Marketing Solutions

The Stratecon Group offers a wide-range of marketing services covering strategy development, content creation, print & electronic publishing, press representation, and much, much more. See a brief selection of our top services here:

Getting the Word Out: Public Relations (PR)Graphic of Press Release & Press

It is getting harder thanĀ  ever to rise above the “noise level” and get your message out there. Thanks to our 30-years of building strong relationships with key members of the press, we can get your message through.

But even more importantly, we can help you create a strategically sound media plan, ensuring that your story not only gets out there…but gets top placement as well!

The key to success in an effective media campaign is to create strong and relevant messages that exhibit real newsworthiness. Stories that are re-packaged advertising are routinely deep-sixed by the press.

Stratecon can help you create, refine, and express your message in the most meaningful manner possible. And PR is one of the most cost-effective means of building your image or presenting your products.


Motivating Your Market: AdvertisingAdvertising Samples

Advertising is as much art as it is science. Whether your goal is effective company branding, product announcements, or sales announcements, much like PR the key to success is developing advertising messages that support your overall brands positioning.

Stratecon’s marketing specialists will analyze multiple factors – including your competitors and your competitive positioning – to help you create powerful advertising messages and campaigns integrated across multiple media.

Supporting your products or services with an effective – but affordable – advertising campaign can make all the difference in your level of success. Let’s start today!


Building Your Brand: Online Marketing, Websites & Social MediaGraphic Showing Online Marketing

Cost effective and with a wide reach, online marketing has evolved as a popular tool in most businesses marketing tool kits. But without careful though and a clear, impactful strategy, you could be wasting your time sending messages that will never even be seen…let alone read.

Stratecon is a leading online marketer in our industry and we can help you “raise your game” in the challenging game of making an impact through online media. Whether you want to start an e-newsletter, launch marketing e-blasts, or create a new website – Stratecon can help you get it done…on time and on budget.

Stratecon can also set up your company page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media services. Like other forms of marketing, social media is best when it is strategically synchronized with your overall branding and product message.

But this sample barely scratches the surface of the services that Stratecon offers. Whether you’re looking for brochures, flyers, event planning, distribution planning, sales force management, sales letters, and much, much more…Stratecon is your solution for strategic marketing that produces results.

Contact us today to learn how Stratecon can help your business find new or accelerated growth!!