TiO Expansion Continues – Now Shipping TouchLite 4 Lighting Control

Photo of TiO systemTurn It On (TiO), a division of Anuva Automation, announced this week that it is now shipping their TouchLite 4 Lighting Control pad. The announcement is significant for multiple reasons - not the least of which, the TL 4 is its first device that expands the TiO system beyond its original audio foundation.

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Bullish on 2015, Japan’s Electronics & IT Companies Boost Production Plans

Photo of busy intersection in JapanJapanese consumer electronics and information technology companies appear to be quite bullish on 2015 and have put plans in place to boost production levels, according to Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association. The association released the results of an industry-wide survey earlier this week that show the stage is set for another year of growth.

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Strange Bedfellows? Dish Adds Netflix to Its Hopper Box

Dish logoDish Network Corp. announced today that it is the first major pay-TV provider in the U.S. to integrate the Netflix app into its set-top box. With this system, available on their second generation Hopper, users can access their favorite Netflix movies and shows, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. And this Netflix content resides side-by-side with "linear" TV channels.

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3 Steps to Building a Smarter Strategy

From our sister website - The Stratecon Group

Stratecon logoAs you likely know, the tag line for The Stratecon Group is Strategic Concepts in Marketing. Strategy is a big part of what we do. In fact, if you were to view Stratecon founder Ted Green’s LinkedIn profile, you would see that 2 of the top 5 endorsements are for strategy (#1 Marketing Strategy and #4 Strategy). Because of that, at cocktail parties…at the grocery store…on tradeshow floors…I am often asked how a company can come up with a great strategy.

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On Eve of Trial, Savant & Crestron Settle Lawsuit


Savant logoWe've learned today that the long running legal battle between automation giants Savant Systems and Crestron Electronics has been settled on the eve of the case going to trial. The suit was originally filed in September 2010 by Savant Systems, LLC, which alleged that Crestron Electronics, Inc. had - amongst other things - engaged in a variety of anti-competitive and  unfair trade practices. Crestron denied Savant's allegations and launched their own countersuit alleging that Savant had - amongst other things - engaged in tortious interference with contractual relations; and, unfair & deceptive acts in the conduct of trade.

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A PR Nightmare as Good Morning America Slams Vivint

GMA logoIf you were watching Good Morning America (GMA) this morning, as you munched on your Wheaties you likely saw investigative journalist Brian Ross in a story reporting on an ABC News investigation into the sales practices of security supplier Vivint. The investigation was launched when ABC News learned of military families who claimed the company was lying to them and engaging in unfair sales practices.

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The Revolving Door for Managers at Kaleidescape… Spins Again

Kaleidescape logoImagine, if you will, working at a company serving a channel in which yours is the only significant participant with no major competitors - you own the segment. Not only that, but dealers love your product, the press sings holy hosannas over the quality and performance of your line, a major [legal] black cloud is behind you, and the future appears to be bright. Must be an idyllic existence...right? At Kaleidescape, Inc., the industry's most prominent brand of media servers, it appears to be an idyllic existence only if you are one of the two founders - Michael Malcolm and Cheena Srinivasan. For other top managers, the pressure must be constant, as there appears to be a spinning revolving door - or so it would seem as we learn again this week of more top managers exiting the company.

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Apple to Set Up Its First R&D Facility Outside of US

Announcement Met with Mixture of Pride...and Concern

Apple Headquarters Apple, Inc. has announced that it will open its first research and development facility outside of the United States and it has chosen Japan as the location for the center. The announcement was reported by the Nikkei and has been met with a combination of national pride...and corporate concerns.

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Thiel Says It Will Introduce New TT1 Speaker System at CES

New Thiel logo black backgroundThiel Audio announced this week that it will introduce a new loudspeaker system - the TT1 - at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January. Calling it an "ultimate performance three-way loudspeaker," the announcement is the first major launch since the current management team was put in place earlier this year.

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Here Are Affluents’ Holiday Shopping Plans

eMarketer logoIf you are like many of our readers, you are either a custom integrator or specialty AV retailer who serve the Affluent ($75,000 per year income and up) market. Two new pieces of market research provide colorful illumination of the holiday shopping plans of Affluents for this coming holiday season.

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