Another OLED Breakthrough? Japanese Consortium Forms to Test New OLED Production Method

Photo of early Sony OLED

An early Sony OLED TV.

A Who’s Who collection of significant panel and display manufacturers in Japan says they will collectively invest ¥20 billion ($193 million) into a test production line for OLED panels using a new manufacturing process that promises to move the industry closer to mass production of what many feel is the next-generation video technology. If all goes well, the consortium will be mass-producing large quantities of relatively inexpensive OLED panels by 2018.

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Bodley Exits PPC to Start a Company Selling What? Why PPC, Of Course

Bodley & Assocs. logoWhen Belden bought PPC at the end of 2012, Eric Bodley thought this was going to be great news for both PPC and its Perfect Path line, where since 2009 he had led the charge in establishing the cable and satellite connector company’s locking HDMI connectors into the custom integration channel. And while he would argue that this acquisition by Belden was, in fact, a good thing for PPC, he soon came to realize that there was a challenge for him that was difficult to address.

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In Semi-Annual Update, CEA Says Industry Sales Will Hit New High

CEA logoThe Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) maintains a semi-annually updated forecast for all major categories of consumer electronics and has announced the results of their latest update for July saying the industry will hit another new high watermark in industry-wide sales. In a  minor revision of their initial January 2014 forecast, the CEA now says total industry shipments in dollars will total $211.3 billion.

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Wireworld Launches All-New Website

Wireworld websiteWireworld, Inc., a specialty cable and interconnect manufacturer, announced this week that it has launched an all-new website. The new website has a completely updated and attractive design and is chock full of detailed information with color illustrations and photos on their extensive line of high quality cables and interconnects.

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Wait Till You See What’s Coming, Core Brands VP Tells Us

Nortek's Core Brands LogoLast week, Strata-gee was the first in the industry to report the financial second quarter results for Nortek, Inc. and while the overall news had many positive points – the results for the now-separately reported AV group was quite negative, driving the overall company into a net loss of $46.2 million. Our story hit pretty big, and drew a lot of “eyeballs” from around the industry.

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Put a Little Bounce in Your Sales with Spring Deck

SpringDeck iPad & logoImagine this – your sales team heads out to meet with prospective clients for your integration business somewhere in your service area. In a meeting, the client likes what they hear, but wants to see just exactly what the salesperson is referring to.

Like magic – presto changeo – your salesperson whips out an iPad and instantly pulls up a sharp, colorful image of the key components being proposed. What’s that you say, Mr. Prospect? You’d like to know how many HDMI inputs this unit has? Another click and a pdf of a manufacturer’s product cut-sheet opens up to detailed specifications – ah, there’s the answer.

Oh wait! – your salesperson exclaims – let me show you this short video made by the manufacturer that demonstrates a key feature that would be perfect for you. A colorful video plays instantly and smoothly, without any “buffering” hesitation.

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ProSource to Offer SVS Subwoofers

ProSource LogoProSource, a national retailer buying group, will add SVS subwoofers to its product line-up, the company announced on Tuesday. According to a published statement, “SVS is being tapped to energize subwoofer sales for independent retailers…”

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Needing Cash, Sharp Will Sell Land Under Major Factory

Photo of woman walking past Sharp sign

Sharp Corp. is said to be in the process of selling the land under one of its major factories in Osaka, Japan, in a bid to raise cash. The transaction, reported by the Nikkei, is said to be happening as early as the current fiscal year.

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