Media Solutions

Stratecon’s media operations have steadily grown as a part of our overall business.Originally, Stratecon started its media properties with newsletters designed to help our customers stay on top of the ever-changing world of the tech industry. But we’ve now expanded our offerings to include social media, web-based presentations, and more.

Image of Strata-gee SYNCH croppedNewsletters

Our media initiatives originally started with our popular Searchlight ALERT and Strategic BEACON newsletters. We have merged these newsletters into the Strata-gee SYNCH. The SYNCH will continue to carry the latest news of the day and also dig deeper to bring you more of the story. Our newsletters have broken several of the industry’s biggest stories – whether it was Ripplewood Holding’s decision to sell D&M Holdings, McIntosh’s decision to go factory direct, the collapse of B&K Components, the collapse of Circuit City/Tweeter/Ultimate Electronics…Stratecon’s newsletter readers HEARD ABOUT IT FIRST!

This year, the Strata-gee SYNCH will expand coverage to include the best of our postings including more opinion pieces, advice articles, how-to information, etc. The best industry insider newsletter will only get better. And now readers are invited to comment on the articles and posts to expand our coverage even further.

We have the smartest readers in the industry and now you’ll be able to learn from our entire network – as well as jump in with your own insights as well!

Graphic of Rep WebinarWeb-Based Presentations

Stratecon’s media properties go well beyond newsletters, including a new series of web-based presentations or webinars. These presentations will inform various industry segments on the many strategic issues being faced due to our ever-changing technology market.

Watch for announcements with the dates and times for these dynamic, information-filled webinars.