay of popular shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Now new research data predicts that in 2016 streaming TV will reach the tipping point – more than half of all Americans will watch TV programming from streaming video services.

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Sony’s Profits Prove Turnaround is Real

Photo showing Sony logoIn new data coming out of Japan, Sony has reported their 9-month results for the current fiscal year revealing solid profitability that makes it clear that their turnaround efforts are producing serious and durable results. Of a total of 439 companies reporting YTD (3-quarter) results, a report in the Nikkei had “Sony stealing the spotlight” with a “sharp turnaround” in its bottom line.

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Crestron Pulls Out of CEDIA Expo 2016


Crestron logoAfter receiving several urgent communications from multiple sources, has confirmed that Crestron Electronics – for years the single largest exhibitor at CEDIA’s Expo – has informed the trade association that it will not participate in the upcoming 2016 event. Crestron, a long supporter of both CEDIA and the Expo, has always maintained a huge presence, with an upfront positioning right at the entry, thanks to the many priority points it has earned over the years. Now, CEDIA is fast at work finding a replacement.

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This is the End, My Friend; Google Glass Social Media Accounts Go Dark

An Augmented Reality FailGoogle Augmented Reality Glasses on Female Model

Reuters reported that all Google Glass social media pages went dark last week…with no explanation given. It was an ignominious end to one of the most anticipated tech products with one of the greatest buzz building campaigns of all time. Alas, in the end all we got was a costly beta test…

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InfoComm Sets New Standards for Cable Labeling in AV Systems

InfoComm logoInfoComm International, the trade group representing commercial integrators, announced this week that they have created and set a new standard for integrators called Cable Labeling for Audiovisual Systems (CLAS). This new standard puts forth new requirements for the labeling of cables in an AV system, and is meant to “harmonize” practices among integrators.

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Control4’s New EA Controller Series Reaches for a Broader Audience

Control4 logoControl4 launched their new EA (for Entertainment & Automation) Series of controllers which looks to broaden the appeal of the brand to potentially a whole new class of users. The EA series offers simple but competent control of your music and video content – with solutions priced as low as $600 – as well as automation. Some Control4 integrators are saying this new line effectively bridges the gap between the DIY consumer and the entry-level automation system.

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Apple Bruised by Worst iPhone Sales Growth Ever

AppleApple, Inc. is starting to look brown, bruised, and past its prime in wake of the surprising quarterly results that showed growth in sales of their bellwether iPhone product to be the slowest since the company launched the product category in 2007. Not only that, but the company forecast an overall sales decline for the first quarter of 2016 – their first sales decline since 2003. Reaction from Wall Street was swift with the price of Apple stock down more than 6% in mid-afternoon trading.

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Foxconn’s Full Court Press to Win Sharp

CEO Gou Goes All Out – Meets Face-to-Face with Japanese Gov’t Officials

Photo of Sharp DisplayAlthough the odds appear stacked against Taiwan’s Foxconn in its bid to acquire Sharp Corp., new reports suggest that CEO Terry Gou has intensified his efforts to win the troubled Japanese giant by meeting directly with Japanese government officials and offering new promises. In a report out of Japan by Reuters, sources are saying that Gou will do whatever it takes to win the company, including detailing more of his plans to assuage concerns and eliminate opposition to the deal.

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Federal Criminal Charges Brought Against Former Vann’s CEO Manlove

Prosecutor’s Plea Deal with Co-Conspirator Appears to Have Fallen Through

Photo of George Manlove, now with Velodyne

George Manlove

George Leslie Manlove, former CEO of Missoula, Montana-based Vann’s, Inc. has been arraigned on federal criminal charges brought against him by the FBI and the U.S. Department of Labor. The charges, more than 200 of them in total, allege extensive criminal conduct, including: conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, bank fraud, and making false statements. Manlove has pleaded ‘not guilty’ and was released on his own recognizance.

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TiO Drops Prices & Launches Home Starter Kit

TiO logoTiO, the home automation division of Anuva Automation, announced this week several interesting moves, including a price drop, a new Home Starter Kit, and program changes for both distributors and dealers. The combination of these moves makes the innovative wired and wireless home automation and multi-room entertainment system easier to buy…and easier to sell.

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