Management Solutions

Business Team at Conference TableLaunch Strategy & New Business Development

Whether you’re launching a new product, service, division, or company…Stratecon can give you the boost you need to make it happen! We are experienced in many industry segments such as retail, installation/integration, manufacturing, distribution, and sales representation. With a holistic viewpoint – we see issues from all angles…better positioning us to offer a unique and profitable solutions to almost any challenge.

Launches are a special challenge as ‘how you do it’ is often more important than ‘what you do.’ We can create a marketing promotion plan that will maximize the impact of your launch…and shorten the window to your “profit payback.”

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Sales & Market Development

Need to build a new sales team? Stratecon¬† can help you build a team optimized for your product/service business segment. Selecting a team to represent you is a critical part of your opportunity for success. Selecting the right team based on sound strategy can make all the difference between streaking to success…or being mired in muck.

And how about your marketing team? How are they doing for you? Don’t have one?!?! Stratecon can assess your needs, create an integrated, strategic marketing plan, and help you put together the team that will execute that plan. We can even wrap-around your current staff if they’re involved in marketing initiatives for your company.

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Business Reorganization

And if your business results are not where you’d like them to be – it’s most likely time to retool your strategy. Strategy – and strategic concepts – is what Stratecon is all about. Let us help you rework your approach for more profitable results!

Stratecon has on its team experience professionals that can “fill in the gaps” of your in-house skill- or knowledge-set. Whether your a company with revenues of hundreds of thousands of dollars…or hundreds of millions of dollars…Stratecon can create the plan, process, and structure you need to successfully and profitably reorganize your business.

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Business Turnaround

Turning around a failing business is sort of the Xtreme Sport version of business reorganizations. Stratecon has helped several clients with quick and aggressive strategic plans and processes to turn around their businesses. Not for the faint-of-heart – turnarounds require quick, strategically sound – and powerful – actions.

Quick, decisive, and aggressive actions are needed to effect a successful turnaround. With Stratecon on your team – you have a powerful ally experienced in the process.

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