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Image of Ted Green, Stratecon PresidentHi! Thank you for visiting Strata-gee.com, the online home of The Stratecon Group, Inc. and the place where you’ll find content on the top marketing & business strategy in the TECH industry today.

I’m Ted Green and I founded The Stratecon Group, a strategic marketing company, back in 1999. At the time, I had just finished a 14-year stint as Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Onkyo USA Corp. and as great as that experience was for me – it was not without its frustrations.

Most notably, although I had the opportunity to work with a variety of marketing companies – the experience was often quite unsatisfying. For while these organizations may have been good at their respective marketing functions – advertising, PR, collateral, or whatever – they often knew little or nothing about our industry. We would have to spend weeks or months teaching them about our industry, teaching them about our business, and helping them understand our competitive position and relative advantage…before they were at all helpful in creating content or strategies to maximize our marketing.

There had to be a better way.The Stratecon Group, Inc. logo
The Stratecon Group is that better way. First and foremost, we know the industry, we know the players, we understand the competitive environment – in short, we hit the pavement running. Working with a stable of the industry’s finest creative minds & production talent, Stratecon helps you be more effective and profitable…starting from Day 1. And it starts with reviewing, refining, or- if necessary – creating your marketing strategy.

Success flows from superior strategy…and yet most companies, whether large or small, fail to regularly review and revamp their strategy.

Don’t make that mistake!
Whether you need affordable marketing solutions (advertising, public relations, social media, sales planning, dealer network development), advanced management advice (turnaround, new business development, process optimization)…or want to take advantage of some of our media information services (newsletter, website, reports and e-books, webinars) – look to The Stratecon Group for superior strategic solutions!


Ted Green, President
The Stratecon Group, Inc., Strategic Concepts in Marketing

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