A Bad Day at the Office for Apple: Stock Goes Cold, Investigation Gets Hot

Photo of Tim Cook at product launch.Apple, Inc. released the financial results of their fiscal third quarter Tuesday and by most measures, it was good news. Revenues hit $49.6 billion with net profits coming in at a robust $10.7 billion. These results were well over the $37.4 billion and $7.7 billion respectively booked in the same quarter last year. Unit sales of iPhones grew a remarkable 35%, with iPhone revenues increasing 59% to a new quarterly record; sales in China more than doubled; service revenues hit a new record; and cash reserves are at an astounding $203 billion.

How did Wall Street react to all of this “good” news? The stock tanked. At one point Apple’s market value collapsed $60 billion as the stock dropped 7% in just a matter of minutes after the announcement. Yesterday, the stock closed down 5.2%.

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Bluesound to Offer iHeartRadio Streaming Internet Radio

iHeartRadio logoBluesound, a line of high performance wireless multi-room music components offered by specialty supplier Lenbrook America, announced this week that it has added iHeartRadio to the list of streaming services its line offers. iHeartRadio, one of the more popular Internet radio solutions, joins a growing list of cloud-based music services offered by the industry’s first high performance wireless multi-room system.

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Toshiba’s Top Executive Team Resigns in Wake of Scandal


Toshiba CEO Hisao Tanaka


Much as we anticipated in our report yesterday, at a press conference today in Tokyo, Toshiba President Hisao Tanaka has resigned from the company as a result of a broiling accounting scandal in which investigators say company bosses were involved in improperly inflating company profits. Vice Chairman, and Tanaka’s predecessor, Norio Sasaki and adviser Atsutoshi Nishida have also resigned in a startling confirmation of the severity of the crimes, as these executives are some of the most powerful individuals running the company up to now.

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Investigators: Toshiba Over-Inflated Profits; Top Execs Knew


Company Schedules Press Conference Tuesday; President Expected to Resign

Toshiba FacilityThe Japan Times is reporting today that investigators looking into potential accounting malfeasance at Toshiba Corp. for the five-year period ending March 31, 2015 have released summary findings that confirms that the company management was directly involved in misreporting profits. The news exploded in Japan, as one of its most venerated companies has lost all credibility.

The company has scheduled a press conference for Tuesday in which it is widely anticipated that Toshiba’s President Hisao Tanaka will resign.

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5 Complaints Employees Have About Their Leaders

Complaints by employeesNew research from Interact/Harris offers a cautionary tale on the risks to companies from a breakdown in communications between bosses and their employees, according to an analysis by the Harvard Business Review. Success is often contingent on efficient execution from well-directed teams. But when communication breaks down, all bets are off.

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After 1-Year Delay, Artison Ships Pint-Sized Powerhouse

Artison logoArtison announced last week the availability of a new freestanding subwoofer called the RCC Nano 1. This seemingly mighty miniature looked appealing on several fronts and we were curious to learn more. We read the release with interest…something about the Nano looked and sounded familiar to us. Then we remembered…we’ve seen it before!

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Stressing the Industry, LCD Panel Prices Collapse 10% in 2015

Photo of LCD panel

In a sign of continuing struggles in the TV business, reports out of Japan indicate that LCD panel prices continue to decline. So far in 2015, the average price of LCD panels have dropped 10%…and show no sign of slowing down.

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Toshiba’s Troubles Hit Tipping Point


Reports Say CEO is Out; Board of Directors Faces Massive Overhaul

Toshiba logoWhen Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced an initiative to tighten up corporate oversight he couldn’t possibly have known that his administration’s first catch might be his biggest – Toshiba Corp. Toshiba, one of the largest and most respected companies in Japan, is being investigated for what many sources are calling one of Japan’s worst accounting scandals.

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Reps – Hire Them? Or Fire Them?


Graphic of Sales NetworkManufacturers in the CE industry have bantered this question about since the industry began. Should we establish factory direct sales teams or use independent sale representatives? Or maybe a hybrid of both? Varied levels of success and failure with any of these models riddle the history of our business. What works for one vendor may not work for another. Get 10 vendors and 10 dealers in a room and you’ll get 30 answers as to the most effective sales strategy, many of which would be valid. Which is one reason why the debate continues as to which selling strategy is best.

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SpringDeck Appoints Staub Electronics as Rep for Canada

SpringDeck logo

SpringDeck announced today that it has appointed Staub Electronics as its representative for the Canadian market. Staub is both a sales representative firm and a specialty distributor and covers the entirety of Canada in both the custom integration and mobile electronics markets.

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