Thiel Announces a Brand Relaunch…Again


Thiel logoThiel Audio dealers were surprised to receive an email Wednesday from the company announcing plans to – in their words – “revitalize” the storied audio brand. We last reported in April that the company had finally acknowledged to its dealers that it was moving its operations to Nashville, TN – after 38 years in Lexington, KY. This acknowledgement came one week after we reported to Strata-gee readers that the company planned to move.

Since then, the company has been silent. Now, this announcement sets out a new agenda for change – and it is an ambitious one.

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After Disappearing Completely, TiO Stages an Improbable Comeback

Photo from TiO websiteIn what was a complete surprise to many last week, several industry reps and dealers received a letter from Audio Control Technology Partners (ACTP) CEO Mike Anderson that announced the return of Turn it On (TiO) to the market. TiO, as you might recall, lost funding back in May and ultimately disappeared from view…all before they shipped their first product.

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Marketers Continue to Shift B-toB Advertising Dollars to Digital

Advertising Age logoWhether you’re a manufacturer/brand, distributor, rep…or even an integrator selling largely commercial installations…you are a business-to-business or B-to-B marketer. And you’re going to want to pay attention to this new data on marketing trends for B-to-B marketers.

New data released by Advertising Age shows a continued swing away from traditional media to digital media spending by B-to-B marketers. Some of the numbers from this new survey are eye-popping.

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The One Buzzword That We Really Dislike

Cover of new "Weird Al" Yankivic albumHave you seen any of the latest “Weird Al” Yankovic spoof videos from his newest album Mandatory Fun? One of them caught our eye as it was picked up by – are you ready for this – the Wall Street Journal. Set to one of our favorite Crosby, Stills, & Nash tunes, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, this video, titled Mission Statement, unabashedly (and quite humorously) lampoons the ever-ubiquitous corporate-speak. [You can see the video below.]

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Gone Fishin’

Photo of office with Gone Fishing sign and The Stratecon Group are taking a break this week for a short summer holiday. We’ll be back next week with all new posts on marketing and business strategy in TECH today!


Metro New York Rep Steve Glatzl Passes Away Suddenly Last Week

Photo of Steve Glatzl*SEE UPDATE BELOW


We learned Wednesday that long time industry veteran and for the last 28-years New York Metropolitan market sales representative Steve Glatzl has passed away. According to his company, the New York Marketing Team, Glatzl passed away suddenly last week on July 3rd.

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Gibson Brands Opens Showroom in Tokyo

Photo of exterior of Gibson's Tokyo ShowroomGibson Brands (née Gibson Guitars) announced last week that it has opened a showroom in Tokyo, Japan that it calls a “pioneering music lifestyle concept showroom.” Although Gibson Brands owns many different brands, this particular showroom focuses on just three of them: Gibson Guitars, TEAC and Onkyo.

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Monster’s ‘Head Monster’ Talks Beats & Women at CE Week 2014

Creating a Monster slideWhen the history of Monster Products is written some day in the future, there will be many legitimate highlights for their historian to ponder. First and foremost among these will be the fact that CEO Noel Lee (known as the Head Monster) virtually single-handedly created an industry when in the late 70s he popularized step-up, higher quality speaker cables that independent specialty retailers pushed like crazy over zip cord because it was much more profitable for them (and for Lee). And even though Monster Cable was more expensive for consumers, a clever Monster-created retail display demonstrated to them that they could indeed hear the difference with their own ears.

But we’re pretty certain one scene will not make Monster’s corporate history highlight reel – the company’s failure to continue to capitalize on its partnership with Beats by Dr. Dre. That partnership dissolved some two-plus years ago…with Beats going on to be purchased by Apple recently for $3.2 billion. Monster’s share of that eye-popping windfall: $0.

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